You can see – and this is the best mobile phone in the market at the best, very lowest budget and a 10 000 rupees and the cost is 7 700 rupees. Sometimes it will vary up to 8 000 also, and it is giving 2gb ram 32 gb, rom and the color is blue and i can show the all the features and all to you and that you can see uh 16.56 centimeter dot notch screen and which is Very budget with me and the 5000 mah battery, and this will last up to two days in the standby mode. It will last up to seven days. That means one week. So if you use randomly it will last two days and if you put it in the standby mode without using, then it will last up to seven days 13 megapixel camera, which is dual rear: camera 8, megapixel selfie camera and the audio share option. I will explain all the things inside the box then techno spark it has. The main name is the techno spark go 2021. The processor is 1.8 gigahertz, which is quad core and then its supposed gsm, gprs pool is wcdma, f, dd, lt, tddlt and all and dimension is very thinner, dimension and lightweight. Also, the resolution of the display is 720 by 1600 pixels. The camera is 8 megapixel in the front camera with front floors and the rest of the features. I will explain here and then manufacturer is ismart to india, private limited, and this is a manufacturing november.

2021 8999 is the mrp around the india. So let me open this box and see the first look here and this isnt just wow. This is a wow and the phone is very nice according to the finishing and the colorings, and all this phone is so much smart enough. You can see. I have already put a coating here and the most important thing: there is the sd card option. This is sim one and the sim two and you can open this back panel. But this is a plastic ball. You can see – and this is a glass finishing inside the plastic body inside the plastic body – you have one battery which is fixed and inbuilt that you cannot open right. But let me put this phone outside and let me quickly check what are the things inside the box techno manual box warranty for 12 months, and this is for on site visit. You should visit to the warranty centers, and this is 1.2 ampere output, one accessory techno charger and that doesnt support the fast charging, and simply there is one charger provided with micro. Usb support now lets get into the phone in this phone. You will get fingerprint sensor and which is very much responsive. If i click here instantly it opens. The response is very much quick and very much smooth here. This is a fine v notch you can get now. I have said here two different seams and vodafone.

I will show you different options and the smoothness you can see. If you open any application, you can see how much gb ram is present. This is 2gb ram all over present. Now, if you open the settings here in the settings, you will get 2gb ram. 32Gb. Rom 8 megapixel front camera 13 megapixel dual rear camera in this megapixel. First, first camera is your 13 megapixel camera. Second, camera is your sensor. That is your depth sensor, but it doesnt support the night vision. This is your flashlight and a fingerprint sensor. Now 1.8 gb 1.8 gigahertz quad core processor, 5000, mah battery and android 10 support. Now, once you first get the phone in hand, you should activate this year, warranty that once you insert your sim, you can activate the urd from here after connecting with the internet. Now rest of those features you can see that here the internal and ram is 65 and you can refresh the ram like the way and internal storage. Also, you can refresh like this way, so this is an inbuilt application which is provided here that you can easily refresh all the internal junks and all by one click. You can clean all the stress right now. Afterwards, if you go ahead, you can see several security options like your fingerprint and face unlocks both are provided along with this mobile phone and theres theme labs there. Battery life is background. Cleanup you can directly set up background cleanup here and smart power, saving mode and lot of professional settings are present that you can see inside the battery option the most interesting feature inside the system.

You can see the backup option inside the backup option. You can backup your entire phone into your email address and this is an exciting option which is just copy of the iphones. The this feature is a copy of iphones. The iphones always provide the system backups to their iclouds and they are providing the backups to your google drive. Definitely and directly now lets see the camera quality. You can see. The camera quality is well defined and this is very cool. There are different options: videos! You can record the videos in 1080p, that is your full hd mode. Then 720p. 480P. This is your simple camera. If i take some photos, i can show you the results now see here. The quality you can see the quality. The color depth is much good in the night vision in the night. You cannot see the colors are so much high, but in some cases you can see that the colors have much depth right. So what happens? In this case? Your camera performs very good and in some cases you can see that the camera is not that much good, because that is 13 megapixel camera right according to the performance and all and according to the budget. Also, the camera is also pretty much good. You can add. Also locations here now, if you want the location, so you can add up your locations in this case now after this camera, i can see the panorama option.

Is there this all the face? Beauty options? You can add up all the beauty options face beauties and all and cameras are present. Now, if you see the settings, there are a lot of options like starter, sounds greed and custom touch capture. If you want touch capture, you can on add watermark, there will be watermarks and fingerprint as a sensor. You can do it. If i take any pictures, i will get a watermark here. Thats techno spark go, this watermark is present, but trust me this is a finest type of uh camera which is provided in this budget, the rest of the things dark modes and all wi fi mobile data settings and all are present here. You can also edit these options like the way color inverts and the storage everything screen casting everything is present here and one type of ram boosting is present. If you put it here, so ram will be busted up. Right and rest of the features are good in front of me. The phone is very nice. According to my choice, this phone is the very best and budget fixed uh mobile phone volte supported mobile phone right. I appreciate this phone very much and i love this phone.