com and we actually updated our internet provider to satellite internet, and i wanted to give you all a little bit of knowledge behind starlink, which is a satellite internet provider for people Who live in the country or live in desolate areas in remote rural areas, whether they are at cottage and need high speed internet? And there are no service providers that are around or whether they just maybe they work from home? And they live in a rural community. And they dont have access to the high speed internet which they would like, maybe youre, homeschooling your kids, whichever the circumstance may be and youre looking for high speed internet. This would be the way to go so first, you need to go to, sign up and basically put in your address and check to see if they do service. Your address your area um. So what youre seeing here is pretty much what comes in the package. There is a startup fee, theres a deposit and there is a monthly payment which is a little bit more pricey than your regular high speed internet payment. But the speeds are incredible, so you are looking at speeds all the way up to 150 megabytes per second um incredible download speeds as well, and this means that multi multiple people in the household can use the internet. You can have multiple devices on the internet without any any interruptions at all now, depending on where you are installing it on your property.

This is key for no interruptions. You want to be able to place the dish where it has clear view of the sky. So if you have trees, hovering over your house or your cottage or wherever it may be, you want to get the clearest view of the sky that way theres, not many, not as much down time. If you will, because the dish rotates it kind of goes uh in a triangle of um, it rotates from left to right, for example, and that um every time the satellites pass by in the sky, thats lets say it goes behind the trees thats. When youre going to lose a couple seconds of your internet, which i havent really noticed, um it a couple seconds really does not affect me. I work from home im, constantly editing im on software im online all the time and i do not see any lag in the internet at all. There were a few circumstances where we had an outage for maybe two minutes, but i mean you just get up and go to the bathroom and its not really that big of a deal so here youre gon na see there is a speed test that you can Do with the starlink app, they also have a really easy setup for you to to make sure that your view of sight of the sky is clear when you are installing the dish – and i also want to throw in there that the higher the better um you Want to get as high as possible, whether that is the roof of your garage or the roof, the highest peak of your house um.

That way, it just has a better view of the sky, and here youre going to see you could do a speed test right on the starlink app. You can check any down times. You can check your billing, your monthly billing and, of course again, if you have trouble installing or if you have any issues at all, everything is on the app. So if you have any questions, you can contact them and start up a ticket and they will resolve your problems. So with me, i had a little bit of issues installing because the app was telling me that we were going to have quite a bit of down time. But after installing it the downtime, like i said it just lasted for seconds just because theres constant satellites, um rotating right in the sky, so it just you know just seconds and um, considering that we live in northern ontario theres a lot of trees on our property. Very high trees hoovering around our house, but we also have a great view of the sky in the center, where our house is, as you can see, the tips of the sky do interfere with the line of uh, where it has access to the satellites or the Line of view of this from the dish, so you can see that um. This is our property here, and it still works extremely well for us, i would never switch back to what we were using before ive, been with explorenet ive, been with northern tel ive, never been able to get speeds like this, especially living in northern ontario, where uh Its kind of hard to find high speed internet um ive also tried.

I think we were going to go with paralync, but we needed the wiring to go underground to the main street just to connect to or have a view of the of the tower. So that was gon na cost us tons of money as well and im just happy that we were able to find starlink and yeah. The setup was great um very easy. To set up everything was great, instructions were straightforward, very few instructions to set it up and go, and you can literally start using your internet right away. So again, here you can see the tips of the trees in our backyard, and this is pretty much just going over the line of sight from the dish and you need to be able to see as much sky as possible. Thats, probably going to be your biggest um, this is going to be the the biggest thing is the installation of the dish so make sure you place it strategically on your property um. A lot of people online have been saying that if it points north that it will be a much better connection, so i i havent we wouldnt really do that, but you could try um to decrease any down times that you have and thats pretty much it. So if you have any questions, let me know im going to have a blog post for you guys with frequently asked questions all of my tips on installing and basically our whole experience with starlink satellite internet.

So there you have it.