Now this is not just any ordinary smartphone gimbal. It actually serves many different uses and, as you can see, by the size of it, its tiny and compact, but even though its small, it can still be used with some of todays largest iphones. For example, in this video im going to be demonstrating with the iphone 12 pro max, it works perfectly with those large heavy iphones on top of being a smartphone gimbal, its actually a power bank as well. It supports wireless qi charging so well. Take a closer look at that here. In a minute now i have used many smartphone gimbals over the years and like many people, they seem like a good idea, but sometimes they become very inconvenient, no matter how much they fold up. Theyre always big bulky heavy and you tend not to bring them along with you, because theyre just inconvenient to use something like this is small, its light and whether youre going to use it or not its always good, to have a power bank with you when youre Out filming so its just a no brainer to bring along and thats. Why? For me, this is the only smartphone gimbal that im going to be using going forward. Ive actually used this quite a bit over the past month and ive been very impressed with its performance. So lets go ahead. Here were going to take a closer look at. It were going to talk about some of its features and were going to take a look at the ecosystem because theres quite a few different accessories for it.

You can see here its kind of accented with this rose gold. They actually sell this in a few different colors. This one here is the black one and the rest of the finish is kind of like a leathery material. Just has a nice quality feel and build to it on the back side. Here you can see we have our buttons for controlling the gimbal. We have a usbc port thats, how we charge a gimbal, but as mentioned, it also works as a power bank. So you can plug any device in there to charge it up on the front here on the powervision logo, thats. Also your wireless qi charging. It works in conjunction with their cases, which well take a look at in a minute here, but you dont have to have one other cases in order to make use of that feature on the bottom. Here we have a quarter 20, so you can mount it on an extension pole or you can mount it on a tripod and as a bonus it actually has its own little mini tripod, built into it. So if you dont want to carry around an extra tripod with you theres one thats kind of folded down inside there lets take a quick look at that. As you can see here, we have these little legs that pull out they just bend down like that, and then we have that other leg that folds out and now we have a little mini tripod and that is pretty brilliant, although they do sell their own extension.

Tripod which well take a look at here in a minute, sometimes you just dont – want to carry that extra gear around with you. This way, you always know you have a tripod with you if you need to set the gimbal down and do some filming folds up nice and easy and its out of your way im going to demonstrate the power bank features here in a minute. But lets take a look at how it unfolds, because its pretty unique that way, partly how they achieve the small size of this smartphone gimbal, is because it kind of folds into itself. Now, when you get it theres little stickers on it, demonstrating the four steps you need to unfold it first step is is open that door second step is were going to unfold the gimbal just like that there third step is were going to twist. That top and the fourth step is were going to fold that up and thats it its now ready to use, but before we get a phone mounted into it, lets look at some of the mounting options, so the power vision s1 has a magnetic mounting system. So theres a couple different ways in which you can mount your phone. The first way is to get one of their smartphone cases. It has the mount already pre built right into it. As you can see there, it just connects magnetically with no issues but theyve taken. It a step further.

What theyve done here is because theres a magnet behind there to connect it to the gimbal. Of course, your wireless charging wont work. You can see here. We have this lever that we can pull out and what we can do is slide the magnet down. So the magnet has just moved from up here and its now down here now. All we have to do is spin that lever fold it back in so the magnet is now stored down here, and that means we can now connect it to the wireless charger. But i am going to demonstrate that here in a minute when you want to move the magnet back up, all you do. Is that and now the magnets back there at the top, so we can connect it back to the gimbal and as another bonus that arm can act as a kickstand, so thats one way you can connect your smartphone to the gimbal, but if you dont want to Use one of their cases, if you have a case that you already like that you want to use, you can get this mount here as well. This is just a traditional smartphone clamp and it has the magnets built into it. You can just clip this on any smartphone or smartphone with a case and then again its just going to connect there magnetically. This here is probably a good option for many people now. Alternatively, they have this stick on mount and you can stick this onto any case.

