This was very kindly sent into me free of charge by the manufacturer, no manage exchange hands. They havent asked me to say anything in particular im just going to share with you my experience of using this over the past few weeks, so lets get on with the review. As i mentioned earlier, this is the emporia smart5. This is an android smartphone, thats, designed to be very easy to use. So if youve got somebody in your life, that has accessibility requirements, larger icons, for example – or if, indeed, you need those sort of features yourself, then this is well worth considering. This is the product box. You can see on the front here the ui which im going to show you in greater detail very shortly. Look around on the back of the box. Weve got some of the main specifications listed on the bottom here. Weve got an octa core processor, a 13 plus 2 plus 2 megapixel camera, so three different sort of lenses. There weve also got a 3550 milliamp hour battery training book built in so really easy access to instructions on how to use the smartphone and also easy access to emergency numbers as well. So inside the box we get an installation manual. This is going to guide you through all of the features of the phone plus details of how to charge the battery how to use the phone for the first time. Setting up your google account is a really nice instruction manual, and then we also get this training book, which is even more fully featured.

It really guides you through step by step, all of the features built in to the phone accepting calls how to take photos. How to use the calculator its a really good step by step guide, so this is absolutely fantastic and it makes all of the features so easy to learn and access, rather than leaving you guessing how to do things. So ive got to commend the manufacturer on putting together a really easy to use, training book and instruction manual. These are absolutely fantastic and then the rest of the box contents are here. We run through them one by one. So, first of all, youve got a usb cable, its usbc on one end now, usbc is the sort of curved shape with the straight edges, thats what goes into the phone and then weve got usb a which is the rectangular shape plug, and that goes into the Usb charging adapter this is the usb charging adapter now im in the uk doing this video. If youre in another country and you purchase this phone in another country. You should get a country specific so slightly different to this, but you should get a country specific power. Adapter but were in the uk, so this is a three pin uk plug and then, if you are traveling with the smartphone, it compacts down to a little bit more compact size. This is multi voltage, 100 to 240 volts and its got the usb connection. On that end, we also get a pair of headphones, which is really nice.

You dont often get headphones nowadays with smartphones, but you do get one with the smart5 and then we get two additional bits here. This is really interesting. We get this sort of desk stand, but its not standing up its sort of like a desk holder, its got a little rubberized feet on usb c on the back, so you can actually plug that power adapter into this stand, and then this actually lays on your Table or desk or your bedside table, for example, and it allows you to just place the phone very easily on it for charging and because thats charging, then all the time. Then, when you need to use your phone its very easy to lift off the stand and and use the phone, its just a really nice idea, its got a slight angle to it as well. As you can see there, i absolutely love the inclusion of this charging. Stand you also get this additional case, so the the phone has already got a back on. This is like an additional case. You cant you cant, just put your phone in it. You have to remove the back and replace the back of it and it clips into place, and it becomes your sort of flip cover. I sort of wish that this was just a case that went on to here, but at last you have to take the back off and replace it with this. Its not a deal breaker and the actual case has got a nice functionality in the fact that theres a cutout of the back for the camera, but when its closed theres like a magnetic latch, weve got a window here and then little tiny sort of cutouts.

Here. If i just quickly show you, i think it was on the back of the box, this shows you what it looks like in the case and the fact that when its closed, it changes the display very slightly. So you get your most called contacts here or you can set up these contacts and then theyre easy to access without having to open the case and youve still got the window here for notifications. So i can understand why theyve done the case like this. It does work very well, its just a personal preference. I i wish it was a cover rather than having to remove the back on the phone now lets. Take a closer look at the smart five ive left this screen protector on it. At the moment, when you take this out of the box, it will also have a clear plastic film. On the back now i have had this. I have removed this ive, just very carefully put it back on because it just runs through some of the specifications again, including a 5.5 inch display on this phone. If we take a look around the phone, weve got volume rocker power on off across the bottom. Here, speaker, microphone, pickup, the two little contacts that make contact with the stand for charging and also the usbc around on this side, completely clear, headphone jack just there, so really nice simple, looking phone. The back is like this soft touch finish, which is really nice.

You can see the array of three cameras i mentioned earlier and also the flash, and then we can peel the screen protector off now with the screen protector off you can see here there is a little indentation in the bottom. This is your sort of uh home button when the phones turned on at the top here, weve got a front facing camera and obviously the earpiece, which uh acts as the speaker for when youre holding up to your ear. So lets take a look at the user interface, so this is what the phone looks like when its turned on, and you see that its got a very simple user interface with nice large icons. This is great, for if you have the need to have larger icons for more accurate tapping on them, so it makes very easy access, for example, to the dialer. You can either go into your phone book or the keypad to dial a number. It also gives you really easy access to your photos, to information and to your messages, and then we can swipe to the left. Weve got really easy access here to our voicemail emergency, also to add your own phone number because, for example, if youre speaking to somebody – and they ask your phone number, sometimes its quite difficult to find on these smartphones and also your four favorite contacts. If we go across to here, weve got access to favorite apps and at the moment this is set to camera alarm calendar weather the play store, because this is a google android handsets.

You can download extra apps, also internet email, and you can tap here and go into all apps, and this gives you a list of all of the applications that are currently installed on your smartphone and again we can go back. We can go into multitasking to swipe away active apps or we can push the home button to go home and its this simplicity. That makes this a real joy to use. Now, of course, you can go into settings here. It gives you the very simple settings such as wi, fi, silent mode, alarm, torch or you can go into more settings or you can go all the way to the bottom and go into system settings and its when you go into system settings. This looks more like a standard, android interface, so this is where you can access all of the settings that you would normally access on a non simplified, android smartphone lets go back to the home screen. Lets go into our photos. I took some photos earlier and they should be just down the bottom here, heres some of the photos i took with this smart five and i think they look really good. Indeed, we can rotate the screen round. We can zoom in and out. This was taken in reasonable lighting conditions we can swipe across. This was taken in poor lighting conditions, still good amount of detail, and we can swipe across again. Weve got all of the intricacies of the light hitting this little figurine and last but not least, again, taking in really poor lighting conditions.

Picture of my gopro camera there, its just a fantastic result on the camera, its a little bit slow to focus a little bit slow to actually take the photo, but the photos you get are very pleasing to the eye. If we go back, there were back to the home screen and thats pretty much it its a very sort of a nice experience, and i think theyve just done a fantastic job of this ui overlay to make the phone features and the settings very accessible. I think theyve done an absolutely fantastic job. This is the emporia smart. Five is targeted toward a very sp specific audience, and if this is for you its well worth checking out so thats it for this video. Thank you very much for watching everyone. I really do appreciate it if you enjoyed the video hit the like button. If you want to subscribe to the channel, please do if you want to purchase this for yourself.