Thank you so much for taking the time to hang out emt here and in this video. We are sharing five reasons why i love the dji om5 lets dive in hmm in the past, weve actually covered pretty much every dji osmo gimbal. There is starting from this very first dji osmo, all the way through the recent dji om4. If this is your first time here and you have not seen our videos on the dji osmo products, make sure you check the links in the description and if you havent already consider, subscribing and liking down below the dji om5 will set you back 159 us dollars And the package includes everything you need to get started, including the dji on 5 itself, a tripod, the magnetic phone clamp similar to the previous dji om4, a usb cable, a wrist, strap and a storage pouch. Now, jumping straight to reason, number one is gon na be the brand new extension rod. This is the very first dji gimbal that has the extension rod capability. This thing can extend to 250 millimeters, giving you even greater distance in order to capture more in the frame. If youre vlogging and you have friends and family behind you, this allows you to get a little bit more distance and have more room for people in the frame and its fantastic. Not only for that, but also if youre, traveling and theres a monument behind you. That gives you the ability to capture more without having to walk further away from your subject.

It is also incredibly useful for achieving cinematic shots like crane shots and slider shots. Maybe you want to go under slung upside down close to the ground. This gimbal gives you the capability to go further without having to bend or crouch or get into uncomfortable situations. I took it with me to disneyland, and i was able to capture above the crowd shots on different events that were happening throughout the park and even being able to film above fences and getting a little bit better angles. The more you use the dji om5 with the extension rock capability, the more you get used to the possibilities. You start discovering scenes that youre. Like oh wait a minute. I can actually go above this fence or i can actually go lower very close to the ground. Following somebodys footsteps – and it just opens up the possibility for a lot more dynamic shots. Reason number two is gon na, be the three axis image stabilization and we took it out for a spin just so we can compare the image quality as well as the stabilization quality between the om5 and just going good old fashioned. Handheld Music do my now. I got ta say: tji is known for the legendary civilization theres, honestly, nothing else to say its very, very good, its very, very similar to the dji om4 and because these smartphones are getting even better than before at digitally stabilizing your videos. The combination of them both is gon na lead to much better video with not only better stabilization right, but the stabilization itself is one piece of the puzzle, but the sharpness of the video, the color, how the overall picture is perceived, is definitely going to be impacted By the civilization, so if youve ever been in situations, where you end up with shaky video or an event, is coming up, i definitely recommend getting your hands on the dji m5.

Now, when we compare the design of the dji om5 versus the previous dji om4 version, we can actually see some refinement in the actual size of the handle. Things are a little bit smaller, a little bit tighter, which is amazing in my opinion, because it fits in a lot more pockets than before. If you fold this thing, it is virtually the size of my hand, and i can put this in my back pocket. If im wearing a jacket, i can use it in one of the insider pockets and that way keep everything tight without carrying too much stuff. But if youre bringing the complete solution like the tripod, maybe a charging cable, you can actually compartmentalize everything into the storage pouch and its a welcomed addition. Its definitely a small tweak, but every inch counts so as small as possible. The better it is when going out and about and filming for long periods of times now the dji on om5 has a 290 gram max payload capacity. So that means that your big phones, like the google pixel 6 pro or the iphone 13 pro max, will fit. No problem ive been able to push the dji on 5 to its limit by adding additional things like filters or microphones, and things like that, so it is a very capable gimbal. It is very strong now before we proceed, this video is brought to you by expressvpn. Sending data over unencrypted internet its like sending a postcard.

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It does have templates. They give you kind of like a stencil for you to follow, hey, maybe capture this kind of shot, maybe capture that other kind of shot in order to build a compelling story of your environment and your experience and at the end of the day, the more options. The more tools we have, the better we get. So i appreciate the fact that dji is including tools not only for experienced user, but also for brand new users that might feel a little intimidated at first. Some of us emulate shots of the past and things that we see and a lot of people might need that extra inspiration that extra push and im all for it reason number four is active tracking still to this day. In my opinion, the champ of active track is dji, it is getting better and better, and what this allows you to do is track a phase or a subject and have the gimbal follow you. This function is based on the dji memo app which, by the way, is the brains of the operation. Here you could totally use your native camera app, which is my default camera of preference, but you can also use the dji memo app to expand those capabilities. One of them being the active tracking and a lot of other shot modes, but the fact that active track keeps getting better and better, no matter where you move, it follows you, even in situations with lighting is not its best.

