HotDive Universal Smartphone Housing Review-by Mr Vee

They kindly send me one of their mobile diving housings, like a universal universal dive, housing for your phones and actually its future proof, because it can hold the most of the brands out there, even the bigger phones. Actually, they sent me the pro version, which is contains dive computer, and this is amazing, […]

Snapdragon 8 Gen1 Review: A piece of sh*t with cherry on the top

Personally, I think its pretty weird to change your product naming scheme every generation or so But other than name. We care more about the performance and power efficiency. You might know that Snapdragon 888, this year has suffered some serious thermal issues which leads to those flagship phones not performing very well. The actual […]

Realme GT Master Explorer Edition Disassembly Teardown Repair Video Review

If you want to see more videos like this make sure you subscribe and follow me on twitter, so youll be notified. When i upload a new video and if you need any tools, there are links in the description. Music first, the sentry needs to be removed. Next, we need to apply heat to […]

Top 5 smartphones of 2021 | Smartphones Review in Tamil | Digital Hub

Individual mobile servers, smartphone industry level list. So in the smartphone now one of the best pocket friendly smartphones ive been trying category top five smartphones lets choose a pocket for a smartphone samsung galaxy s21 ultra in the smartphone up best finish category. Let top 5 smartphones go in fact. In the samsung smartphone […]

INI DIA! REKOMENDASI Smartphone 1 Juta-an Di Tahun 2021 Channel LEGAWA GADGET! || GADGET REVIEW #62

Rupiah baik dari mana dengan empat rekomendasi, smartphone hingga, satu jutaan, untuk tahun 2021 berdasarkan channel legawa gadget jadi kalau, saya, perhatikan, untuk, smartphone, yang harganya, satu jutaan, itu rata rata, harganya, pada next semua jadi, harga, tas, saya, beli, dengan, harga, sekarang, itu cukup, berbeda, dan bedanya, bisa, Sampai 200 300 ribu rupiah jadi […]

Huawei nova 9 smartphone review

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TECNO Camon 18 Premier Review – 2 Months Later!

. Well, when it comes to the Tecno Camon 18 Premier, it combines both software and hardware to produce something you never would have imagined would be possible until now. And in this video we are going to breakdown every detail. There is to this smartphone and why I was personally impressed with some of […]

Meine Top Smartphones 2021 – Teil 2 (Deutsch) | SwagTab

Gekommen sind also falls ihr irgendwas vermisst checkt gerne den ersten teil ab weil, sie das noch nicht getan habt blende, ich euch hier jetzt einen findet ihr, aber auch nochmal unten. In der video beschreibung ich fand dass dieses, jahr einfach, angemessen weil, wieder, so viele, extrem, gute smartphones, auf den markt, gekommen sind […]

Tóm Tắt Anime: " ISEKAI WA SMARTPHONE TO TOMO NI " | Phần 2 | Review Anime Hay

U c: Bi qu tc, no cng chnh, l, vng quc, with major v quc vng cng ang nh, tr, thnh, ng, minh, ca, vng, quc, gia ng, bng, h, Th, Ngai, Vng s c chuyn qua cng cha v; hn s; dng cch, ci, cng, cha, ln, nm, Quyn lc ng mun, motoza, n […]

Rekomendasi & Ranking Smartphone Tahun 2021 Lancar Ga Sih untuk Main Genshin Impact

bri broken Halo, Google, Ferry disini dan sesuai klik dari kalian bakal memberikan rekomendasi baik, kategori, smartphone yang dirilis di tahun, 2021 untuk main games, ini 4life, kenal, ICC, Musik, Hai, single Slank, Piss, you healthy Musik site, sebelumnya, ada, beberapa, smartphone, yang mati, sama, kita, Dan ada berapa yang sudah, kita jual ataupun kembalikan […]