That is literally the name of this product that they put on shoppies. So i just read the name here without further ado lets just unbox this thing and check him out: Music theres, the receipt Music okay. So this is it hola? Okay. So this is the thing the gimbal Music honestly ive, never had a gimbal before this is my first one. This gimbal should be one of the smallest one. It is said to be compact the size, because some gimbal actually is bigger. What do we have here? Safety guidelines and quick start guide. Okay, im gon na need this one. So what else are in the box? Okay, so these are the accessories provided. This should be the stand, so this actually could also be very much like a tripod. I guess with the aid of this thing and then theres, this strap yeah cool and then a charger. And of course, what do we have here? Ah, okay, a bag, a pouch bag for the thing itself; and then what is this? Okay theres? Something over here? Okay, this one riser pad for small phones. Ah, according to this box here number one im gon na, have to install an app for this thing. First, so im gon na do just that. Apparently, the app is actually not available in play store. So i have to download the apk from the website and the file is actually pretty big its around like 350 mb, and i already installed the app lets.

Try to connect the device im gon na have to try to open this thing. First, oh open it like this. Okay, oh this thing i guess: im gon na have to take off the case first, obviously too much hassle and now im gon na put this thing at the back like that, so this is magnetic Music. It works like that right. This is the power button, okay, so its on now now im gon na try to connect device. Oh tutorials, okay, guys. I just finished watching the tutorial video uh. That is actually a very good thing because they include tutorial videos in the app so actually its very easy to connect just go to bluetooth and try to find it. Oh yeah, one l5 pair. What do i have and its connected now lets see, allow device connection uh authorized to access authorize, allow Music, you know what guys now im gon na try to record some videos. Im gon na try to record some video now and im gon na show you how the video actually turns out in my phone, okay and im gon na try to oh okay and zoom in Music. Can you see me okay done enough with that assume? This actually works pretty fine, its not zooming too fast a little bit slow, but i think that is actually a good thing in making a vlog done so yeah. This is it the gimbal. I must say the extension road is not really that long.

So its kind of like im gon na try to change the orientation in terms of the weight. I must say its not that heavy the camera stabilization actually works pretty well, and i have to say if you are a dummy like me when it comes to this thing, this is actually a pretty good gimbal, its very easy to use. It comes with lots of tips whenever you are using it. I mean this is my first time using tips are just coming out on the screen, literally like telling you how to use this thing. So i think that is a very good thing, for you know again a dummy like me, but yeah im, really sorry if im not giving enough input or review on how this gimbal actually performed. Because again, i am literally a dummy when it comes to this thing, but for a first timer i would say this is very recommendable, especially if you need some extra length well, not that much of extra length but yeah. This is actually pretty good, and i guess thats all for now for this video, if you like. This video, do not forget to like share and subscribe and do not forget to check out my upcoming travelogue, using this gimbal to see how this gimbal actually really perform.