The built in stand frees up your hands. While you make the magic happen, the standalone phone case protects and provides a great viewing angle. Working from home and video conferencing have never been easier, live streaming on social media, while ai tracking keeps you in the center will make you shine like a star use. Ai gesture control for taking photos, activating tracking or recording video but theres, more facial, recognition and power follow, are so fast and accurate. They make every angle the perfect angle: smart, editing, sharing with one click and creating viral content for social media. Like a pro say goodbye to battery anxiety power. Vision. S1 is also a wireless power bank and delivers pass through charging fast. Charging technology keeps your gadgets and you connected all the time, easily release the magnetic power to attach the s1 anywhere powervision s1. The perfect companion for smartphones now is the time to captivate your audience with the worlds most advanced, smartphone stabilizer redesigned to accommodate todays, most popular smartphones, action cameras and 360 cameras. The evo sp pro gen 2 sets the standard for next level. Camera stability, crafted from cnc aircraft grade aluminum this industry leading 3 axis gimbal, can support a 260 gram payload all while maintaining unlimited 360 degree. Pan want a change of view. The built in quarter 20 thread on the handle allows you to mount the sp pro to any tripod or monopod, giving you the ultimate freedom to produce a variety of shots in a compact, lightweight and portable setup, with up to 14 hours of battery life.

The sp pro gen 2 gives you access to advanced camera settings on the handle. They also allow you to control, zoom and focus while filming just like high end cinema cameras create stunning point to point. Motion time lapses to view the world from a whole new perspective capture stunning panoramas, with the evo remote app make high end cinematic visuals come to life right from your phone capture, your vision and unchain, your creativity with the evo sp pro gen 2, and as always, We remind you, keep it smooth, my friends, keep it smooth Music, Laughter, Music, one Music, Music, so Music, so Music get ready for high precision stabilization with the benro x series, 3xs professional stabilizer, the 3xs features an innovative foldable design and is ideal for most smartphones, its Collapsible handle and lockable motors makes it perfect for traveling light with its 2000 milliampere hour battery capacity and 24 hour run time. The 3xs is going to keep up with you during the most extensive days of shooting. This gimbal is available in two models: the 3xs light and the 3xs which features on the go phone charging with the included, cable or wirelessly on compatible devices. Two 3.5 millimeter ports on the 3xs allow for wire free audio capture by running the signal through the gimbals arms. Its comfortable ergonomic grip provides easy handling and makes all buttons accessible while youre shooting the 3xs is specifically designed to give you uninhibited access to your smartphone ports and with the simple press of a button, you can easily go from horizontal to vertical video.

So now your social media posts go from shaky to smooth the 3xs comes with a companion, app that makes its advanced features simple to use. It allows you to create shots that, once only professionals were able to bring to life, there are two fully customizable buttons on the handle. The included app allows you to alter between them being a shortcut to a variety of features or program them to switch between different shooting modes without needing to access the menu. The blue light indicates pan follow mode where the gimbal will only follow your arms movements left and right, leaving the tilt axis locked when the light is green, it indicates omni directional follow mode where no axis is locked and the gimbal will follow any arm movement for Direction lock, press the trigger button and hold and the gimbals direction will be locked to enable quick following press, the trigger button press again and hold, and the gimbal will respond to rapid arm movements best for tracking fast moving objects. The 3xs offers the ability to capture dynamic motion time lapses, widen your view with automatic panoramic, shooting mode and even slow down time with slow mo mode or blur time with long exposure mode from the handle. You can remotely zoom or focus allowing you to get dynamic shots without all of the extensive setup want to go hands. Free automatic tracking modes such as face tracking and object tracking, are available. These modes allow the 3xs to become the videographer and you the subject with its advanced features that have been made simple, along with the ability to take it with you everywhere.