Uh. If you recall, uh ive been always been complaining that motorola does not come out with this smartphone with an amulet screen. Im, really glad that now they have brought this mid range smartphone uh, now with an amoled screen and guys. This comes in actually two videos and back as you can see, not a lot of specs uh. This is powered by the mediatic g85 soc. This is also a octa core processor, a two powerful cores and six power efficient cores, and it comes with a 50 megapixel uh triple camera setup. It says and 5000 milliamp hour battery and guys. This comes in two variants: uh, four gigabytes of ram and six gigabytes of ram. Four gigabytes will have 64 gb of storage and uh that six gigabytes will have 128 and the the pricing starts at about 12 999, that is about 13, 000 uh and ill. Have the link for even the higher end variant in the description, so you can check it out so again, uh case is pre applied guys on this one like most motorola phones. They do it so ill. Just take it out and back has a texture guys and in this color. Actually it plays around with the light. I hope the camera is able to capture it and so its not what you say and it is resisting the fingerprint. So yes, obviously this is a plastic polycarbonate thing but looks nice, and this motorola logo is supposed to be the fingerprint scanner, the triple camera setup that we have on top and that oled screen thats a 6.

4 inch screen so well. Take this one also out ill. Give the handset to the side and lets see what else do we get, so this is yeah, so your sim ejector tool is here and some paperwork basic stuff, your type c, cable and uh. This is the power adapter and guys uh. This is uh specific to india in india. Motorola is giving a 20 watt power adapter, whereas this same smartphone in the international market is having a 10 watt charger. So this is the 20 watt fast charging at this house, so nice to see theyre, giving a little bit extra for india, and here is the smartphone itself. So we have a 3.5 headphone jack uh looks like a secondary noise cancellation microphone over here, so thats nice. So here we have one extra button: oh no, okay and volume rocker and the power on a button. So all the buttons are on this side. Guys uh bottom will be the speaker uh. This is a single speaker, guys not stereo, but motorola claims that this one is dolby atmos supported, uh your type c port. This will be your main microphone and this will be your sim tray. I mean lets look at the config, so its a dual uh hybrid guys. I wished it had a dedicated slot, but this is what we are having and micro sd cards uh. It can accept up to one terabyte if i remember yeah. So this is the device and if you look at the back uh guys, the camera set up uh.

The first camera is 8 megapixel ultra wide, but it does a job of actually two cameras, its also ultra wide and also a depth uh. Then this is the main 15 megapixel camera that we have, and this is the two megapixel macro one and back as ive told you. This is the fingerprint scanner front camera. If i recall this is a 13 megapixel. So let me just power this on guys and oh, i saw physical led notification light, so that is interesting and an amoled screen so ill just set this up and then we will continue so guys. I had set up the phone. In fact, this is actually the next day so been using this phone for almost a day. So let me give you uh my initial impressions. What did i feel about this, and the first thing that i noticed is that, though this is having that 5000 milliamp hour battery, the phone simply does not feel heavy. This was a problem with most of the earlier motor phones. I always say that they felt very bulky and heavy thats, not the case with this one. This is where its just 180 grams and the weight balance has been done. Well now, if we talk about the amoled screen, yes, its having a full hd amoled screen, so nice they didnt there, and i also like one more thing: is that generally, what happens in budget oriented amoled screens is that, yes, they go with 720p, but next thing: What they do is the brightness is simply not that great, but thats not the case in this one.

As you can see, this is around this area right now, and the screen is actually uh adequately bright, even in outdoor conditions. When i was testing the phone outdoors in the morning reading twitter feeds, etc uh, it was a good experience, guys it never felt that it was not bright and it can go according to specs up to 700 net. So outdoor visibility is also a nice thing. Uh now, coming to the in hand, feel uh. This gives a good in hand feel as ive told you, the back is textured, so it gives a little bit of grip. I have been using it without the case uh. This is the fingerprint scanner and it works as expected. You have to get used to it now its on the back. I wish they had it in the power on a button, but it is functional and you will get used to this one in a day or so and uh still, though, its an amulet screen, guys uh, this one has the moto display also so if you just If the phone is just lying like this, you just pick it up uh it will detect so youll, no notification, you can just tap, you can read it and all those things like this, so that is still there and in fact this one also has a physical Led notification light which is interesting. I didnt expect that and again the beauty of motorola phone is that stock android experience that youre getting and thats the same case.

Even with this one left, you have the google paint, whatever regular google paint that you see and uh again, almost no bloatware that is installed on this one. I have installed some of my own apps, because i think this is a very important phone, so ill be doing a full review, so ive installed actually uh some of the apps that i need to use like twitter, truecaller, mygate, etc, and a bunch of other apps Started already testing this smartphone and ive already actually put my main sim that is 18 on this one, so hopefully, in the next 10 days, ill, do a full review also of this one, but initial impressions guys its doing a decent job, its powered by the g85 Soc, this is again an octa core processor and its actually decent, for what this phone is its not the basically top end processor, but again for the price. This is around 13 000, as ive told you guys, i feel its a decent processor and uh. Most of you will be happy about it. Uh next thing is guys. I just wanted to uh. Let you guys know. I am also uh. This is the base variant that im also using uh. This is the four gigabyte uh ram variant, so my testing will be based on the base variant, not the higher end. That comes with six gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabytes of storage. In fact, from yesterday im using it as ive told you, ive used about 20 gigabytes, so have used a little bit of storage on this one, but you also get that higher end six gigabytes of ram variant on this one and again guys.

