No, you have not at least not on my channel a rugged tablet, thats right folks. This is the first rugged tablet that ive looked at here on the channel, and i got ta say you know having a rugged phone makes a lot of sense, but having a rugged tablet might make even more sense if youre lets say going on the beach or, If you have, you know, kids and you want to bring their peppa pig or their best content to come and watch, but not worry about getting this thing wet. Getting this thing scratched up. This may be the perfect kind of content. Consumption rugged tablet for you to get so there you see, you could tell rt1 with a 10.1 inch full hd completely full hd display 10 000 ml per battery, and we have a helio p22 on board, with four gigs of ram 64 gigs of storage and dual 16 megapixel front and rear camera were gon na tear off the plastic. Here we go feels good, so there we go and you can kind of see the display there just want to show you initially the main display like a lot of these other rugged phones. In terms of the layout, you have pretty stock android interface for this tablet. You also have the google now cards to the side. Now one thing i do appreciate about this display: it is 10.1 inch, its full hd. The viewing angles seem pretty solid, not too bad and, of course, all housed within this pretty thick over 17 millimeters thick 800 grams tablet.

It is a pretty hefty beast, but thats kind of the point right guys. You would use this as you can see volume, rocker, power buttons, and you would use this almost like a phone thats right guys. This is a phone. You can put a sim card, two nano sims in here and you do have type c usb connection as well. All in all folks, this is pretty much a jumbo sized rugged phone, but with a 10.1 inch full hd display. You know it brings up some interesting possibilities to be able to use this as a phone, but also to be able to use this as a tablet. Now, in terms of performance – yes id say, this is probably one of the main sticking points for this tablet in just the time ive been using it. It is a bit slow im, not gon na lie, but, as you can see, theyve at least tried to put some sort of more interesting software here into this tablet. So you have kind of the ipad style dual menus, so you can go to battery. You can go to all these different sections and there you see it. You have a little bit more of a thought out software than just having it be a phone software and the speakers are pretty good. It does look like we have dual speakers on this tablet and there you see youtube playback on the rt1 and since it is a longer aspect, ratio 16×9 videos will fit very nicely on this display.

But of course this is gon na be one of the things youll be doing on this tablet. The most or maybe your kids will, which will be playing games on this 10.1 inch display. Now i dont think it can handle pretty intense games like gentian impact. The helio p22 is not a powerhouse, but for basic games like altos adventure, subway surfers other stuff. Like that, the kind of games that kids play. You should have no problem playing on this tablet and, like i said, youll have all the latest comms, of course its a 4g. You know nano sim that will fit in here, but all in all guys i mean this is a phone, a rugged phone in terms of the way it will be used and last but not least, guys the cameras. What can i say if youre using the cameras on this thing? Dont i mean yes, you can definitely take a photo but its nothing special 16 megapixels on the front, though i think youll probably use the front selfie camera a bit more and there you can see. I mean its okay, but nothing special, so thats it folks. A quick first look here of the yucatel rt1 and i got ta, say theres, just something kind of appealing about a rugged tablet, and this can be a tablet that you can take to the beach give to your kids. Let them play in the sand. Let them take this in the water, its got the full ip ratings of a rugged tablet and its military standard as well.

So, honestly, this thing is not going to break its not going to bend. It is super super duper rugged and thats. It guys a very exciting, interesting rugged tablet here on frankie tech check, links in the description and thanks once again to yucatel for sending this one out, but hear me out in the comments. What are your thoughts on this? You could tell rt1, and is this the rugged tablet youve been waiting for hit me up in the comments id love to hear about it and thats it for this video, if you liked it give me that thumbs up and if you love the content of frankie Tech subscribe to the channel hit the bell icon for future updates, thanks for watching guys, more great content will be coming and very soon im putting together my phone awards. My fourth annual frankie tech phone awards coming very soon to the channel, which phones will make the cut stay tuned, so thats it – and this is where i leave you by saying this – is frankie tech signing off have a good one. A rugged tablet, pretty cool.