So if you dont like to use a clamp, you want a more permanent solution because youre going to be using your gimbal quite a bit, you can just attach this to the back of any smartphone case you have here. It is here, as you can see, theres some adhesive on the back, so you just line it up, stick to the back of any smartphone case and youre good to go and its kind of like the built in case it has that lever that you can pull Out to pull the magnet out of the way that way when you have this attached to your smartphone case, you can still use the wireless charging on top of that. Many of the accessories come with these little magnets. These are little stick on magnets, so once you have any of these accessories, you could put these on a wall, maybe in your kitchen. So if youre going to be uh, cooking dinner and youre bringing up a recipe, you have a quick and easy way to mount. Your phone out of the way – and then they have this accessory here. This is a car phone mount its on the ball head, so you can adjust it again. It has a sticky surface on one end, so you can mount it on something like a dash or a window, but if you prefer, you can unscrew the end and, as you can see there, it now has a vent mount and just like all the other accessories.

It just clips on there magnetically now before we move on here. I just want to quickly show you how this wireless charger works. Now this is just a standard wireless charger, so its compatible with a wide variety of smartphones and any other device that is compatible with qi charging so to use a wireless charging, all we have to do is hit that power button for a second youll, see those Lights come on there. That means its in charging mode. We just attach the case there and, as you can see its now charging and to make use of that charger, you dont have to use one of their specific cases. You can just lay any smartphone. On top of it that supports qi charging and it will just go ahead and charge. You can see there its going to now start charging as well anything that doesnt support wireless charging. Again, as mentioned, you would just plug it into the usbc port im going to go ahead here were going to unfold it and get it set up. Well, go ahead and well power it on and there you go as you can see its balancing the iphone. This large iphone with no issue at all now powervision has an app for it, and it has a lot of really good useful tools in it, but you dont have to use their app if you dont want to, if you prefer, to use the stock app from Your iphone, you can connect to the s1 via bluetooth and still have full use of the controls.

But ideally, if you want to make use of all the features, its a good idea to use the app lets, go ahead here and were going to launch the vision. S1 app – and this is actually where it gets really interesting, because you can see here, we have two main options. First of all, i just want to mention they have a lot of videos about the product. There uh theyre really useful videos, so you might want to take a look at them, but at the top here you can see we have camera and we have this thing: called power follow and thats. What really sets this gimbal, apart from some of the other ones that offer tracking you dont, actually have to use the powervision app to make use of tracking they have this feature called powerfollow, so you can enable it and you can use any app. You want like facetime or the native camera app, and you will still be able to make use of the tracking just by using gestures. You can enable and disable it, but of course we can go into their camera app and from here we have all the standard options. Like panorama photo video, slow motion and time lapse. We have all our settings that we can adjust and, of course we have tracking and the nice thing about the tracking is you dont have to track just people or animals? You can track objects. Of course they offer gesture control, so you can enable and disable tracking.

Just with a simple gesture, and of course you can stop and start recording with a simple gesture, so a lot of really powerful tools, im not going to get into it too much in this video im, probably going to make some more videos down the road going Over the app a little bit more in detail some of the features and things you can do with it, of course, when youre done filming its simple to fold up step, one step, two step three and step four, and now we have a small little package that Will easily fit in our pocket or in a camera bag without taking up a lot of space or adding a lot of weight to our kit, if youre a person who likes to travel light but still want a full featured smartphone gimbal. This is definitely the product for you, as mentioned ive been using this gimbal for a while, and definitely it is going to be the gimbal ill, be using going forward its just the perfect little device for me when im out, traveling or filming sightseeing family vacations. I like to sometimes bring a smartphone gimbal with me. I always like to have a power bank with me, so this is kind of the best of both worlds in one small little package now. Lastly, before i go here, this is another accessory. They sell for it. Even though it does have that built in tripod if its a windy day or theres a lot of commotion around it, where its going to be sitting youre still better to use a tripod with a wider base, not only is it a tripod, its also an extension Pole, so you can get some extra reach if you need it so thats, basically it for my video folks.

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