Uh spec not only makes products for the iphone, they also make it for samsung product and actually im recording this on a samsung s21 plus, which actually is the same case. As this, i have tried a variety of different cases and actually, if you guys check wan na check out my channel, i have reviewed the apple cases, apple product cases, ive reviewed, a variety of other cases and ive got to say the spec. One is specifically this one right here with the grip is my favorite, and i want to go ahead and review this product uh. If you havent already, please press the like button for the youtube algorithm its gon na help out the channel, so i can create more videos for you all and click on the subscribe button down below with the notification bell. So you are alerted when i do review. Uh other iphone and samsung cases so lets jump into it. Uh the brand is called spec im. Not i purchased this out of pocket, and actually i paid about 50 bucks for this case its not a cheap case, but is a very nice quality case and ive used spec on older, iphone x models that lasted me several years, uh without much issue. There were a few issues, but this one they really took out the clinks and and really fixed it up so ill. Tell you ill go over the reasons with this but um. I had paid about 50 bucks for this uh from target uh.

So far after utilizing it uh for uh several months, everything is perfect in regards to it the texture, the touch the feeling of it is amazing. Um and lets go over a little more detail on this casing. As you can see here, uh it is uh magsafe compatible. It doesnt have a magnet on the back of that. So if you guys think that hey im gon na put one of these um wallets, this is a magnet wallet uh its not gon na stick it. This wont i mean it, can, probably it will stick, but the magnetization of it is very low. So i would not i mean, as you can see right here is race is sliding back and forth so its not built for that um. But if youre wanting to charge it with a magsafe, it will connect um and it will charge. But if you want to get different accessories like a magnet wallet or whatnot youre going to have to take the case off or if they get a special case. Where you can build to make sure to utilize this, so just want to make sure to tell you guys about that. Um there there is a lifetime guarantee with this product 13 feet of drop protection, which i can attest not to 13 feet, but uh. Definitely six or seven feet. I have dropped this um, not this specific case, but other cases from spec in the past and uh.

They did not destroy or damage the phone so which was amazing um. This is anti microbial product protection. I would take them to grain of salt. A lot of other companies specify that too uh lets take it for grain of salt. The phone is quite dirty, so this cleaner of alcohol wipes or or whatnot. This is no slip. Grip, uh raised bezel and slim design. So lets jump into it. As you can see here, lets go around the whole phone. You can build the charge it has cutouts for the speaker and the charge port. There is grips on the side, which is amazing to hold this phone. One thing that i griped on with the apple cases, was the buttons the buttons are very difficult to press with this one, its very easy to press you dont have to clinch in your tone. You know your fingernail right deep into it when you press it its gon na turn on, which is absolutely amazing, a lot of the apple cases that they sell in the store or even target or online which, by the way they do cost fifty dollars as well. Um they dont, provide you the functionality or, to be honest, the the quality that you expect and a lot of times apple, just kind of provides. The you know goes to another vendor and producing a lot of those cases, so its not really a pure apple product. Um, you can see right here with the camera uh.

The camera bump. Uh is not theres, no theres, no ability for it to be scratched. Due to the case, which is absolutely amazing. You want to make sure to protect that when you are taking pictures so theres, no scratches absolutely amazing how they thought that out, when you do take pictures, theres, no problems in in terms of the functionality due to this being a little higher. The grip, absolutely amazing, feeling um to get to the buttons again the volume buttons here when you click it absolutely amazing, very easy to use uh the lock button very easy to get to uh. Overall, absolutely amazing, i mean, as you can see right here, there is uh a elevated bezel around the phone. So if you do drop this flat on uh, i wouldnt recommend it, but you have an additional layer of protection with that uh with that height coming off um to place the to place. The phone in the case was quite easy. It is a a hardened case, so the way you want to be able to place it in the case is you want to be able to put the phone and let it go into this valium button and whatnot and then push it in on this side to Complete uh, the transaction of the case so um very easy, very intuitive uh love the case and um yeah im really looking forward to uh using this for uh this case a little more and they definitely upgraded it um i dont know if its because of the Iphone having a square body uh and not a round body, but the square body just feels so much better in holding uh, and this is really a testament even to the case and holding the case so with that said, guys uh.

I hope this is really helpful. Very smooth uh like if not rubber, but plastic feeling here this does feel like rubber here uh on the edges, but its kind of hard, its not really that soft, so it doesnt deteriorate over time. But i hope this is very helpful for you all in terms of this review. If you do have any questions feel free to post it down below in the comment section ill make sure to review that and comment back as well any questions you do have and if you tried any other cases other than spec, let me know love to review Them love to check them out press the like button again. If this was very helpful and subscribe for more videos, uh for more cases and and and whatnot. I did also uh review. As you can see here, uh it becomes very dark. I have reviewed a privacy screen uh that i had purchased actually different products. I had purchased so check out my videos. I have on screen protectors and chargers and many other technology items on my channel.