This has six gigs of ram 128 gigs of storage, theres, also a 4 gig gram and 64 gig version as well. Media deck dimension; 810. No snapdragon. This year, kind of disappointing 6.6 inch display 43 watt charging 5000 milliamp battery, and those are our main specs lets open this up. All right – and here is the phone wow looks lets take all this off first plastic, but still a very cool design. Nonetheless, pre installed screen protector nice, and here we have some taco stickers, a soft tpu case and our manuals and a sim ejector tool and down here our 33 watt charging brick. This thing looks serious and our charging cable. Yes, it is usb type c. Oh no. This is bad, oh no. I hate when this happens. So first impressions display looks really nice. I really like the size of the bezels. Only downside is its an lcd panel, not oled, but for the price theyre selling this, for i think you can forgive them for that kind of theres, a high refresh rate if there is its 90., i dont know anyway, im gon na set this up and get Back to you all right, so you do have a fingerprint unlock. This is what i dont like about xiaomi they have they make you wait every time like, i guess its over here on the side, all right all right looks uh decent yeah, i mean, despite being an lcd, the display is very, very decent, as you can see How it launches straight into the play store so so far flagship performance flagship like speed, you know the haptic engine when youre typing on the keyboard very very tactile, so you have a fingerprint unlock now lets.

Try lets set up our face, unlock as well all right. So first off fingerprint unlock as expected, its extremely quick, but is there a way for it to like stay on the lock screen? It doesnt look like it, which is a which is sad. You know, because sometimes you just want to like stay on the lock screen. Theres the internet like iphones doing that just but it it is quick now face unlock what oh, so, if its a knock it does stay on the lock screen. Okay, thats very odd, but face unlock, is also very fast, so yeah face and knock finger. Button lock work very well on this device, all right knife. It wait all right so knife it works flawlessly. I and i didnt even have to turn off ads at this time now, when rider. On the other hand, also works very well. So right now were getting 60 fps no lag noise. There was there was a bit of stutter before, but but now it seems to like not happen right now, so yeah. That is a bit of stutter, probably because of the ads, also because its not the best like the most powerful hardware, but yeah all right so right now, this is set to the high graphics pack lets see graphics, yeah. These are set to the highest graphics. What is this so right off the bat? The game is just running flawlessly, no lag, no stutter, so yeah gaming on this phone, its pretty pretty good, actually, Music, oh Music, all right! So the speaker is actually pretty quiet and there was a bit of distortion in one of the videos that i played so yeah for the price.

I expected the speaker to be a lot better, so pretty disappointed, not gon na lie all right, so the specs are not written here in the settings for some reason. Only on the cheap chinese phone, desperate in a setting so im just gon na write, put like somewhere on the screen, the specs and yeah lets take our first selfie lets go outside so yeah. That is pretty much it. So should you buy this phone well for the 220 bucks? You can find this for its a good price, but i think, like im, pretty sure you can get even better value for other xiaomi phones with a snapdragon chipset, because this phone, even though it it performs decently, theres still a bit of lag and stutter here and There, which is something you wouldnt get on a phone which has a snapdragon ship, at least one thats like medium to high end, like the 700 series around that area, but for that youll have to spend a little bit more money me personally, i think its worth It, but if you want to sell for something like this, i think you wont be too disappointed. I mean you get what you pay for the space decent cameras are pretty good. Performance is decent. This phone is overall, you know its exceptional, you know for the price and what it offers so yeah.