Microphone keep watching number one most popular movo, vxr 10 universal video microphone. Its hard to beat the simplicity of this movo shotgun mic. It doesnt require any batteries plus its built in shock. Mount helps, minimize unwanted noise, its compatible across camera makes and models. So as long as your camera has a microphone jack, you can get started. The microphone itself is just over three inches long, so its perfect for compact sized cameras it could even attach to your smartphone the durable aluminum construction and battery free design include a sturdy integrated shock mount to minimize handling noise number two takstar sgc 598 interview microphone, a Camera microphone that is designed for users on a tight budget. The affordable price range, makes this a highly desirable model for anyone with entry level gear looking to step up his or her game. This sensitive microphone features a heart shaped single point pickup to help reduce or eliminate undesirable ambient noises from your recording 10 decibel sensitivity, enhancement and 200 hertz low frequency attenuation to meet the different field. Co use using standard universal connector specifications can be simply fixed. The camera specially designed for the camera number three takisky camera microphone. This battery operated. Shotgun microphone, gives you 80 hours of working time its the perfect tool for video interviews, since it can focus on the direction of your subject while reducing background noise. The microphone has a large pickup range and is extremely sensitive. Even with its sensitivity, there is minimal high frequency loss.

It also comes with a windproof mic cover for even more reduction of ambient noise, its over five inches long, making it the perfect fit for sturdy. Dslr cameras number four comica cvm: vm 10 2 video microphone, comica cvm, vm, 10, 2 camera microphone comes with a 3.5 millimeter smartphone and camera audio cable supports most of the devices that come with a three point: five millimeters mic audio input jack. When you use this microphone on iphone 7 or above iphone version, you need to use the iphone original adapter cable to connect the microphone built in one 100 aluminum material. The cvmvm102 on camera microphone can strengthen the anti interference function to reduce the noise from vibrations. The one quarter, external port design, can help you mount the microphone to your camera, easily number five sure vp83 lens hopper camera mounted condenser microphone, detailed high definition, audio with the full low end response for professional results. Every time highly directional super cardioid low bipolar pattern rejects unwanted off axis audio, while clearly capturing the intended sound source superior rf immunity to avoid unwanted audio artifacts from cellular and rf devices. Integrated recoat layer shock mounting system provides superior isolation from vibration and mechanical noise through its customized, robust design exclusively developed with recoat for the vp83 model. 125 hours of battery life from 1a alkaline battery included the connector type is 0.125 inch.