That has a messages tracker, all the things all the features. I want to highlight in this short video dont want to waste your time, so were going to jump straight to business, and i want to show you everything about this incredible tool. Uh that i discovered uh online and i havent seen more powerful tool than that and youre gon na find out. Why lets discover all the things all the features of this platform? Uh in the general, you have cal call logs contact list text messages, gps location, key logger, uh, remote control, settings, auto, updates social media online status, even sim card replacement. This is absolutely cool, geofinder, one click, installation and, and so so on. Uh, like this is a parental control app. First of all, you need to know that uh and the main point is that it was created for modern parents to control whats happening inside of their childrens phones or tablets. Um, it doesnt matter actually android or ios device. You want to track, it works for both, and i need to say that you cannot set this up remotely. So you need to get the physical access to the target device and then you need to unlock this device. In that case, youll be able to install all the things all this tools to to your target phone: physical access, five minutes of setup time and everything works. This is really cool. Lets go further messaging apps. What can you track? Messaging apps, whatsapp, facebook, messenger, zoom, viber, telegram, wechat, skype, hangouts, key client and signal messenger.

Everything inside of this applications can be tracked and can be discovered. Social media and whats most important facebook lets discover the facebook, facebook uh instagram snapchat tick, tock, reddit, tinder and dating apps. If you have kids, probably you want to protect them from adult content, uh websites and applications and tinder. Oh, do you all know what standard is and a lot of dangerous things actually uh inside of internet inside of adult websites and uh? You dont want your kids to see all that really you can restrict access to some applications or to some websites dating apps is not for your kids or dating apps and tender, not for your girlfriend, maybe isnt it or for your boyfriend, maybe also uh, so thats. Why this can be powerful tool to control the target device and watch that delete under unwanted apps, restrict apps block website, block wi, fi blog device? Disable messages restrict calls, and you can do all that remotely. You need to set up it once and thats it. You have overall control under the device that that you want to spy on. This is really cool and you have access to all the deleted messages. All the deleted calls and all the deleted contacts and even renamed contacts. Imagine how cool it is to know like if someone is lying to you that i didnt call him or her yeah. Let me check – and this is a really powerful tool and you become like a james bond uh or some movie star spy with this with this tool, and you have the streaming abilities, you can switch on the camera on the target device to see whats happening inside And around your kid or again, your boyfriend girlfriend its up to you.

This application was created to uh control, the kids, who are under 18 and theyre, not quite responsible for themselves and thats. Why um as parents, probably you may need to control a lot of things? Whats happening inside of their phone or or a tablet, and you have all the media control uh like photo and video tracker and everything is happening. Live okay, uh its each five seconds in case with a facebook, its five minutes. It updates, but you have ability to switch on the camera, to make the snapshot of of whats happening around the uh target device. This is really cool and this is really powerful but lets go inside and i will show you how it looks from uh inside and whats in the dashboard. Okay, here we go dashboard locations less visited, addresses less added context. Most frequent sms, most frequent calls browser bookmarks sites and most frequent socials and lets jump to locations trade, because this is one of the most important thing that you may need. Uh in this spy tool address longitude latitude, accuracy date tracked and map view you can see in the map view keylogger whatsapp, snapchat facebook message everything within avatars, with the pictures uh whats happening in tik tok, who was um, who was chatting with yeah like its its Huge guys, its huge photos, videos, everything, like literally everything – and this is really cool as for me, this is most powerful spy tool, most powerful tracking app for cell phones, that ive ever met online and the prices are pretty affordable for any human being this planet and And if you have kids, definitely you want to spend that money on this application called umobix and im going to leave the link under this video in the description panel, so press that link go to the official website and create your own account.

Uh get the target device that you want to set it up on, and here you go here, you go. You have access to all the every piece of information that you want to know and probably to more information that you even need uh actually but uh. If youre talking about your kids who are under 18 and you want to protect them from all the cyber bullying issues, all the adult website browsing and all the tinder issues and all the things that can happen, you need to use this tool strongly recommend its really Powerful you become a superhero, really uh, think about it again. Im gon na leave the link under this video in the description panel be wise, stay safe, take care and bye. Bye thanks for watching this video till the end, hope you enjoyed and hope this was really useful for you.