Lets talk about it, whats up everybody. This is erica tech preacher. So i have the blackvue tab. 11, the brand new one for 2021, the lte version for review. Let me give you my thoughts about it. So sit back and relax and get your popcorn ready and follow me on this journey lets go whats up guys. This is eric back with another video, so blackvue have sent me out their tablet for review, but all my thoughts are 100 minds. So lets talk about what comes in the box, so the blackvue tab, 11 lte comes in an all white box that showcases the tablet. When opening up the box youre greeted to the tablet itself and its in a case, thats included removing the tablet, you get a complete setup with charging cable charging, brick usb adapter and user manual. And lastly, the tablet comes with the included screen protector, pre installed and the price of this tablet. As of me, recording this video is 299, but were in the holiday season, so they got some special deals with this tablet, so you can get it cheaper. I will leave all the links down in the description below, but its a lot to this tablet that i really do like so lets get into it so for 299 bucks. This tablet gives you some mind: blowing specs. It has a huge 10.362 ips display with a resolution of 1200 by 2000 at a 15 by 9 aspect ratio and theres, a new processor in this one we got the unisex t618 processor, with eight gigs of ram.

So lets talk about the processor in this tablet. The unisex t618 is an eight core architecture that have lte built in. It was launched way back in 2019, its based off a 12 nanometer process, and it consists of 2 gigahertz on cortex, a75 cpus and 6 1.8 gigahertz on cortex 855 processors, its equipped with the mali g52 gpu for high quality image. You get 128 gigs of internal storage. You get do sim setup here, uh with lte data. Not only that, but you can use one sim card and one sd card empowering this tablet. You get a 65 80 milliamp battery. So lets talk about these cameras. You get a dual camera setup in the rear, where it consists of two 13 megapixel cameras and in the front you get an eight megapixel camera. Now as far as video, this tablet can shoot 1080p 30 frames per second in the rear and 720p 30 frames per. Second, in the front and lastly, the tab 11 is running. Android 11.. So lets talk about the build quality here. The tab 11 is a beautiful teal color that weighs about 460 grams. On the left side, you get all of the buttons here. You got the volume button, a power button, a headphone jack and you have the power port on the right side. Here is clean on the top. Here you got your sim card with dubs as a micro, sd card slot and a sim card for data at the bottom.

You got two speakers and pogo pins for a keyboard, and then you have a screen protector pre installed. As far as the display, the tab. 11 has a beautiful 2k screen with good vibrant colors and a brightness level up to about 360 nits, which is good for indoors, not so good for outdoors. The tab 11 also supports wide van l, one which allows streaming 1080p or high definition, content from netflix youtube and disney plus and more apps. For that cinematic viewing experience. Now we talked about a 299 dollar tablet that has the processing power and the display resolution to support y van l, one which brings me into the sound quality right. These stereo speakers on here sound really good. Let me let you listen to these speakers going against my galaxy tab at seven, and let you be the judge for yourself so check this out. Music. Well is Applause, Music, Applause, Music, so lets talk about performance. When we talk about tablets, thats, not samsung, apple, ipads or tablets that dont cost over a thousand bucks people assume that they have bad performance. Well, i can tell you dont believe all the misinformation and benchmark tests. Let me show you some stuff here, showing benchmark tests. All i can tell you is that this benchmark test doesnt mean anything. So let me say this in my real world testing. I never had a budget tablet or low end tablet. Play games like this smooth, gameplay, great frame rates and all the testing that i did.

I didnt see no drive frames, no stuttering, which is amazing right, were talking about a 299 tablet and when you look at the benchmark test, theres no way that this will play games. But for some strange reason this chipset is very much optimized and it peaks out very well when it comes down to game. Look make no mistake about it that the tablet does have a lot of power underneath the hood and eight gigs of ram uh and 128 gigs of internal storage helps right. You do got sd card support and all that stuff, like that, so playing games the day to day tasks of me using this tablet. It performed very well surprisingly, good. Okay, so lets talk about these cameras. All i can tell you is this dont, be that guy thats outside taking photos and videos with a tablet, but for my tested purposes i went outside. I took some photos and some video right, as you can see, the photos is about average at best right and the video is not that great. But let me show you the video anyway, so you guys can be the judge for yourself so check this out. Alright guys so here it is, this is the video of the black view, tab 11.. Now, as you can see, the autofocus is not that great and also youre. Listening to the audio of the black view. Now you know when i test these tablets. I try my best to do a full testing of it, and this is a test of it right.

The video and the photos lets see if i could tap the focus all right, so you can see that it does have some focus hunting on it. So as ive been testing the cameras on this tablet – and i always say dont – be that guy uh to be out in public testing out a tablet cameras but im that guy today so as yall guys can see not the greatest when it comes down to the Video functionality here now im doing some chapter focusing uh, so yall guys can see it all right, so lets tap the focus uh and there it is. I think the the the camera here is getting a uh kind of getting a false readout of what to focus on try to focus on the sky and the elements in here and its just its just not doing a great job at that. So heres. A test of the black view: tab 11 cameras here, um and you could adjust for yourself there. It is remember 299 bucks right or you can get it cheaper around the holiday season. Look, i played all high end games and i didnt get no stuttering, no hiccup, which was surprising to me. I watched netflix youtube and the viewing angles and the color accuracy is really good. As far as my eyes right, the stereo speakers was had good tone and good bass and its all really good. The battery life was surprisingly good here on this tablet, i mean it gets you through the day with no problem, and lastly, with the do sim support is great for traveling lets talk about some of the downsides.

Look. The cameras on here is not that great uh. Look its 299 bucks, so you know i didnt expect the cameras going to be groundbreaking, especially for video, its a shame that in the united states, people just dont know about it. Everybody knows about samsung and apple, but you bring product like this to the table and people just they. They steer away from it in the united states, and i dont know why, because you get a complete setup here, you get a case. You get the charging brick, the cable everything else in between you get the screen protector. So when you buy this tablet for 299 bucks, you dont have to buy anything else, got a headphone jack right. You got the power eight gigs, around 128 gigs of internal storage, sd card support. Do you do sim? Do speakers and all the stuff like that, but its the the problem is, is that in the united states people are programmed to two brands and thats a shame. Look, i want to give a huge shout out to blackvue for sending this product for review. This is like the tech preacher from easy computer solutions. Leave your comment down below. Let me know what you think about the blackvue tab. 11 lte.