Tech, news and reviews today well be doing a deep dive into the camera setup of the honor 50. lets get into it. Music. So lets talk about it. The honor 50 is the all new smartphone from honor. Its right bang in the middle of the honor series, so youve got the honor 50 light. Youve got the honor 50 and then youve got the honor 50 pro with the honor 50 that weve got in front of us. So this is the snow crystal color. You can get it with other options: emerald green, amber red midnight black as well as honor code. So let me give you a quick rundown on this phone before we get into the camera setup. So basically, youve got an oled display. This display features ‘2 ppi. So 2380, by 1080 pixels, the screen to body ratio here is 89.7 percent thats, absolutely massive. You do have the notch camera sitting at the top of your display and youve got the two rings at the back. Now the actual phone is quite light. Its only 175 grams, considering that it does have a 6.57 inch full hd display. So this is a huge display, but it weighs just like any other smartphone with a much smaller display. Now you can get this smartphone in four setups, either a nano sim or dual sim and, of course, two setups in regards to memory and speed. So youve got the 6 gb of ram and 128 gigabytes of rom or 8gb of ram and 256 gb of rom thats, the setup that we have right here.

So this is the powerhouse version. Of course. Another awesome thing with this phone well out of the many awesome things is that the refresh rate does go up to 120 hertz on this baby. So when youre playing demanding games – and you need the high refresh rate, it will go up to 120. But when lets say youre reading books, then the refresh rate stays at 60 hertz. Another important point is that this phone is 5g right. I think weve covered a lot of the awesome things lets talk about the four cameras on the rear lets talk about the selfie camera and then well specifically, look at the six multi view modes for vlogging lets. Do it lets start off with the selfie camera, so that is a 30 megapixel shooter and its got a 90 degrees angle. Thanks to the ai processing capabilities, it also produces high quality selfie photos at night. The mfnr algorithm is used to take selfies in dim light. Noise reduction and brightening are applied on face and background respectively. So, even if youre in the middle of pitch black dark night, you will still see the highlighted image. You will be happy to know that you can take wide angle. Selfie pictures as well now take a look at the bulky effect that you can apply to your selfie shot, i think, were ready to dive into the rear camera setup of the honor 50.. So, on the rear of the phone, you get four cameras and the main one is 108 megapixels.

The 108 megapixel main camera with an extra large sensor ensures ultra high resolution shots. The 1.9 wide aperture allows more light through the lens, enabling greater clarity, even in dimly lit environments. The main camera also supports ten times: digital zoom for photos and six times optical zoom for videos, so users can capture photographs in clarity from a distance as well. Now, if you take a look at the back of the honor 50, you will see the two rings so in the top ring weve got the main camera. The 108 megapixel camera in the bottom ring weve got the flash as well as the three other cameras thats. What well be talking about right now, so in there youve got the 8 megapixel wide angle, camera. It has a 112 degrees angle of view and a 2.2 aperture allowing users to capture more with greater ease and convenience. Then, of course, youve got the 2 megapixel bulky camera the bulky camera that brings a pleasing out of focus blur to the photo. This is especially ideal for shooting portraits enabling users to achieve a shallow depth of field and blur the background so that the subject can stand out and then, of course, weve got the 2 megapixel macro camera and that enables a creative edge by offering a new perspective That the naked eye would never be able to see now i did mention at the start of the video that well be talking about the multi video views for vlogging.

So here is this functionality. The honor 50 is equipped with six multi video shooting modes with combinations that use the front and rear cameras. At the same time, in just one take users can choose from six modes to make the vlogging experience, fun, exciting and super engaging so basically, honor 50 brings along multi video shooting modes, so this is something very new to the market. That is absolutely awesome. Let me tell you how it works and actually show you how it looks so. Basically, honor 50 is equipped with six multi video shooting modes with combinations that use the front and rear cameras. At the same time, in just one take users can choose from the following six modes: to make their vlogging experience, fun, exciting and so engaging so first of all front to rear. Recording users can switch between the front and rear camera, while shooting video content number two. You will view recording, so this is both front and rear cameras used, so you can simultaneously shoot with both the front and the main camera. The dual view shows what is captured by both cameras side by side. Now number three is the dual view: recording and here users can shoot with both the remain camera and the wide angle camera. At the same time, number four is picture and picture now this is a very effective mode, and i like to use it personally. This mode allows users to overlay the view of the front camera onto the bigger view of the rear camera or vice versa.

Number five is fast motion, recording and slow motion, recording and number six single to dual view recording, so you can change from shooting in single camera to dual cameras at any time, while recording. So that means that, while actually having this vlog functionality, if you dont want it, you can switch it off. If you want a different effect, all you need to do is tap on the screen and youre using a different effect. This is agility and versatility at its best. Thank you for watching this video review of the cameras and the camera setup of the honor 50.. If you did enjoy the review, please drop me a like, and if you want to see more of the same, you know what to do.