It 31 were underwhelmed, but a whopping 48 of you asked. When will we get a heavy duty, dedicated smartphone gimbal? So if we have a larger phone – and we want to add a case lenses and filters until now, our only choice was to get a hybrid gimbal designed to be used with regular cameras and smartphones as well problem is, they tend to be a bit expensive and A bit fiddly to set up there was simply no dedicated, smartphone gimbal, designed specifically for this purpose until now. Music, this is the xian smooth 5.. Can it handle a big phone with extras? Yes, is it everything we could ask for in a gimbal for smartphone filmmakers? Almost well lets take a look. Many of us have bigger heavier smartphones. I have two of the heaviest an iphone 12 pro max and a samsung note. 20 ultra plus, i often like to add filters and lenses which makes them even heavier, so the design feels pretty solid and well made. At the same time, it still looks pretty simple and it has the regular smartphone clamp mounting. A smartphone is so much easier than with the hybrid gimbal, like the xion crane m2 jun says the smooth 5 comes with magnetic steel motors, which have upgraded algorithms for smoother performance and also that the clamp for the phone is wider. So weve had some conflicting reports on the max payload of this gimbal ive seen one youtuber say: 280 grams.

Another said 360 grams, but actually the xion manual says 300 grams. If you have a big phone case lens and filter youre – probably going to be going over 300 grams, but with the balancing mechanism on this gimbal, i believe we can get away with going over that 300 gram limit straight away. We can see this looks like a real filmmakers tool. The smooth 5 is quite a big gimbal compared to fold up devices like the dji om5 or the smooth q3, as we would expect. Each motor needs unlocking the pan access motor has a lock switch, which you need to flick across before powering on the other two need twisting to unlock, and they just click open, easily theres two options when you buy the basic gimbal and the combo option with the Combo option you get this carry case, and you get also this magnetic fill light with magnetic colored filters. However, there is a 50 extra cost and, in the uk, its a 50 pounds extra cost, which is equivalent to about 70 dollars. One distinctive feature of the smooth 4 was this wheel at the side, which allows you to zoom or pull focus so theyve kept this for the smooth 5, which is great for more serious filmmaking. You also get lots more controls on the handle, including a mode button, so lets see if it can handle my iphone 12 pro max with a moment thin case and an anamorphic lens, as well as a variable nd filter, Music Music when youre mounting a heavy phone With extras, the big problem is that the weight is all at one end, but with the smooth fives adjustable arm, we should be able to move the weight towards the middle and balance it out.

This is actually how the crane m2 balances as well, except with the crane m2. I wasnt able to move the arm far enough to compensate for the weight at one end, so i had to customize it a bit to get it to work, but with the smooth 5 i am able to move the arm far enough. Theres also numbered marks on the arm to make it easier to move it to the right position. When youre rebalancing for different setups. You can also adjust the bands vertically as well, by just sliding up and down and when i power it on, it seems to handle the weight. Just fine, but im going gon na, give it a proper test and see if i have any problems with the weight. One problem we can have when using a gimbal is when were using a wider angle lens than the main camera. Sometimes the roll axis motor will end up in shot, but with a smooth five, the motor that would normally be a problem is placed at the back. Meanwhile, the mounting clamp is pressed up against the phone which is out of shot as well. So that does mean that the arm might partially obstruct our view of the phone screen at certain angles. But this is definitely the better option because theres nothing worse than shooting a bunch of stuff only to find the gimbal motor in shot, meaning you then have to crop out the gimbal and lose part of your frame.

So i tested the gimbal with an anamorphic adapter, as well as the iphone 12 pro maxs ultra wide camera, and the gimbal was never in shot at any time. So my iphone 12 pro max with the moment case, fits in the clamp, no problem. But as it has this angle, in the teeth of the clamp, it does tend to scrunch up the case a bit mainly because the iphone has square edges. And this case is the thin version, but i tried with a thicker case and that worked fine, so note that you can only push the phone in so far as it presses up against the tilt axis motor and thats. Why we need to be able to adjust the arm for balancing one small downside of this? Is you cannot connect a microphone via the charging port at the end of your phone and we cant turn the phone around as then, the camera will be obscured by the arm. However, june has suggested that we could try pulling the phone away from the side of the clamp. I think this would be fine if were using the gimbal without lenses and filters, but with the extra weight at the end and then moved even further away from the fulcrum. There might be some issues, fulcrum, thats, a good word isnt it i dont know. If you call that a fulcrum, if youre an engineer, let us know in the comments Music, Music, the way the gimbal is designed, you cannot simply switch from portrait to landscape at the press of a button.

The phone needs to be mounted differently for each, which means itll, take you a minute or so to change, because youll have to power off the gimbal, remove the phone switch between orientation, remount, the phone and then power on again that said, ive found you can easily Get a portrait short just by turning your wrist 90 degrees. It seems to be designed to do that as it kind of clicks into place. You probably wont be too comfortable holding it that way for long, but if you just need a quick portrait, shot its easy another 90 degree twist and the gimbal goes into under slung mode for those ground level shots the new thing with gimbals. These days seems to be the addition of a fill light. A smooth q3 came with one which you can rotate the smooth 5 combo set comes with a detachable magnetic fill light. You can mount it face forwards or backwards. Theres also different coloured filters seems to me that this would also add to the weight the motors have to cope with, but a little bit plus they also drain the battery of the gimbal faster. The xeon smooth 5 will last up to 12 hours on a full charge, but that would be reduced to about four and a half hours if you were using the fill light. The whole time charging time for the battery is only about two hours. The great thing about this gimbal is that the motors have a pretty good range.

