Nothing has really changed. To be honest, if you time it right, you can actually grab the poco f3 for around 250 ish quid these days and considering you get premium performance, a spooge worthy media setup and some pretty decent camera tech. That is an absolute bargain, like seriously just go, buy one now ive been keeping close tabs on the poco f3 these past few months, and now that the phone launchers are finally starting to dry up for the year, i decided to slap my sim back inside there And see if its still just as good as i remember it, or was i just pouring 40, which single malt down my throat in a desperate bid to make it through yet another bloody lockdown, so heres my long ish term, poco f3 review and for more on The latest and greatest tech, please do poke, subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers now. The first aspect of the f3 that has definitely survived the test of time is that design. I adore the matte glass finish in pearly white, which only really gets proper greasy. If youre handling this thing in between fistfuls of chips and battered sausage, youve got gorilla, glass, 5 front and back as well, and the great news is its definitely doing its job. The pre installed screen protector here on the f3, came off pretty damn pronto, but not a single scratch or scuff anywhere on that display its a bit of a shame.

Youve got stuff like this crossed out wheelie bin here on the back end, because it would be a neat and tidy finish otherwise, with remarkably restrained logo. Action from paco, as well as this gorgeous white color, the poco f3, also launched in black and blue, or else you can also grab it in this fresh new and very romantic sound and moonlight silver hue, which has got a very snazzy patterned design on it and Also, unfortunately, still that crossed out wheelie bin, this mega sized mobile feels good to clutch with its curves and contours, but its also an absolute heifer at near 6.7, inches weighing in at a very hefty 200 grams. So if you have grand aspirations of a smartphone that you can easily wield, one handed well, you better have mitts like one of those freaky sensitive body, part models on the software side of things. The poco f3s received a fair few ota updates in the ensuing months. Although it is still a wee bit behind when it comes to the android, security updates, weve still got the august patch on here, as were about to struggle and crawl. Our way into december, see a few months behind which to be fair, is pretty standard for a xiaomi blower xiaomi, slash poko. Now the poker is technically left for any penance out there. If youre wondering when android 12 is going to hit the poco f3. Well, its been bugger all official word from paco, but apparently a closed beta testing is underway in china.

So hopefully, wont be too long to wait and if you are gon na wait, may i recommend pouring yourself a pint of scotch and lining up every single episode of last of the summer wine or something else thatll, keep you going at least the miui launcher? Is bang up to date with version 12.5, 12.5.6, otherwise known rather sexually, as the enhanced edition hitting the poco f3 just this past month? This mostly gives the back end a bit of a kick in to smooth out the ui performance which, to be fair, was already pretty good here on the pocket features wise, not too much has really changed here on the poco f3 these past few months. So i wont spend much time banging on about it all the ui can be tweaked, so its a mostly stock android vibe, complete with the apps tree. Google feed yada yada. Although the addition of that cheeky control center and other changes like the vertical recent apps menu, still give me ui its own identity, as do bonus, features like the customizable, always on display the slightly cluttered but likable gaming mode, and that video toolbox and poco phones, blissfully Arent as bad as xiaomis on blowers when it comes to the amount of crap were heaped on this thing before you even get a chance to boot it up, but i have completely eradicated most of the uh, the crud like tick tock and all of that sort Of shenanigans just to make the apps tree a bit more tidy more than anything else, because thankfully i havent needed any extra storage space even after nine months, because youve got 256 gigs of the stuff packed on this thing.

Unless youre doing my review model, you can also grab 128 gigs. If you want to save a little bit of extra cash, i would say, though, if you do shoot a lot of photos and video maybe consider that 256 gig model, because there is bug roll micro, sd memory card support here and im still enjoying the edge mounted Fingerprint sensor as well, which is definitely a preferable alternative to in display scanners and impressively responsive, given the size of the bloody thing. Youve also got a bit of face recognition in backup as well, which again does its job nicely, although it does sometimes work, even when youre fully face masked ive got hats on and all sorts so im not entirely sure. Quite how secure this method is. If i were you id, probably just stick with the fingerprint sensor now for under 300 quid at least when its discounted, the poco f3 serves up an absolute blinder of a screen. This 6.67 inch amoled display isnt just ready massive, its also super bright and proper punchy. Yeah smaller panels can pump out sharper looking images, but your picks and movies will hardly look pixelated here, while the top brightness makes for perfect clarity when the sun does actually poke his wii head out. You got strong contrast thanks to that oled tech and the full hdr 10 plus support for streaming, while the ample display settings allow you to play around with the color output until youre satisfied with what youre.