It has substantially gotten better from the previous iterations of active track and im here for it. If youre looking not only to capture tutorials videos or you just simply want to follow a family member or pet around after just simply allows you to select a target and let the gimbal follow them, which is really really easy, really cool and just effortless and reason Number five is going to be the video modes. The dji om5 continues to expand and improve their video modes within the dji memo app modes like panorama that allow you to create even wider than before by just simply taking separate images and stitching them together. Just simply go to the panorama mode and press the button and thats it the dji on five does it for you. This is not a brand new mode or anything, but i have seen the improvement over the years and it just removes the effort out of the whole equation. Just pretty much put it on a table or set it right in front of your scene and let the gimbal work for you, another mode, thats, pretty fun and engaging is a me pano. This one allows you to clone yourself and it gives you a countdown. So you can move throughout the scene and then clone yourself and have multiple versions of you in the same shot and its really cool, because prior to this, the barrier of entry was knowing photoshop knowing how to work with layers and things like that.

And now anybody can go ahead and create video modes like story mode that automatically give you a preset with music transition and virtually the edits. The story mode became available in previous iteration of the dji memo app, but theyve continued to innovate, theyve continued to add new transitions, new kinds of scenes and new moves for the gimbal to perform, and all you really have to do is capture a video, whereas two Three or four or five seconds, and it just edits it for you, which is awesome. A lot of my time is spent sitting in front of the computer so for social media posts and things like that. We can definitely create compelling video with literally zero editing and just get it out into the world, and i can see how a lot of parents during the holidays might want to be able to capture a lot of compelling video of their kids or entrepreneurs. That might not really have a lot of time to edit video for their projects, products or real estate listings things like that. The story mode gives you the option to just simply pick a template and just fill the blanks with what the dji memo app is asking for and come out with an edited video with music transitions, the whole thing and thats pretty cool another video mode. That has seen improvements because of the brand new design of the om5 and the newer updates for the memo. App is the dynamic zoom mode.

This mode allows you to easily capture dolly zoom shots and thats that push pull effect when youre zooming in youre moving backwards or when youre zooming out youre moving forward. That gives you that amazing immersive focus effect on a subject. Youve been always able to do this, but it requires a lot of precision, a lot of trial and error and with the om5 and the dji memo app its easier than ever time lapse makes a triumphant return. It is, as you expect you can actually preset, not only your intervals for your camera to fire their shots, but at the same time you can pick different positions and have a motion. Time lapse right going from point a to point b and x. Amount of time gives you, those really nice swooping time lapse: shots, whether its a family gathering, a sunrise, a sunset or just traffic moving by the software and how smooth the moves are with the dar15. Make the time lapse even better than ever, and my favorite mode is going to be the spin shot. This one gives you that inception, looking kind of shot where the screen rotates from left to right, and this often brings in a little bit more of a cinematic approach to your arsenal right. You can combine these kinds of shots, whether youre shooting a sliding shot or a crane shot. Now you have the option to incorporate that spin shot and the gimbal does it for you not a brand new mode, but because of the improvements of the design of the dji om5, as well as the memo app things are even better than before.

Now, if you already have a dji om4, should you upgrade to the dji om5? That is the question and, in my opinion, its a split yes and no. Yes, if you are in situations, if you frequent environments in which you would rather capture a lot more in the frame with the extension capability, absolutely go ahead, it is a fantastic upgrade. You already know how to use the dji om4. You can translate that experience into the dji om5 and even more because you have that extension capability which, by the way, not only extends, but it also has the ability for you to tilt the top of the gimbal. And this opens up a lot more doors for better angles: better shots. If you are in that kind of environment, maybe youre a concert goer. Maybe you go to a lot of events, family gatherings and things like that, and you rather capture a lot more in the frame, maybe youre a live, streamer right being able to separate yourself from the camera a little bit more gives you more room to play and More environment to capture, so those things are very, very impactful. Maybe you just want to take pictures right. This is the perfect merger of the good old fashioned selfie stick on steroids. So, if youre, that person looking to level up from the existing knowledge, maybe youre in the om2 or om3 right jumping to the om5, is going to give you that additional toolset.

Having said that, stabilization, wise payload capacity wise, is very, very similar to the dji m4. If you are happy with your om4 stay with your om4, theres absolutely no need to upgrade if you are getting what you want out of your dji m4 or you can probably find a dji small bubble 3 for around 100. So there are a lot of options out there for people that might not need the extension rod capability if youre brand new to the game of image stabilization for smartphones, i absolutely recommend the dji m5, because everything that it does it does very, very well. Their software is by far one of the most consistent pieces of the equation here, and the motors and the algorithms for their stabilization are top notch. But i want to know what you think. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section down below. If you have any questions or suggestions drop them down there, so we can continue to create relevant content for you.