Yes, friends! Welcome to my channel and in my video, yes friends, i will back to upload. I am back to video and for you, video, and there is so much word – and this is the my channel about technical mobiles and unboxing. The mobiles and many other mobiles see the video till end. Then, first of all, if you are new on my channel, then please subscribe my channel and if you are new on my channel, then please, like my videos and friends today, i will tell you about. Oh also, i unboxing the mobile a31 samsung galaxy a31. Now i am going to unboxing the mobile first of all. If you are interested, then please press the bell icon on all and share my videos with friends and any other people lets start this video. Yes, friends, this is the mobile samsung. Galaxy e31 see the view. Samsung galaxy e31. This is too much good, mobile and friends. This is the i am going to unboxing the mobile and, first of all, if i are unboxing the mobile the instructions, i will trade. Yes, friends. This is the instructions 4gb ram and 128 gb rom made in vietnam. Yes, friends see this, i will i was unboxing this then please check the front side of box. Samsung, 831 and samsung galaxy a31 see this the logo and the see the specifics of samsung galaxy. A31 – and there is ram, is 4gb and the rom is 12 sorry, 128, gb and pta proves – and this is back is simple, and now i am going to unboxing the mobile.

Yes, friends see the mobile. This is the mobile. This is the back side of the mobile samsung galaxy a31, and this is the front side see this is the mobile and review in next video. Yes, now i will see you there now. I will see you the books of samsung 831 warranty cards. Oh sorry, this is the warranty card and this is the book see in urdu and in english, and this is the warning and many other systems. And this is the battery and the jack of sim nano sim card and single sim mode, and they will see more say this single sim mode and double sim mode. And this is the jack off to charging. And this is the front camera and volume key and side key and sim card and memory card. There is specific absorption rate see this, and this is the quick start guide: sm a31 f5 and smds samsung pre printed in vietnam, english and is too much good and visit to view device information, the user manual and more, you may incur additional charges for Assessing the internet, Music and safety information read all safety information before using the device to ensure safe and proper use. You can view more safety information in the safety information menu of the settings app he say go to setting and the safety information is turned on correct disposable disposal. This marking on the product, associates or literature indicates that the product and its electronic association accessories easy example charger head headset.

Usb cable should not be disposable, disposed of you off with other household waste. Yes, friend now see the second samsung galaxy a31 and the warranty card. Is this see this? This is the warranty card, and this is the pin to open the jack of sim see this. It is too much, and this is the serious stickers. If you are interested to see my new videos, then please subscribe. My channel see you in next video.