I found this at at the flying tiger store in the queer and it was very cheap only like eight dollars. You know, of course, its called 80 kernel in swedish in swedish money is really where i live, but um yeah at 12, 8, so very cheap little thing. So this is something called smartphone tv. I guess there are other stuffs like this out there. I just watched a little bit on youtube about it, but this is a kind of cute thing and cool thing, and i have already tried it out. So i know how well this thing works, so yeah, im, gon na show you what i think about this, like, like its a very neat little thing, you dont need any batteries or anything to it. Its just like a its like little magnet big magnifier glass that you put in your your phone on the back here, the back of the tv and the screen gets bigger and thats a pretty cool little thing, so yeah its very cute kind of simple thats cute. The buttons here they dont really do anything. They use there for decoration its a nice thing. If you want something that feels a little bit more nostalgic, so yeah lets get over to it all right guys. Here it is now the look of it is really really nice. It really reminds you about those classical tvs that you used to watch. You like give your nineties, kids, and these kids, or even earlier chances are big.

You had something like this like this is so cool. This takes me back. Sometimes i miss like dont dont. Get me wrong. I love the big tvs we have today like this babe over here, but its also very cool to sometimes go back in time. Go back to the old days, but yeah it has a nice kind of feel like when i scratch it here. It is not really glass its more like a plastic, but boy. Does it look like tv glass or what – and this is the place where you slide in your phone and yeah – you guys, you probably understand. I cant do this here with because im im filming with my phone, but i decided to pick up something else. The camera represents the same size of the phone, and that is the this bookmark, its kind of like the same size of the phone, so yeah im gon na just slide it in just to give an example. What it looks like right, so heres what it looks like when its in here and when you put it in. Oh sorry, you put it inside wow, you can see it gets pretty big, but still, as you can probably tell it, doesnt really fill the whole screen and it all kind of depends on where you are sitting and how its angled, i guess so yeah guys. I im both happy and a little disappointed about this toy, like it is a cheap thing, but still the ship things can can work very well, but this thing it does work.

It does what its supposed to it gets the screen bigger but kind of wish. It worked even more well like i kind of wish it it could have been even bigger like, but at the same time like like, if you fill out the whole space here, but at the same time as you understand it does not go on batteries or anything. You dont need anything else like that, so thats pretty much. I guess thats pretty much. The reason why it wont drop the whole screen its just like a magnifying glass, a big magnifying glass, so yeah its a very simple but cute little thing so yeah. Why? I may not recommend it to everyone. I would still say this is a neat little thing to give, maybe as a fun little gift a little simple gift and something maybe for your kids, who want to just want to get a little glimpse of what it was like watching. An old tv. Just a little bit and maybe youre still happy with it like. I am happy with this dont get me wrong, but i was kinda expecting a little bit more, but i am happy with it and im glad that i have it so then i can put in my phone i can and and put on some old videos that I grew up with all things you know all the movies or tv shows and kinda can i you know we leave the old days with these cats, and i can i like tv.

So again again, it kinda depends on the angle, but at the same time it doesnt it never really fills out the whole screen, but still at the same time that doesnt do that between those. So so you still are getting getting what you get. So i still think its a its a solid thing, its a sort of thing, not a masterpiece, but it is a solid thing that kind of takes you back in time a little bit so yeah, you guys. I hope you like this thing leave a comment on instagram.