I was debating uh by myself. What kind of navigation solution i would like to use for my bmw or 1200 gs, and i decided to give the connected ride cuddle at high. So already it – and today this uh package um arrived at my home, so now i will make a unboxing and mount the cradle to the bike and make a little first impression review of the cuddle Music Applause. So now let us open up the package, which was just has arrived. Just some plastics, and here is the connected wide cradle. Yes, make life a ride with the connected ride, cradle from a bmw, motorrad. Okay, let us open it up. So here is the cattle and uh a little getting started connected ride: cattle um Music? Yes, a little very small instructions. Let me try to mount the mobile phone there. You can okay, like this probably – and this uh has a wireless charging. My phone is supporting wireless charging, so i dont need to uh put in some cable here, so when this is fit into the crowd, i just turn this little knob all the way in and now, if im going to remove the mobile phone. I just do like this seems like this will work quite good. Yes, next thing to do is to mount the cradle to the bike and test out the functions um also pair the cradle with my mobile phone and start the connected right ride application.

So let us now mount the new connected wide cradle to the gps: preparation, yes, okay and now its locked and in place. So now i will turn on the bike switch power and also my mobile phone. Let me check if the mobile phone still is connecting here to the display bluetooth connection icc 6.5 – inch – that is my display or onboard computer display. So now it will connect to the phone and then i will go into the connected app and also pair the mobile phone with the cad. So now the display here is connected. I can see those symbols here on the display, which means that my phone is now paired to the dashboard. So now i will go into the connected ride app and go to connectivity hub and connect new device, and there is bmw, caddle 984a so connect those connect. Then you use your connected right cradle for the first time. You must perform an one time adjustment so that it fits the size of the smartphone. So i that i have already done so now. I have put the smartphone into the cattle. Yes slide, the two arms. Yes, i have done that check that the smartphone is held, secure and cuddle yes, and its also charging its a green light. There now accept press and hold the menu or go switch for two two seconds in the pure ride screen. Okay, here now its lit nav into the display – and now i may tilt the multi controller on your motorcycle to the right to confirm a menu entry.

Yes go back one step in the menu, yes, okay! Here we are so now. Let me show you the functions of the connected wide app when it is mounted to the bmw, motorhood cuddle. So far it seems like it is working very well. The cradle itself seems to be of quite good quality. So now i will try out some of the functions here on the connected ride application. I cant take my bike out for a ride today, its now outside, so i will play with it here in the garage to get some impression impressions of what it is possible to do. So let us try some functions here. Yes, let us try this out now. The display here shows that the display is in tft, so now i will push the menu button here and now its over to the nav, and now i may select with the multi controller between the connected connectivity hub functions charging the charging is now on, and i May set the charging led settings. The led is now green at the bottom of the cradle here, so i may choose between charging led on charging led off or charging that on for 100 seconds. I will leave it in and charging led on, so the cradle is showing when the mobile phone is charging, so that is device settings here and now i may go up to the bike information and here is a lot of information. So let me go to the right with the multi controller, and now there are arrows up and down so i may go up, and here you will see the g forces on the bike and the lean angel and same is, if you are going down to the Left again up to the map function, which i think is the most interesting with this cattle that is possible to zoom out and into the map like this.

So now i may go to the right, and here i may enter address i may and the recent destinations. I have been at some places here, so i may choose those uh point of interests, for example filling stations, and here i will find those which is closest to my home, okay, and that is nice and fabrics and settings. And here i may choose spoken: instructions on or off consider, traffic on and off display navigation, information on the tft screen on or off, which is an option, and here are root options avoidances and root types, for example winding roads. So you have all the options here, which you know from the dedicated gpss from bmw, the navigator 5 or six. So this is uh great. The possibility here now to zoom with the multi controller. Yes, so that seems to be very good. The quality of the cradle seems to be very good. The mobile phone sits very good in place and the cattle is locked to the gps preparation, so all in all so far, this seems to be a very nice solutions, so thats all for now.