Now we have the next generation of this gimbal and it is called i steady x2. It has the same: affordable price, only 69 dollars, but there are some new features, such as ice, steady, 4.0 and a shake algorithm system. Wireless remote control, three axis stabilization, page tracking and others lets do unboxing and full review of the new hohem. I steady x2 smartphone gimbal on the box of ice3dx2. We can see its main features. I am talking about remote control. The first generation of this film gimbal doesnt have remote control on the side face. We can read about other features of ice 30×2, such as foldable design, 3 axis stabilization, remote control, page tracking 3.0 and others. Inside the box we have a smartphone gimbal, remote control, mini tripod charging, cable storage, pouch, wrist, strap and user manual. You know the new i3 x2 smartphone gimbal has the same design as the previous version. I dont see any differences between them. If you have the first generation of hohem ice 30x, then you may confuse it with the new ice. Steady x2. Even the colors and materials of the phone gimbals are the same. One of the main features of this smartphone gimbal is folding design. Its dimensions in folded state are only 180 by 75 by 35 millimeters the weight is 249 grams. You can also screw the tripod to the bottom of the phone gimbal. The phone clamp is very tight. By the way you can use the smartphones up to 11 millimeters thick up to 90 mm splits and up to 280 grams weight.

Then we can see zoom slider on the left side. This bit fc charging port is on the right on the front of the handle. There is a joystick shutter button power on off and function button. There is also a battery indicator and bluetooth light above the joystick. The remote control is a new feature of i steady x2 phone gimbal. It is very small and lightweight. I think it is better to attach the strap to remote control because it can be lost. There is a power switch at the top of remote control. Then we can press on the shutter button, function, button and button and navigation buttons. You know the remote control can be very useful when the phone gimbal is on the tripod. You can change the gimbal modes, start video, recording, etc using the remote control. Okay, now lets talk about activation of ice tdx to smartphone gimbal before using any iphone gimbal you need to unfold it screw up the knob and turn the hohem logo upward after that put your smartphone in the middle of the clamp. Now you can long press the function button to power on the gimbal. The next step is to activate the phone gimbal. For that you need to install hohem up on your smartphone after the bluetooth is connected and activation. Prompt box will pop up just click on confirm to complete this activation thats. All since we have already installed the app lets, take a look at its functions in the app we can choose a shooting mode, slow motion, time lapse, photo video at moment.

There are also different filters and gesture control function on the right side of the app on the left side. We can see the icons to return home turn on off, flashlight change, the front and rear cameras, space and object tracking, as well as settings menu in the settings menu. We have camera settings and gimbal settings. First, we can change a video resolution, footer size, timer grid, zoom, speed and professional mode. In the gimbal settings there is a working mode, follow speed, motor response, roll auto rotation left and right, joystick and many other options. Finally, there is another menu with device name. Serial number firmware version and bluetooth version of the phone gimbal. Now i want to tell you about the button functions. First, you can long press a function button to power on off a gimbal, a single press on this button changes, landscape and portrait modes. You can also double press on the function button to recenter the gimbal and a triple press to inception. If you want to pair a remote control with smartphone gimbal, then press this button seven times you know a shutter button also has a few functions. A single press on this button take a photo or start a video recording, a double press switches between photo and video modes. You can also triple press the button to switch a front and three cameras, as already said that there is a zoom slider on the left side of the handle you can push up to zoom in and push down to zoom out.

Finally, lets talk about joystick. You can press up down to control the tilt and press left or right to control the pan by the way you can also change the working mode of the gimbal by these buttons, a single press and hold shutter button and power button activates pan tilt follow mode. A double tap, activates pen follow mode and triple press all lock mode. The last mode is puff and you need to press both buttons four times before a video test. I want to tell you about battery of hohem ice daddy x2 as the new phone gimbal is equipped with a 2800mah power battery capacity. The battery life on a single charge is about 10 hours by the way, a new feature of this phone gimbal is emergency charging. There is two recharging support, so you can use a phone gimbal to charge other mobile devices. Do you think it is a useful feature, write in the comments below first, i want to show you the face tracking mode on hohem, i study x2. It is one of the most useful functions on the phone gimbals. As you can see, it works very well on this smartphone gimbal Music. There is also slow motion mode and time lapse mode in hohem up hohem ice teddy x2 supports gesture control. You can make a v g shirt or high five to take a photo or start video recording another feature of how cam smartphone gimbals is a moment at the moment is the menu in the app with video templates such as inception daily zoom, fantastic creation and others.

You can shoot really cool videos, Music, Music, Music, hey so Music. The new hackam icd x, 2 smartphone gimbal, looks very similar to the previous version. However, there are some improvements, for example, remote control. I think a remote control is very useful when iphone gimbal is installed on the tripod. Another new feature is two way charging. You can use usb type c port on the gimbal to charge other mobile devices. It means that the phone gimbal can be used as a power bank. There are other features of i steady. X2. I bought the same as the first generation of the phone gimbal. However, they are still very good, such as three axis stabilization face tracking gesture control and video templates in hoghem app. The price of this smartphone gimbal is only 69..