My name is koki and today were going to be going out for a day of photography and videos on the xperia pro. I and im super excited because i dont have to carry my usual heavy gear load and just carry this phone as well as for your accessories, and this whole entire video is actually going to be shot on the xperia pro. I, including this headshot that youre seeing right now, as well as the audio and youre, probably wondering how, because i have the phone with me right here in my hand, but sony has agreed to send me another device just for this review. So we can just keep it simple and say the whole entire video is shot on the xperia pro i so with that being said, you know the drill were gon na, be shooting it throughout the whole entire day, covering a lot of ground. A lot of different lighting environment as well as different styles of photography and video, so stay tuned, but lets get going and ill see you guys outside Music. Okay, so ive been shooting videos for a while now 30 40 minutes just test out the video pro app and um its actually really easy to use way easier than the cinema. Pro um definitely a handy tool to use for videos, and let me show you guys what i mean right now: im on the manual mode, so its overexposed, i dont, have the nd on because the andes on this phone are right.

Now, recording this headshot, so yeah thats that, but if you go to auto mode, it just automatically adjusts the um aperture by changing the iso, its changing like the shutter. I think right now, because i dont have the nd on but yeah its really handy to use. And then, if you go back to the regular manual mode, you shoot video videos like b rolls and stuff and then, when you need a vlog, you can go to auto mode because you dont want to be worrying about the settings for the iso. Every time you vlog its more for the documentation, usually so thats what i do its super handy and if youre shooting any kind of videos, you can also lock this whole screen. So if you accidentally press something it doesnt do anything which is handy. So a lot of features – and especially i found the custom binding here – is super handy to use too, because it just opens the video pro app and then you can start recording uh, whereas, like usually, you have to like unlock your phone with a face id or Touch id or passcode, and then that takes a bit of time and you dont want to be worrying about those tedious stuff when youre, shooting and out and about so. This is handy stuff. Um hope you guys found that useful tip uh its not much of a tip, but i thought it was super helpful, so yeah im going to be shooting more videos in shibuya with my friend, so i get more proper videos there, but for now lets shoot some Photos at the west side shinjuku area and see how the photos turn out so see you guys there Music, so Music, Music, so Music, okay, so i made it to the myastha park and, as you can maybe tell the wind is picking up.

I dont really need any wind filters, actually im recording everything on this smartphone. So there is no wind filter but theres an integrated or it is integrated, but its called intelligent wind filter. So you can turn that on which should help with the wind uh later on. It should get more windy and as we go up to the shibuya sky for sunset, um yeah were gon na. Go up there to the observation, because why not um yeah were gon na, probably pick up some wind outside. So hopefully this helps but till now i didnt really need it so it wasnt on, but from now well try recording with the intelligent wind filter on so yeah lets. Get going and im gon na see my friend in a bit so see you guys, then okay, so just met up with manon. She has an instagram account and she does modeling here so go check. Her out were gon na go out and shoot around here. Get some photos and videos so yeah lets go before the sun goes down. Lets go Music all right, so i just made it to the cbs guy were on top uh yeah. We have to put all the attachments um, so i cant use the gimbal or any of the vlog kit accessories so hand holding everything um. The view is nice were gon na get some portraits, but yeah ill see you guys later: Music, huh Music. I Music all right so just wrapped up the shoe at shibuya sky, its her first time.

Actually so yeah i mean its being up its so famous. I dont know why. Yeah we got a good nice sunset. We couldnt bring a lot of gears, except for the phone itself so its a bit. I mean we were limited, but yeah go check her out on instagram and im gon na keep shooting and im gon na head home, so ill see you guys later, but yeah bye soon, bye, bye, okay, so just made it to ginza. I kind of went out from shinikuya because its too bright, even though its dark its after blue hour, its super dark in shibuya, its actually really bright because of the neons and the ads. So i came to ginza, which is less bright, which will be better for the purpose of this video because were trying to shoot low light and so yeah. It can be pitch black because then theres no light source but yeah. I think ginza would be a good place to test it and then, from here were gon na walk to shimbashi, which is like a another kind of a moodier area, its where a lot of workers are so gon na shoot some streets there and call it a Day, hopefully, we get some nice night photos, but yeah were gon na start shooting around here so ill, see you guys in a bit Music, my Music, Music, Music, okay, so lets recap on the xperia pro i. The phone has a one inch sensor that allows for better low light image quality as well as videos.

This is only available on the 24 millimeter lens and not the 16 or the 50.. It does now have a video pro app, which is amazing, its super easy to use, and it does feature real time, io to focus and object tracking, which is so useful when shooting portraits and now we also have a dual aperture at f2 to f4. On the 24 millimeter lens, as well as a mono mic and stereo, two mics, although one thing to keep in mind, is that the moto mic would not work if youre using an nd filter. The custom button is another key added feature to this phone, which is amazing when you need to really quickly open up an app and start shooting. It does eliminate that time of you having to unlock your phone and find the app vlog kit can also be purchased separately, to complete the setup and have a whole flip screen system going on to shoot your vlogs or video content. And i had a lot of people ask me about this vlog kit. If it would work on the xperia one mark iii. Unfortunately, it is not compatible with the xperia one mark iii anyways. That does it for my on the field. Real life test review so hope you guys liked it and enjoyed the video if you did give it a like, and if you have any questions, leave it in the comments below but other than that stay, safe, stay, curious and ill.