Now it comes in two variants: ive got the four 64 gigs model here, theres another six, 128 gigs variant as well. If you look at the design, it doesnt necessarily stand out. It looks a lot like phones launched four or five years back. I mean notice the design of the camera housing curved designs are actually on their way out as sharper and more rectangular or squarish designs are coming in now and personally, it just doesnt appeal to me as much the build is all plastic and the back panel has This ribbed texture, which, if you rub with your nails, makes this sound. However, this pattern is missing on the sides, which is weird, because if nothing would have at least provided you with a good grip. Nevertheless, the phone does ship with a protective case in the box, which looks something like this, and so the texture wont really matter now. The phone also does not ship with any pre applied, screen protector or any earphones in the box, which is something to bear in mind. Overall, i think its a very average non exciting. Looking phone, i mean, if youre buying this phone to make any sort of style statement. Well, youre not going to be making any youve got a single bottom firing speaker two microphones for audio input, a 3.5 mm headphone jack at the top. The phone has a physical fingerprint sensor, which im personally more inclined to for its accuracy and speed.

Now the g31 is spill and splash resistant, which means, if you drop liquid on it, thats fine. It can handle that. But if you drop this in liquid, it wont work basically its not ip67 or 68 certified for water resistance. You get a hybrid sim tray, so you can have two sim cards or one sim card and one micro sd card to expand storage by one terabyte. The phone charges via type c port with this 20 watt charging brick and it takes almost two and a half hours to charge the phone from zero to hundred percent. I mean the battery capacity is pretty big, its five thousand milliampere hours and yeah its going to take some time to charge it with that 20 watt charger. But you know, despite the 5000 mah battery it doesnt feel all that bulky. I mean its acceptably thick and i wouldnt be reluctant to use it with just one hand for regular tasks, despite the 6.4 inch display and lets talk about that display. So you get an amoled display, which is pretty good to see at this price point im a sucker for oled displays, because i, like my phones, screen to be super vibrant punched with popping colors, and this is exactly that. On top of that, the phone has crazy. High peak brightness of 700 nits, which is really good its a significantly bright and colorful display, and at this price point it is definitely an outstanding display and, needless to say, streaming, videos on this phone will be really good for the price.

I would give the g31 display a 9 on 10.. That one point is if this would have been a 90 hertz display. That would have been crazy. Good okay lets switch gears and get into the user experience bit the phone ships with android 11 and has a very stock feel to it. Theres, really not much that i can talk about its a very trimmed down basic version and its not as loaded with features as samsung or redmi or oppo. Vivo phones are given its like an entry, mid level phone. You cant expect snappy performance things. Obviously dont feel very fast and thats to be expected. Having said that, its not an annoying experience, it does the job and it does it decently. Well, there are some user friendly features like as soon as you pick up your phone. It activates peak mode, wherein you can see the time any notifications and even access the music player without really opening the phone. You keep it back and it fades away to switch off automatically its got. A few tricks like twisting twice to launch camera two chops to turn on the flashlight, a swipe from the edge and back to quickly enable split screen view and press and hold three fingers to take a screenshot and so on. If you set up face unlock the device automatically scans for your face, when you pick it up and unlocks the phone thats quite useful, but youre gon na have to set this up in security settings and sure it will get the android 12 update as well.

I just dont know when anyway, lets move into performance and the g31 its got a mediatek chip, the g85 processor, which is an octa core processor and coupled with four or six gigs of ram, you get the two variants of g31 and without getting into scores. Let me just fire up some apps over here and you know, jump between them and you will see that it just about gets the job done its not necessarily fast, but its manageable. Now do note that this has a 60 hertz display, which is normal for phones in this price range, and you cannot compare it to performance that you get with 90 hertz or 120 hertz displays. You know theyre just more fluid smoother but thats because of the high refresh rate. Now, if you do want to get yourself one of those high refresh rates – phones, the closest you can get to in this price range – is you know for 90 hertz, probably the galaxy m32 or the narzo 30. And if you want 120 hertz, you could go with the iq z3 or even the motorola g60, but then to truly test that performance. I tried out asphalt 9 and call of duty on the phone and, if youve seen any of the other phones that do have a helio g85, its at par with that i mean once the game loads. The performance is pretty consistent. You know theres no like lag or delay, theres no frame drop of any sort, its just about decent right, and the only drawback i would say is that this is a 60 hertz display.

I mean if this would have been a 90 hertz display uh. The gaming would have been so much better, but yeah youve got a large 6.4 inch display, which is what you know really makes that gaming experience pretty cool uh the speakers, however theyre, not that great, you know its a little noisy. You know its got. It lacks any kind of bass which makes it a little bit screechy but yeah. I played the games for quite a while, and the phone did not really heat up so thats, really good uh. So yeah you can have like longer hours of play and still not feel uncomfortable. Now, if youre absolutely convinced that you want to get the g31, i would suggest you get the six gigs variant. I mean its just a few extra bucks and you get. You know slightly better performance and youre, just future proofing your phone, but if you want even better performance, probably look at phones that have the helio, g95 processor or the demensity 810 processor, or even better the snapdragon 732g. I think those would be better options, and you know just by increasing your budget say by about 10 to 15 percent. You get performance boost by up to 25, which is not a bad idea. Okay, moving on to the camera, so here are the specs in front of you. So if you want to go through, you can pause but im more interested in showing you the samples so on the left.

Ive got samples from primary lens and on the right, its ultra wide lens. Now, as you can see, the ultra wide lens can get a little dark depending upon the lighting thats, just how the lenses are built out and yeah. I did take this on a day where it rained quite a bit so its a little gloomy. So keep that in mind im going to leave a link in the description below, so you can actually go ahead and download these photos and evaluate for yourself, but overall theyre just decent. You know i would not buy this phone for its cameras capabilities. I mean its. Not even great for social media content, so if you are going to rely on posting good content on social media and taking photos for that, probably not a good camera set. For that i mean, if you even slightly blow up the pictures, they actually lose quality. So yeah, just something to know one of the more interesting features or modes in the camera is spot color, where you can pick up one color in that entire picture, and you can real time see how its gon na look. So nothing that you cant do using apps, but this one is right, built in and just to quickly show you here are the modes that are available to you, so theres a night vision, this portrait mode is cut out. I talked about spot color, already theres panorama, theres group, selfie, um, theres, pro mode and theres dual capture where you know the front and the rear camera both activate.

At the same time, in terms of video, i didnt see too many options. So first thing you can record video using all the lenses so whether its the ultra wide lens or the macro lens or the regular lens – and these are the only options you get. You cannot change the uh, the recording quality, its fixed at full hd. Although i know that the g85 can shoot at you know the 2k videos at up to 30 fps, but yeah that option is not there. You do get the option for stabilization. All right now. Lets talk about battery, so its got a 5000 mah capacity, which is great for this phone. You know the g85, not very power hungry. Its got a 60 hertz display again, not very power hungry. So if youre, an average user easy one day, battery no hiccups, and if you use it very wisely, you can get up to a day and a half im, not even kidding, but that does not mean you cannot kill the battery before the day ends. I mean if youre hogging your phone all day, long for watching videos, sure youll kill it off, but generally speaking its easily a one day battery youre not going to be worried about charging it in the middle of the day. I can assure you of that so to conclude its a very average phone, i mean if youre looking for stock android experience in you know the price range of about 15 000 rupees with decent performance, decent cameras and a really good display.

The g31 is a pretty good candidate for that now, if youre looking for phones with higher refresh rate displays or higher performance, ive talked about a few phones that you could look into you know through the video so yeah.