Realme Narzo 50i Review – The Sulit Gift for Gamers this Christmas

Now, along with the 58, there is another version that comes with the same 50 series, which is the narso 50i. This is, moreover, like version, since there is some features that are not included in this smartphone mobile manila. This is pope from manila, shaker dot com, and today we are going to see […]

Mobile Moolah Review | How to earn using smartphone.

Once youve activated mobile moula, you can get paid while you do things on your phone, no matter what youre doing mobilemoolah will continue to churn out income. In the background, as you use your phone, we have adapted this awesome technology in your favor for you to follow. Only three easy steps anyone can […]

Hotwav Cyber ​​7 Review – New 5G Rugged Smartphone with Gaming Style

All of this and more in this review, hotep cyber 7 features stock, android 11 mediatek, demensity, 700 arm mali, g57, mc2 8gb ram and 128gb 6.3 fhd and display for 8mp triple rear camera 8280mah battery dual 5g network design and build quality. The hotwave cyber 7 has a robust and rugged gaming design, […]

Kyocera Dura Sport 5G Review: Rugged Slim Smartphone for Verizon

It does have 5g ultra wide band for verizon, so you can get those ultra fast, fast speeds on 5g, with this phone and ultimately it retails for about 580 bucks, so pretty expensive for a phone. When i, when i break it down, i think youll be kind of surprised by how expensive it […]


We will be unboxing the zikr p10. We are also going to be going over some of the main features and capabilities of this industry leading rugged. Smartphone zeker has been kind enough to send me the p10 to review, for you all so feel, free to leave any relevant feedback down in the comment […]

The Best Smartphone Gimbal ?! – Powervision S1 Review

So what makes this as the perfect smartphone gimbal today. Are you looking to get your next smartphone for lets? Say family travel, vlogs or content creation? Then this video could be for you. So, finally, after owning lots of mobile gimbals, i settled for this one. This is the power vision, s1, the worlds […]

UMIDIGI Bison X10 Rugged Smartphone – Review & Unboxing

It is one of the latest rugged smartphones to be released into the market. The packaging looks good and professional specifications can be found at the back of the packaging with the features and details listed. Clearly lets proceed to check what is inside the packaging inside the box. You will find one umidigi bison […]

2.4 Juta, Layar FullHD 120 Hz, SoC Gaming Helio G96, Kamera 50 MP: Review realme 8i – Indonesia

Ini Real ini, ternyata, belum, keren, merilis, smartphone, ya, Nah, kali ini, mereka, hadir, menawarkan, smartphone to class harga, 2jutaan, kira, kira, apa, yang diberikan, real Michelin, Iyo kita, lihat, dulu, paket, penjualannya, tentunya, tempat, penjualan, ada unit dengan screen protector yang, sudah, terpasang, Lalu, ada, Kenya, juga, situ, Ada charger 18watt ada, kabel type […]

What Makes The BEST Smartphone Camera Experience? Featuring Pro Photographer!

Now in todays, video were going to be exploring what actually contributes to making the best camera experience now. The reason why im pushing out this video here is because these days were faced with so many different kind of smartphone launchers with different kinds of camera setups. But what really actually gives you the […]

Google Pixel 6 en Pixel 6 Pro Review – Eindelijk écht high-end

Google dit jaar weer helemaal terug axel 6, pro heeft bijvoorbeeld een groot en luxe 1440 po het scherm voor het eerst, drie cameras en en door. Google ontwikkelde sok het 899 euro duif google ook nog eens onder de prijs van andere soortgelijke smartphones en ook de pixel 6 is met. Zes maal, op, […]