If i can talk english a little bit of background for this item um, i was scrolling through argos. As you do, um like the argos app. They dont do catalogs anymore um. You know what our glasses into the british catalog store, um scrolling through the argos app looking through my wish list and um. I stumbled upon this. It said it was out of stock, though, and like that made me remember, like oh yeah, i wanted one of them quite a while back, so i did what anyone else would do, hopped on ebay and ordered one. This one in particular, only cost me about five pounds, so thats, really not bad um, so yeah lets see how it is. Take a quick unboxing be back in a sec, so yeah um, oh its already rattling um, lets take a quick peek at the box download classic games for free yeah. It does im pretty sure theres more than 19. By now i have to check but yeah its meant to come with a clip this one, the browser doesnt, so Music, um yeah, i mean it is what it says on the box to sega controller for your android phone, so lets open it up then, and more Off the back, oh all, right, um! Well, that was a no frills experience. Um okay lets put that box aside and take a look, take a bit of a closer look at it: okay, so that might be better um if the camera wants to focus, which would so its got a bit of a glossy finish on this bit and then, Like uh, if you can see that, like a grainier sort of look uh on the back its just purely just that green and the batterys going here already popped some in there.

So this is where you press the button turn sorry Music. Sorry, i sound a bit ill by the way, because i am loved um. This is where you press the button to um release the phone clip, but sadly, i dont have that um lots of people complain about the d pad being like you have to press it down really hard to act, actually activate any buttons which i dont necessarily think Is true, um sure it does have to get a little bit of force, but not you know not too much. I suppose, hang on lets just get back in focus there we go um, so yeah ill be back in a sec to come test it out. Okay, so a little bit of change of lighting, i will be um using this on my tablet. With a sega mega drive genesis. Emulator first lets turn it on. You hold down start button for a couple seconds and the blue light pops up lets now lets connect. It to the tablet um, i already connected it so Music and Music, and were out of focus again Music um. So whilst this figures out, if it wants to connect or not, i just want to discuss the like. The first video i actually published was um a bbc radio one thingy um. It was like a tv show, mashup thingy cause. I cant find it on youtube anywhere, like officially so yeah yeah. This doesnt want to connect um hold on ill, be right.

Back. Okay were back and it is actually connected so lets just open up. My mega drive emulator um. It does work with the official, like all the sega games on android, but you know um. Okay, so lets just play. Sonic 2. I like the song. If it wants to focus okay, so the controller does actually work. Um Music. I can fast forward rewind, um Music yeah im, not very good at playing this through a phone screen, um Music yeah. Just as a test, though, it does work Music, and i mean you could set this controller up with. Like anything really input lag, is you know theres a tiny little bit, but i dont know whether thats my emulator or not. This is a bit of a crap anywhere, but honestly, its solid little controller mine only cost me like five pounds so Music. It really wasnt that expensive ive also had a change of lighting, because the sun kept reflecting the tablet screen. So i just used my overhead lighting and yeah thats that ill be right back in a second, but as we discuss the verdict. So all in all, this is a nice little controller, its pretty pretty useful. If youre playing mega drive, slash genesis or any of these lovely official sega games, including crazy taxi, it does actually work with this controller, thats, well, crazy, um, so yeah. I hope you guys enjoyed this video.