My house also really need to find a solution for this, but i cant tell if im in focus or not so, if im slightly blurry im really sorry motorola has released some pretty interesting smartphones recently with its cool foldable and now the edge series this the edge20 Pro is a more traditionally shaped device that starting at 550 pounds is competitively priced and more in line with what consumers need versus what they crave. Thanks to vodafone for sending this one out, hey guys, im ryan thomas – and this is my review of the motorola edge20 pro. Let me just go over the specs quickly to give you an understanding of what were looking at here, so the moto edge 20. Pro has six to 12 gigs of ram 128 to 256 gigs of storage, a snapdragon 870 soc, a 6.7 inch, 1080p 144 hertz oled display a megapixel main camera with an 8 megapixel five times, telephoto camera a 4 500 milliamp hour battery and 30 watt charging. All starting for about 550 pounds for the 6×128 model that is competitively priced. I mean that comes in at around half the price of an iphone 13 pro max and whilst you might not get the quality of one of those, you do get an awful lot of features for your money. I found the moto edge 20 pro quite refreshing as it doesnt boast a hugely performant feature set, nor does it demand a high price. What it does do is give you what you need and then some for the right kind of money i found performance to be in and out of games.

Very, very good. Snapdragon 870 is pretty high end. The 888 is the fastest one. I believe at the moment. The 870 is sort of a build on the 865, which was a previously top tier chip. It is very good. Its got good game performance, so the the graphics are very good. The standard cpu is very good. It supports lots of sort of video recording resolutions photo taking resolutions stuff, like that, its some of the features that you would get in a really high end flagship chipset, but it just doesnt cost the same amount as something like an 888. The same goes for battery life. This thing lasted me two days on a charge granted im far from a heavy user. I spend most of my time at a desk on a computer both at home and at work. But if youre in an involved job like mine, then you dont tend to use your phone all that much and you get a solid two days out of it granted thats with around 60 to 70 brightness. That is with some bluetooth connectivity about an hour a day. Mostly on wi fi, with a little bit of lte here and there, but thats really not heavy workload. I tend to get two to three hours of screen on time per day. I dont use my phone an awful lot whatsoever, and so that enabled me to get two days. The software is pretty clean as well. It resembles stock android, but with some cool changes that i find are actually really good.

Motorolas been doing this for a number of years now, where it takes a very clean stock, almost looking android skin and then adds a few little features that really do elevate. The usability of the thing a prime example of this is the always on display. Now it looks fairly similar to other always on displays, but actually its functional, its not just something to look at. You can hover or hold your finger on the notifications, which come in icons to dig deeper into what the notifications are. Theyve been making really good use of oled technology for a while. Now i remember the moto x back in the day was really really good for this. The second generation was fantastic for this, because it essentially took one of the best looking smartphones and made it even cooler, with the fact that they always on display was so interactive. Its not just one of those things where you double tap the screen and then youre instantly into the lock screen you actually get to use the always on display, whilst it isnt always on display. There is one caveat to the software, though, and thats that motorola isnt the best at giving out software updates and for context the moto whats it called the edge plus released in may of 2020 and very recently got android 11.. It got it a lot later than the pixel smartphones, which is to be expected, but i mean six months later i mean that is pretty late and for most people, no ones gon na care like the softwares.

The software, however, for those who really want to get the most out of their smartphone for a long time, they want to keep the smartphone for three four five years. This probably isnt the one to get because of the fact that its just not as well maintained. Motorola dont tend to keep their phones up to date for as long as say, xiaomi or samsung, and even though this is a sort of flagship smartphone, be it very, very competitively priced. It really should be getting software support for a lot longer than it does. Talking of the hardware now the phone favors larger hands, it is a big smartphone and that doesnt just go for the screen. I mean the buttons are really high up on the thing. The fingerprint scanner is very high up on the smartphone, so you sort of doing a lot of of hand shuffling, but that fingerprint scanner does happen to be very very fast, and the rest of the smartphone is pretty good as well. I mean the camera bump on the back is pretty small and the glass back looks really nice in this blue color. The bezels are pretty small as well, and the punch hole is both not invasive and is centered in the correct place in the middle of the smartphone and that big display the 6.7 inch oled 144 hertz is very responsive, its very smooth and for those who spend A lot of time, gaming on their smartphone and watching films.

This is going to be great, its nice and big. So you can watch sort of tv programs and even films on it and when youre gaming, because its 144 hertz as long as youre in a game that supports the high refresh rate, it does feel quite immersive and definitely very smooth. The 870 chipset does combine here as well to to work really well its definitely not the smoothest experience on a smartphone but its very, very smooth what it is, and you know its 550 pounds youre getting quite a lot here. Oh and as i say in a lot of these videos, 1080p is more than enough resolution for a mobile display and anyone can fight me. You know i dont care 1080p is great. This thing looks very very good. More important stuff is well, i guess, refresh rating to some people, but also how bright a display gets. The greater gray response times stuff like that. That makes a bigger difference to the display experience than pure resolution devices not coming from huawei apple samsung and google tend to lack in the camera processing department. So how does the moto edge 20 pro stack up? Well, the hardware is pretty decent: 108 megapixel main 16 megapixel watch wide and an 8 megapixel five times telephoto. The samples are lukewarm, however: okay, theyre, all right, theres, a decent amount of dynamic range and the colors are relatively accurate, but there is a distinct lack of sharpness across the board and the eight megapixel five times optical periscope is a little sub par coming from phones.

Like the p40 pro s21 ultra and me10 ultra, they also have periscope cameras. However, look at the prices of the aforementioned phones, yeah theres, no comparison so overall, im pretty impressed with the cameras on the moto edge 20, pro theyre, not the best in the world, but you do get heaps of versatility thanks to the three majorly different focal lengths And for this money and given the rest of the phone, not bad and thats important, when you look at smartphones like this, you have to take into consideration the rest of the smartphone. If this was a camera, focused smartphone, i wouldnt be buying it, but its not its cramming as much as it can into a price, thats actually quite affordable for a lot of people, because many will be buying this thing on contract and subsidized in certain ways. It doesnt actually cost all that much youre getting a very versatile camera stack a really good screen very good performance, very good battery life. Very good software, albeit the questionable future plans, with the updates, if youre, not a photography, snob and if youre, not one of the people who needs to have the latest and the greatest smartphones, then the moto h20 pro is gon na, be more than enough for you. As long as you can put up with a big smartphone, i probably couldnt own it because its a bit too big for me, but other than that. I can appreciate how good of a smartphone it is, and with that i want to thank vodafone for sending the device out for me to review ive really enjoyed spending some time with it, because its been a while, since ive reviewed a motorola smartphone on this channel.

I dont know how long maybe ill put something on the screen here, but yeah its been definitely a while i want to thank you all so much for watching. Please do like comment and subscribe if youre new around here to never miss a video like this one. I want to give a massive shout out to my patrons being continually supportive as well. Hopefully, the noise going past hasnt been too much of a distraction im trying to isolate the audio as much as i can, with sort of a dynamic microphone and stuff like that. But well see how that goes as always: im ryan, thomas and ill catch.