I do have here a very interesting device, and that is the redmi note. 11 pro now bear in mind that this is the non plus model which i actually reviewed about two weeks ago. This is just the standard pro model and there is actually quite a lot to love about this device right here. So in todays, very quick review im just going to be jumping over all the items that you need to know uh, so that you can think whether or not this device is actually worth waiting and also whether it is worth your money all right so were going To jump into it straight away, lets talk a bit about the price first, because thats the most important thing. Now this device is slightly cheaper than the plus model. This is going for rm1100 here in malaysia, obviously not officially launched yet and for you guys in other parts of the world that is approximately 250 us dollars now bear in mind that this is not a cheap device. The previous redmi note series has always been like budget segment, but its moving up the ranks. Now i would consider it slightly between the budget and the mid range now lets talk about the next thing here and talk about the design. This is my favorite part, because the redmi note 11 pro right here has the same design as the plus model. Everything is literally the same. We do have this very smooth, matte back panel, here very nice feeling over there, and we also have these beautiful flat sides.

So what this means is that you can do cool stuff like placing it on your desk like this. It sits on your desk very nicely now. One more thing that i should highlight over here is that the device here still retains the dual stereo speakers, which is apparently tuned by jbl, and you still have the headphone jack at the top here. So everything is built very nicely. It feels very solid in hand and definitely feels like a more premium device all right so now that were done about the design lets talk a little bit about the display now flipping the device to the front. Here we are greeted with a very nice super amoled display by samsung. This is a 6.67 inch. Super amoled display 1080p refresh at 120hz, and it also has a 360hz touch sampling rate. In other words, this is a very, very smooth display. Everything here is buttery smooth. Every touch to it reacts instantly, so you have that super smooth display on the redmi note 11 pro now. I think that redmi really gave us a good one here, because the display here is a good panel and what i mean by that is that contrast level saturation levels brightness levels – everything is just very good to look at. It is a beautiful display here. So definitely a big thumbs up to redmi for giving us this awesome display on a redmi note series alright. So now done with the display lets talk a bit about the processing power, because thats also very important now powering this device here.

Just like the redmi note. 11, pro plus, is the diamond city. 925 g. You have the same processors even on the plus model. So, just in terms of perspective, if you are very familiar with snapdragon devices, this dimension 925g sits slightly above the snapdragon 765, but it is not as powerful as the snapdragon 778, which is snapdragons, best mid range processor to date, so otherwise interest in terms of performance. Now you can play games almost every single game at the highest graphics settings. But of course, the only trade off here is that the graphics might not be as good as the ones on the snapdragon, but otherwise i would say that the gaming experience is actually quite smooth here and it doesnt heat up that much now in terms of day To day use launching apps and all that the speed is not the fastest as well, everything is just fine. I would say that everything launches very smoothly. The keyword here is smooth, but it is not the fastest out there. So i guess this is just the kind of performance that you would expect from a mid range device diamond city 925g over here. I still give it a pass or a thumbs up actually for a device that costs this kind of money right here all right. So now were done with the performance. Lets talk very quickly about the cameras at the back, because this is where we do get a triple camera setup.

It is led by a 108 megapixel main sensor. You also have an 8 megapixel ultrawide and, last but not least, you have a 2 megapixel telephoto kind of macro lens going on over there now in terms of the image quality, it is exactly the kind of images that you can expect to see. On the redmi note, 11 pro plus again, things are very similar over here im going to share with you a couple of pictures. Images taken during the day looks amazing. It looks very, very good. It has great contrast, levels, good saturation levels and, more importantly, it actually looks very accurate in terms of the colors now. One thing i did notice here is that, in terms of night mode, images did turn out fine as well, but the camera itself is a bit sluggish. I think i did mention this in the redmi note 11 pro plus review uh. Obviously, it is the same story here. Everything is just a little bit slow at night and the camera is just very slow to capture images, so thats. The kind of struggle that i was facing with this redmi note 11 pro here all right. So now done with the cameras, lets talk very quickly about the haptics here in terms of the haptics, just like the pro plus model, you also have the x axis haptics. That means all the vibrations here are actually very short and crips and its basically the best haptic engine that you can actually get in the market today.

It feels like a premium flagship kind of device, so all good with the haptic engine there stereo speakers wise everything, does sound pretty good as well. Volumes do get pretty high, it doesnt crack at high levels and there is sufficient sort of base with the speakers itself. So everything good there in terms of the audio quality, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music. Now, last but not least, lets talk very quickly about the battery in the back, because this is one of the major differences between the plus model over here we do have a slightly larger battery a 5160mah battery that charges up at 67 watts fast charge. Now the battery here is slightly larger than the plus model, but it charges up slightly slower compared to the 120 watts on the plus model. So what does that mean? Basically, this means that your phone can actually go a little bit longer. I was able to get about two days of battery life on the redmi note 11 pro right here and in terms of charging it does zero to 100 in just 45 minutes me personally, i dont really need the 120 watt fast charge. I think 67 watts is actually quite sufficient here and being slower also helps to preserve the battery life a little bit more. All right guys, i think, thats pretty much what i have to cover in todays uh, quick review. I do hope you have learned a thing or two about the redmi note.

11 pro. Let me know what you guys think about this device. Do you think this is something worth waiting? Do you think its also worth your money? Let me know down in the comment section below me personally, i think its a solid device coming out. Read me the redmi note 11 series is just getting better and better and i think its a very, very decent, offering of course, dont compare it to the poco f3. I know some of you guys might actually talk about that right, guys done with the review uh. Thank you guys so much for watching till the end. If you did like this, video dont forget to drop a like sub to the channel.