This is the vivo y15s ive been using this vivo y15s for about two weeks now at this vivo y15s is priced at 6999, pesos or 7000 pesos at available smartphone vivo physical stores nationwide. The storage that we have here is three gigabytes of ram plus 32 gigabytes of internal storage suppression and 7 000. The vivo y15s comes with this very minimalist white box bug smartphone. We have a rectangular camera module at gradient design online. An existing bearing side mounted fingerprint scanner so left hand, side manual, so bottom part. We can find here our headphone jack microphone at speaker, grill at my kitana manatees upper partner device im adding sim card 3. We have three slots. This is adding three for the time magazine and two nano sim cards, that is, a micro sd card and expandable up to one terabyte at bago, kumali mutant, guys its good to point out numero antion pre installed screen protector out of the box, now gusto hanko it On placement, fingerprint scanner, the side mounted shot very reachable at convenient shop for me and siguro for most users registered ion on three fingers due to sapping fingerprint scanner problems. In fact, sobrang snappy, at reliable and on site mounted fingerprint scanner named entities vivo y15s. We have 6.52 inch of hd plus ips lcd display measure, blurred metallica, nothing, icons and texts in display 720p resolution compared to last nothing in unboxing infinix, hot 11s, 1080p at 900hz screen refresh right now, which is under 7k display, except for our front camera, which is Very outdated now for this year, 2021 and much more in 2022.

, but at least may very warranty card, and we have here our free charity out of the box smartphone and have fun touch os version 11.1 based on android 11, go edition. This is the first time vivo smartphone, complicated and user interface device, actually samsung interface, except the satin google search bar. Sadly, we can maximize the multitasking, so device feature nice speed, screen little android go edition, heavy games or applications. Google play store. I hindi downloadable or telegram hindi, nothing in this for the chipset. We still have the mediatek helio p35, which was released some of budget smartphones three years ago and for the storage we have three gigabytes of ram and 32 gigabytes of internal storage and definitely a hindi pan 7k for light to moderate usage, decent naman performance, vivo y15s. For day to day tasks like social media at web browsing applications, since in the available google play store, young asphalt, 9 medium setting, which is decent, naman hindi, naman sha super pixelated at my enjoyment, young gameplay, Music, rear cameras. This is a vivo y15s. We have 13 megapixels the main shooter at 2 megapixels, the macro lens at 8. Megapixels demand parasitic front camera now gusto and con quality non photo snap. You know: production 13, megapixels now main camera, vivo, y15s punchy and colors and photos backgrounds, 8, megapixels now front camera. Vivo y15s skin tone satin mask selfies. It is very natural at hindi, mohan filtered soft. We can shoot up to 1080p video little surreal, cam nathan, vibrant at detailed in the manual quality and problem along with dynamic range video stabilization, shaky talagayong, adding video Music.

We are now currently testing the video quality of the vivo y15s up in comment section, who is stable by latin video and, of course, the quality and for vlogging or not pagra thinks the battery needs device. 5, 000 milliamp hour of battery capacity with 10 watt charging. Since naka lcd display tyoditos device at 720, kilometer resolution plus 60 hertz screen refresh rate telegram, typically battery tomato device from zero to one hundred percent three hours fast, charging feature 10 watts charging, speed, okay, experience, kahanapnang, capable chipsets and smartphones storage and ram; well. Definitely, hindi. Smartphone is y15s thats, pretty much it parasite and dont forget to subscribe to our youtube channel notification: bell: parana man, mugging, updated gayo, kapag, mero and bagong smartphone reviews and unboxing. Thank you.