The tilt motor can move up to 309 degrees, roll is 300 degrees and pan does the full 360 degrees and thats great for those crane shots with the gimbal on an extension arm. Like this monopod, because with the dji om 3 om345, you have to do a sideways crane shot due to the limited tilt axis. But with the smooth five you can make a forwards motion which is easier to control and the movement is maybe more useful as well. Music, Music to use the focus, zoom control wheel, your smartphone needs to be running the zykami app just turn the wheel to adjust. I do like the feel of this control wheel. It feels pretty solid and he makes getting smooth focus pulls very easy to switch between focus and zoom theres. This button inside the wheel, the smooth 5, has all the modes were used to in a gimbal and having a mode button on the handle, makes it very easy to change modes. And this also means that you can use your native camera app on the phone and still change modes with one of the dji om gimbals. For example, you need to use the memo app to change modes, so thats one major advantage. The xion gimbals have, which includes the smooth 5.. When we change modes, we can see the mode indicated in this row of lights above, and these also indicate the battery level to do that. When the gimbal is powered on tap the button once and then you get a number of flashing lights depending on the battery level.

So not only does the smooth five have this wheel on the side. Theres. Also another control wheel on the front called the adjustment wheel. Again, this works if youre using the zy cammy app, you can use this to change filming mode by rotating it. You can also press it for various settings, one for each side. Up down, left and right. Double press to open up various settings up is for frame rate and resolution. Then single tap up and down left and right to adjust a setting or to navigate around the app theres. Also, a button in the middle of the wheel press and hold this button to power on the fill light. Single press is like an enter button for confirming a setting, while double press makes this a shutter or record button im, not really sure why we would need that considering theres a dedicated, shutter record button anyway, a double tap down opens up the zy kami app gallery To view pics and videos, the dedicated shutter record button has two functions, so a single tap takes a picture or starts recording a double tap switches between front and rear cameras in the zykami app, as with other gimbals, the zhiyun smooth 5 has a trigger at the Front of the handle, so single press enables or disable smart, follow in the zy cammy app, which is useful if you want to quickly lock onto an object and have the gimbal keep it centered in the frame double pressing the trigger repositions, the smartphone, so its centered Again, meanwhile, a triple press rotates the smartphone 180 degrees.

I think this is a pretty cool feature, as it allows you to film yourself with the better quality main camera. Of course, you wont be able to monitor yourself, and this means it does take some guesswork either. That or youll need some other kind of setup. For example, you could use an apple watch to monitor your iphone finally press and hold the trigger to enter go mode in go mode. The roll motor is locked while the tilt and pan motors become more responsive, so thats pretty similar to sport mode in the dji gimbals. So if you have quick action to follow, use go mode, the gimbal modes are pretty standard for his young device. These days, theres pan follow mode, lock, mode, follow mode, pov mode and v for vortex mode. These are all accessed via the mode button on the handle or within the zykomi app heres. Another little feature of this gimbal, which is pretty cool when youre in pan follow mode or lock mode. Youre able to manually reposition the angle of the smartphone, a certain amount adjust with your hand and just hold for two seconds and the smartphone will now be fixed at that angle. After you let go. The joystick simply lets you maneuver the gimbal manually. You can control pan tilt and roll as long as youre in the right mode, and sometimes these gimbal control sticks are touch sensitive and sometimes they arent. If it is touch sensitive, the gimbal will move slower or faster, depending on how far you push the stick.

I found that with the smooth 5, the movement is touch sensitive. This is just really a small thing, but its nice to be able to vary the speed with the joystick. So there has been some suggestions that this gimbal is supported by the filmic pro camera app. But its actually not currently supported, as you would expect, from a new gimbal which is just out so ive actually contacted jun and theyve said that theyre working with filmic pro to develop uh integration with the filmic pro app. I also reached out to filmic pro and they said yep. They are definitely working on it, but theyve said that theres no definite date when this is going to be ready. So if youre buying this gimbal right now and youre, expecting it to be supported by filmic pro right away, youre going to be disappointed. But if you hang on im sure that in the next few months it is going to be supported. So if you want to learn more about smartphone filmmaking, you can join us on patreon theres, all kinds of downloads there, as well as episodes of our silent eye series. Weve got a 170 page ebook about smartphone filmmaking covering every single subject that i could think of and theres a my special film look guide and very soon theres going to be another guide to download, which will be how to color grade your smartphone videos. So this is a really nice gimbal.

I definitely give it eight out of ten, and i recommend this one, especially if youre looking for something which is going to handle that extra weight. There isnt really anything else like this now on the market, so uh yeah. What do you think, anyway, thats it for this video and uh? If you found it useful, let me know by giving it a thumbs up and ill see you in the next video ciao.