Seeing personally, i was very happy with that vivid mode, especially when i was kicking back with a bit of anime action and despite the fact that it is oled technology, you do get 120 hertz refresh support here on the poco f3 as well. Although its not dynamic refresh so well have to manually bump it back down to 60 hertz, if you want to preserve some battery life instead of getting that silky smooth experience, you do have a pair of stereo speakers here on the f3, although the balance is rather Off its absolutely fine, if you dont, have any headphones to hand, of course, but whats more annoying is the fact that you dont get a headphone jack here on the poco f3, so it is dongles or bluetooth. 5.1. All the way, and thankfully, when i was streaming wirelessly to speakers like headphones, absolutely no worries at all. Now one of the most impressive features of the poco f3 at launch was the fact you got a snapdragon 870 chipset bund inside back to my review model by 8 gigs of ram. Not only does this add a bit of 5g support on top of a tasty bit of wi fi six actions, its got super nippy connectivity, but also means the poco f3 can basically piss through any app out there. And yes, it is very good news for any gamers out there as well. The adreno 650 gpu can keep up with even the most demanding android fair, like gentian impact, no worries you can boost those detail levels up to the highest, setting, keep it at 60 fps and youll get a smooth frame rate throughout, even when things get pretty bloody.

Intense the snapdragon 870 chipset does a pretty good job of staying cool under pressure as well, and youve also got some liquid cool tech packed into the poco f3, a bit of copper piping, plus some graphite layer action and what that all basically adds up to is Even after a couple of hours of smacking 10 bells out of these bloody stupid, troll thingies, the poco f3 r10 still stays nice and cool. As for the battery life of the poco f3. Well, subtle completes whatsoever for me. In fact, if anything, it seems to have got better over the past few months after various updates compared with when i first originally reviewed it. So these days, usually even after a pretty long intensive day of lots of camera, use and lots of other apps and plenty of audio streaming in the background as well. Even when the screen was turned off, i still tend to get to bed with around 25 to 30 percent battery remaining the only way ive found of killing it before im all tucked up with teddy, and i is by doing a good bit of gentian impact again Apart from that, its absolutely fine, and if you do run out of charge, you need to fast charge it well, its 33 watt wide charging so not particularly nippy, compared with some rivals but again, not particularly lethargic, and yet nine months on, i am still happy with The poco f3s camera tech as well its skills havent really changed up much at all these past few months, admittedly, but that 48 megapixel primary sensor still spits out some good looking 12 meg picks in pretty much any kind of conditions, even nine months on its still One of the better mid range mobiles for those optics coping well when the light gets dim, even without having to rely on the night mode, its probably just as well, because that mode is generally ineffective, live and breathing subjects are usually captured cleanly, even when they wont Sit still as long as that lighting is decent, otherwise yeah you can expect some fuzzy results and that portrait mode is a good in as well adding a good bit of flair to your photos when required.

Meanwhile, apocalypse 8 megapixel ultra wide angle, snapper, is nothing special. Serving up the usual alternative viewpoint, while also sacrificing some detail and tonal accuracy, pretty standard fare and then the final end youve got slapped on the off end of the poco f3. There is a five megapixel telemacro effort which, to be honest, i just completely ignore youve got very few issues with the video recording at this price point as well. You can capture 4k footage with strong enough details, so the picture looks good on your telly. As long as the lighting is all right, it does suffer a bit when youre shooting indoors in what ambient environments, while audio, is also clear from all directions. As long as it isnt too breezy and you can swap to the ultra wide angle lens if you want by dropping to full hd resolution, but definitely dont really bother it, just it just aint a good time and yes, yippee, hooray youve got a 20 megapixel selfie Shooter, which is perfectly respectable as well capturing all the sags and bags a little too easily skin tones look natural, even in soft light or strong contrast. So the poco f3 accurately makes me look like an exhausted apparition with decent portrait results on top. So right theres. My full in depth, review of the poko f3 nine months on, and i got ta say nine months ago – absolutely sung its praises and rightfully so and now that 2021 has almost soldered off.

I still absolutely ruddy love this thing, yeah sure its got a couple of foibles its the typical sort of thing that generally impacts more premium. Smartphones, though, like the lack of a headphone jack, the lack of expandable storage stuff, like that and the fact that you do actually get a pretty premium experience out of this thing. But now for under 300 quid is just stunning. Yes, you could easily spend three times the amount and get slightly better camera tech slightly upgraded performance. But honestly this thing will do a job for even the most demanding users out there. So have you also had the poco f3 stashed in your bag or your pants. These last few months and have you been enjoying it as much as i have well itd, be great to your thoughts down in the comments below please do box subscribe and do that notifications bell for more on the latest and greatest day coming to bring you some More long term reviews and such forth and uh have yourselves a bloody lovely rest of the week.