So this week we thought wed, take a look around take a gamble, and while we spotted this unlocked 4g mobile phone with a 5.5 inch screen, which is the el 6c again, this is a very low end mobile phone. So, understandably, it will have that quad, core 1.3 gigahertz processor running the 2019 android 8.1 that is compatible with two free 4g networks and costs as little as 67 pounds thats around 89 in u.s dollars inside the box accessory wise. We get a clear silicone phone cover. There is a usual quick start guide and a 2 500 milliamp hour separate battery pack, wow proper old school, so nope you dont get a sealed handset, but that is to be expected with the fact that this phone is in the budget range category. Okay, we do get a fast charge plug unit, but it does come with a really dated micro, usb charge, cable, its, not a bad sized mobile phone in hand. To be honest, i do like that vinyl, like shiny rear, which is by the way, fingerprints friendly. Now that panel is removable and it conceals the nano and micro sim card slots. Yes, its dual sim this mobile phone, and although this phone only has one gigabytes, ram, 16 gigabytes rom, it can indeed be extended up to 64 gigabytes via that tf memory card slot, which you might just want to do right away. As you can see, three gigabytes is already being used up by those pre installed.

Apps lets insert that battery power, its on and after the initial setup. We are brought to a warm, fairly well lit menu screen which okay, its not too bad its, not super bright, but it is above average for that price range. Now, looking around the handset, we have that volume rocker sitting to the right hand side with that power button sitting just below it to the top of that unit, with a micro usb charge, port a 3.5 millimeter headphone port which, by the way, guys also acts as Your fm radio antenna when earphones or headphones have inserted and this is accessed via thats pre, installed fm radio app speakers. Well, sadly, theres only one volume, wise though it is about average audio and music isnt super loud, and it does actually sound quite tinny now nope. We dont have any dedicated voice assistant buttons or anything like that, but when it does come to the internet search, it is indeed rava swift. You do already have a few dedicated apps pre installed like youtube, etc, but when it does come to any kind of hd streaming well, because this el 6c screen has a max 480×960, you are somewhat limited to basic 720p max video playback, nonetheless imagery isnt too bad. The color tones are above average again for this price range, with not too much screen wash out, and you can certainly watch movies quite comfortably. Without squinting. You can go ahead and hook up some wireless earphones or headphones using that internal bluetooth technology, but, like i mentioned before, this phone is running android 8.

1 oreo, which is validated, is in fact over three years old, and because this software coordinates with what feels like a Really should be feeling screen surface its not that smooth to be honest on my fingertips and it makes for maneuvering around at times quite laggy, its not super responsive and because the whole unit is in fact quite light. It does really feel like its hard at times going back to the rear of the phone. We have an 8 megapixel and 2 megapixel camera weve got a flash that sits between them, which also acts as your flashlights, and even though this phone is specified as having that 8 megapixel camera. It is, however, only true when taking pictures on that 4.3 setting. So, in reality, if youre thinking about taking those nice landscape shots well, the picture quality will be reduced to almost 6 megapixels heres an example. So this is the type of picture you will get when using the camera on this mobile phone and the example of the microphone quality 2.. Now, if we switch to that front facing selfie camera well picture quality, isnt too bad in well lit rooms. Just like this one, the camera is really basic, but it does the job quite well really. But if we take away the light lets just switch off, everything does get a bit dismal, its not too bad its a bit jotty at times and well, theres, no stabilization. So yeah rock double lets the ball baby.

Now you can use that selfie camera for that facial unlock utility, which is shockingly quite quick as well as that there is many other ways to unlock the mobile phone, but when it does come to gaming using that quad core 1.3 gigahertz processor. Well, it is just about to bearable on low spec games that are not too demanding, but anything else is a big. No, no overall, this el 6c is quite simply a very basic startup smartphone the materials and quality well, its very cheap feeling with the software thats. Pretty much dated and the performance which is quite lackluster, really dont, get me wrong its good for its basic uses and, i would say its not too bad if you intend to give it to a child as their very first smartphone or, for example, an elderly person Within your family, but as far as our rating goes today, they are quite simply going to give this el 6c, ah four out of ten im, afraid well yeah anyway, uh thanks for watching guys. I really hoped you liked this video hope you found it useful. Please go ahead to subscribe to this channel today, show some love and show some support, and we hope to see you soon on our next video.