You can purchase one of this for less than 50 pound uk currency. It doesnt have any brand to this smartphone, however, theres a model, a number which is s30u plus its a dual sim android smartphone. Now this smartphone has decent features for a budget priced android, smartphone, but theres. A lot of things are only for style, for example the camera. It might look like a chord camera with space zoom 100 times. However, it doesnt only one. It only has one camera, which is only a five megapixel camera and the quality is really bad uh. The front camera is even worse. I mean even in light, if you can put as much as much light as you can. The front camera is so bad. So when it comes to video calling, you will be disappointed now it has a detachable battery here, so you can actually remove the battery. If you want – and you can put two nano sims in and it also takes a micro sd memory card as well. It has a speaker here, it says 3d by snow, its its a really bad speaker, its a very squeaky speaker, and you cant really expect much from this smartphone anyways. Let me close this case Music. Now. This smartphone has the volume buttons and the power button on the right side at the bottom here, thats, just where the speaker is and the way the mic is at the top. It takes a micro, usb charging port and a 3.

5 millimeters headphone jack as well. It also comes with a silicone case, but because you wont really find this models case online. Wherever you search, you wont, find a thought they provide one, and it also comes with some ear earphones, which is really rubbish. I mean youre better off using your own wired. Earphones or you can use a bluetooth earphones, its your choice and it comes with a micro, usb charging cable with a mains plug as well. Now this smartphone, let me just go through some features, so the screen size is a 5.5 inch. It has a quad core processor built in dual cameras, which is the front and the back that only two cameras go up. It has a 2800 mah battery capacity, so the battery life wise is really rubbish as well, and you you would get up to. I would say just up to six hours of average use if youre using a lot, the battery would run out very quickly and it takes a while to charge up as it doesnt have no fast charge or anything. So it takes a bit of time to charge up now. Let me just go to the camera, so there it is, and now this is a back camera you can see. The quality is not really that good thats, because my flash is on as well. If you didnt have that it would be really bad, you can also put the flash on as well now operating wise, its okay, its not bad.

When it comes to the touch screen, it works, it works well. Let me go to the settings and bear in mind the smartphone when you, when you start up it, doesnt even go to the registration, but it just goes straight to the main menu, so its not very similar to the other ones. But it still has a few uh features like the fingerprint um options there. Here it has. The battery you got ta think everything that a smartphone would need. So youve got all those options. This security options here, where youve got the screen, lock all the basic options there weve got face unlock as well, but i dont think this phone would even recognize your face because the front camera is really bad about phone thats, the model s30u plus and yes, theres. No theres, no apps or anything downloaded. So if you, it would really download down – and it will probably overheat at the same time its just a budget price smartphone for someone who doesnt really use the smartphone much for just for calls texts, maybe a bit of whatsapp etc, but thats thats about it.