We will be unboxing the zikr p10. We are also going to be going over some of the main features and capabilities of this industry leading rugged. Smartphone zeker has been kind enough to send me the p10 to review, for you all so feel, free to leave any relevant feedback down in the comment section below and share this video with anyone that you know that has issues with their smartphones durability. I myself have eventually cracked the screen of every phone that i have owned. Even the screen of my twelve hundred dollar samsung s20 plus i am currently filming with that being said. I am in definite need of a phone that is durable and also features an amazing camera quality, with no loss and overall functionality, as you can tell, the zikr p10 is just that and is also very stylish with a sleek design that creates a flex factor all On its own, you also do not need to break the bank to purchase the zika p10 at 379 us dollars. The zika is very affordable, while also being jam packed with some pretty mind, blowing capabilities. It is also nice to have everything you need for your phone. All in one box, with one price and one purchase lets go ahead and turn this beast on and see exactly how it looks check out the screen quality and then also check out the 108 megapixel camera resolution see exactly what it looks like and then also well Go a little bit further into all of the features and details and some of the other capabilities that the zikr p10 has a little bit further on in the video as well, so stay tuned for that now, as far as the screen resolution, it is actually looking Fantastic lets go ahead and check out the camera resolution.

Just now got done setting up the zigger p10, and these echo frames are looking absolutely fantastic through this 108 megapixel main camera that im using – and this is late at night. I have none of my studio equipment on whatsoever, so im also using the led bar to actually light the scene as well. So it is absolutely fantastic quality and im. Absolutely astonished, like im, mind blown like straight up. So definitely let me know what you all think about this down in the comment section below. Do you all think that that is vivid once it actually focuses in it looks absolutely fantastic. I also have the zika travel charger and everything still sitting right here as well. The camera quality is mind, mind blowing, in my opinion, im going to be doing a review on the echo frames very soon, as well im just getting everything staged and getting everything ready for the review. So definitely let me know what you all think about the camera quality of the seeker p10 down in the comment section below now. Lets go ahead and go a little bit further in depth into all the actual capabilities and features of the zikr p10, because it does have four cameras in the back and also has a front facing selfie camera and many other different capabilities as well. So lets check those out the worlds first 108 megapixel rugged smartphone, which is the highest resolution on a rugged smartphone. At the time of this recording with infrared leds, a 2 megapixel depth, camera an 8 megapixel night vision, camera an 8 megapixel ultra wide camera and an led flash bar as well allows you to take ultra clear, vivid and true to life, photos zoom in again and Again, to explore epic rich details, the zeker p10 easily allows you to get a wider perspective with the 120 degree field of view.

Ultra wide camera light up the night with ultra night mode. The 108 megapixel camera sensor is also a big leap in low light. Photography with nine in one pixel, bending smart iso technology and our night, shooting algorithm ultra night mode, reduces noise significantly and lets you shoot bright and stunning night photos as well. So look at the absolutely fantastic difference in both of these photos right here. This is just a night and day difference, get it night and day also infrared night vision where you can see. The unseen here is also a night vision mode picture of a kitty. Cat also has super steady video, which is the best video stabilization on a rugged phone as well, so the stats are absolutely mind blowing on the zikr p10 youve, never seen such a stabilized video on a rugged phone without using a motorized gimbal super steady, video mode Turns p10 into a pro action camera and corrects the camera shake delivering gimbal like smooth videos also has the ability to shoot underwater with ease in underwater camera mode. There is no need to touch the screen, simply press the volume button to capture a mysterious underwater world by a single hand with the 108 megapixel camera ordinary, rugged smartphones drop proof up to 1.2 meters, the flagships, 1.5 meters or even higher, but the p10 survived repeated Drops from 1.8 meters onto concrete ground coming with an industry leading drop proof military grade ruggedness. Of course, the 1.

8 meter drop proof p10 easily passed the mil std810g test, which is a detailed set of standards developed by the u.s department of defense for testing the durability of electronic equipment and is also water resistant up to 1.5 meters for 30 minutes, which is An ip68 and ip69k rating, no ingress of dust permitted with the ip68 and ip69k rating as well, designed for the long run with 360 degree all around protection. The p10 has a rugged yet stylish design, and i can definitely see that as well. I love that lava. Black also has the aerospace grade metal frame, easy key with customized buttons and waterproof port and cover it comes with an outdoor tool kit for your adventures, as well with all these various applications that are built into the smartphone, as well, with a large 6.49 inch fhd Dot display the p10 gives you an uninterrupted visual experience protected by corning gorilla glass. This phone features amazing toughness and durability performance wise. It also has fast wireless charging with a six thousand milliamp massive battery, which will allow you to always be ready to go thanks to 18 watt fast wired charging and 15 watt fast wireless charging. You can take any free moment to refuel and carry on with your adventure. You can also enjoy fast and smooth gaming with the p10 powerful gaming processor, the octa core processor clocks up to 2.0 gigahertz and is paired with hyper engine technology as well as six gigabytes ram 128 gigabytes rom.

To provide you an incredible gaming experience. Zikr was kind enough to also send me the p10 to unbox and review for you as well stay tuned and subscribe to real life, unboxing for more on the zeker p10 and other tech, home fitness and lifestyle products.