I have a new text and guides for you and i im gon na review this. So this is a wireless remote, a wireless smartphone, selfie remote. So this is the brightest vivitar and its a pound. So my sister gave me this when she arrived here in philippines from london, england. So this is right here: amazing, sylphys, amazing, selfies or group photos so heres uh this one works with ios 5 and android 3. In above front and rear cameras which button no wireless or bluetooth pairing required, so it means automatically. You can use this. You can use this remote remote directly, no, no needed bluetooth, pairing so its it. It is a automatic selfie button and you can and theres a application, uh camera application of this. So im gon na show to you what is the camera? What is the camera? What is this called? Okay and then here it is the heres. Some quick, quick summary of this so lets lets read it so. The vivitar selfie selfie snap wireless remote gives you the power to trigger your ios or android smartphone from a distance works with a Music downloadable app. So as what i have said earlier, so no wireless or bluetooth period necessary. The built in phone stand will support your smartphone while you set up your picture or you can even switch between your front and rear camera with this click of click of a button. So i and then here again with this workflow, it works with rs 503.

It one thousand shots on one c: r: two: zero through battery, so the the circle one so no worries about the pin required front inner camera, switch button and includes alien, elaine lanyard. So here guys, this is the product. So – and this is the what is called stand for the phone, so this one like this, you can see that phone stand over here and then theres the switch button shirt key to take photo this one and the reverse key switch button between rear and front camera. Okay lets open it up guys, so i dont know: how much is this so im gon na find it find it in in the internet? So here it is guys, so there is the product of itself, and this is it. So this is the product and vivitar. So flat and very sturdy, so this is the this is the style of the phone. This is retractable, detachable, uh, detachable and like that, so lets try some phone okay, so lets write this up. I i dont have the application for this in in my phone, so lets gon na so im, just hoping it will download so lets. Try this in my iphone. Okay, its downloading okay, lets open it up, and then there it goes uh. The the application of this is install me: okay, okay, so this one here this one here is a switch reverse button front and rear camera, so lets so lets. Try, okay, okay, so just to try some photos over here.

Okay, this automatically automatically detect. If you have the application, told me thats what i have uh show to you, so that was the okay and then lets try. Another okay, um lets. Try some something: okay, this one: okay, this okay, yay right! Okay! So my the memory of my phone is not enough, so nice and very nice and very compact. So if you want to have this so just search it in the internet, this is from england. I dont know if this is available in amazon target, ebay or anywhere anywhere in shopping online. So if you, if you want to have this search, it search it and if i can see this um, i can see this in what this is called. I can see this in amazon target or eb, so i will link down below the product link. I will put down below the product product link, so i forgot to have this all this is a stand. This is a stand so uh you can. You can put the what is this called rt uh this one, and you can have this like that. Not. But if you want to have this like that, one okay, you can oops its not working. So how so how this thing work. I forgot to use this yeah: okay, Music, i dont know i forgot, oh sorry for that and okay, as you can see right there and okay here. It goes like that. One, okay, that one if oh okay, if i can use the tripod.

I also like that one. Okay, very good, so lets lets, try another picture uh its not lagging for iphone uh, because in my android smartphone samsung it its delayed. The picture is delayed and you can see its uh, its its so convenient and so good. But but in my android its delayed, the picture is delayed, so you have to you have to still in three seconds and then it goes so its not not compared to iphone uh its automatic you dont have to you. Dont have to still stand still and pause for about a second, so its automatic its automatically get some very good, so thats it guys. This is my. This is my review for this vivitar smartphone wireless wireless remote for smartphone. This is the vivitar. So thank you.