The screen is good, as ive told you, but again this is a normal 60 hertz screen, not that 90 or 120 that you should be aware of, but again in ui. It is responsive and im not facing any issues of what you say lag or anything, and i like the complete clean experience. We also have the fm radio over here. Uh lets also. It also claims dolby at moss, so lets also just fire up youtube, and let me actually show you one interesting thing that i noticed on the smartphone lets just play this video this one. This is my tech, altar, special edition quiz, and if you notice, this is a normal video displaying im, not increasing volume, but if you click over here lets when some text comes, this is something that ive noticed. Okay, i think, and if i go to the volume you can press this icon and now, if you notice it takes a couple of seconds and it does this live caption. So this is really nice and this works really well. So this is given on this phone and it works really well for someone who wants it and you just click the volume button to disable it. So this works very well on this smartphone. These are some of the touches that come with stock android and they are enabling it lets also uh search for some copyright music. To give you an idea about this sound and im going to increase the ill just go over here and ill increase the volume so single speaker guys just single over here, as you can see, but decently loud it gets the job done.

I wish it had. Stereo speakers, but we cant expect everything. So this is the sound as you can see so yeah thats regarding the speaker and yes, this one has that 3.5 mm headphone jack at the top. So a clean experience, i would say, on this smartphone and regarding the battery life, guys its too early to comment on it. As of now as ive told you, i started using it from yesterday and yesterday i had fully charged it and now its at 55 percent. So if you look at it again, this is our initial battery results ill have to test it a lot more and uh, as you can see about one day, 14 hours since ive charged it so one and a half days and still im having 55 hours. So i was not using it very heavily so about just about three hours of screen on time, but still i think so. This should give about seven eight hours of sot with about one and a half days worth of usage. Now lets also look at quickly at the camera. We have the triple camera, as ive already mentioned. The main is a 50 megapixel uh, but it does pixel binning. So the main pictures are 12.5 megapixel, but you can also go to the 50 megapixel. If i just put some box over here, so this is the camera interface that youre getting on this one and you have the one one x, then you have the wide angle also that eight megapixel wide angle that also acts as a depth one, and then this Last one is the macro this we have to use for very small stuff and all those things you can go really close to the macro.

Not this one that macro lens last one yeah really really close, as you can see, get up close, so you can use that and heres the macro. I was thinking too much of a gimmick but yeah yeah. It works, i would say, and uh so cameras uh. These are the cameras that youre getting and by default, guys uh. You have a lot of modes over here, but they wont be visible by default. Only the video and photo mode were here uh the night vision and all this were hidden here. You can pull whatever you want, so you have the night vision and portrait also, and you can also switch to the front facing camera like this. This is the portrait mode and you can also go to the direct regular mode. So let me do one thing: let me actually show you some of the samples taken with this smartphone, so some samples taken outdoor this is regular shot, and this was uh wide angle and outdoor. It does a decent job, so i decided to shoot in indoor and dark conditions and, as you can see these i shot at night and to be frank, considering the lighting, it did actually pretty decent job. As you can see uh. Yes, you have to be careful, there can be camera check if youre, not careful but again overall, i feel it did a good job. This was in the night mode. Night mode did particularly well and again.

This was that wide angle. Mode again, i have to say at night it did much better than what i expected uh as you can see, and im going to the front facing camera. These were taken with the front facing camera and i feel it did a pretty decent job. This was actually in the portrait bokeh mode. Obviously, the front facing camera does a lot better in natural daylight conditions, as you can see. Moving to the macro, these are some of the samples taken with the macro. To give you an example, this is a regular shot and with macro, as you can see, how close i could go. Another example uh. This is with the regular shot and with the macro, as you can see, how close i could go. Another example uh. This was the regular shot and uh. This was with the macro lens, so guys uh thats it for now for the unboxing and first look at this moto g31. So what do you guys feel about this? One i feel uh motorola has actually done a great job. We were always asking a motorola to introduce a affordable, mid range smartphone with an amoled screen, so we are getting that – and this is also not very bulky and again. This one also comes with that think shield for extra security and the clean android experience without any bloatware or ads. So if you are that sort of a person under 15 000 rupees, you wanted a clean, android experience.

Oops im going to cut that call spam see the true color also works very well as ive told you. So this is that works so yeah as ive telling if you were looking for uh. What do you say? Clean stock android experience, smartphone and you didnt have a very high budget uh. Now, certainly you can look at this moto g31 initial impressions. I would say this is actually looking like a pretty good smartphone and the pricing is also not too insane. It starts at the base variant with 4 gigabytes of ram that im testing starts at about 13 000. There is also that other variant ill leave the links in the description so initial impressions. I would say positive about this smartphone. I will also be doing the full in depth review of this smartphone, so stay tuned to my channel ill post that video somewhere about after 10 days or so anyways.