If you want more information and the most up to date, pricing on the products mentioned be sure to check the links in the description below okay, so lets get started with the video. If youre looking for a quality, lg phone with 5g capabilities, the lg v60 thinq 5g is a great option that might suit your needs. The lg, v60 thinque 5g is a high end. Smartphone that provides flagship level specifications and unique features at a 420 dollar price tag. It gives you a top notch: processing chip with impressive speed, outstanding camera performance for video, recording and unique dual screen add on it has a solid build with a glass back and an ip68 water and dust resistance rating. Although i find the overall design is a bit bulky, it comes with a large 6.8 inch, fhd plus oled display with a 2640x1080p resolution which supports hdr10, plus content and delivers sharp images with vivid colors, deep blacks and plenty of brightness. But it lacks some dynamic range and the 60hz refresh rate is less fluid than some competitors. I think the standout feature is the dual screen case, which plugs into your phone to provide an additional display for more effective multitasking, and it automatically turns off at 10 battery to preserve energy. You also get a large 5000 mah battery that can easily last your day under average usage, the snapdragon 865 cpu chip and 8 gigabytes of ram offer outstanding performance and it can handle intensive processing or gaming duties with minimal lagging or crashing.

You also get 128 gigabytes of storage space and it has a micro sd card slot to further expand the capacity it comes with a solid array of cameras, including a 13 megapixel ultra wide lens, with a 117 degree field of view, a 10 megapixel front camera and A 64 megapixel main shooter, which uses pixel binning technology that reduces its resolution to 16 megapixels for better light absorption. It also comes with image, stabilization technology and it captures 8k video at 24 frames per second, the lg v60 thinque 5g is a great offering by lg, and it gives you an impressive feature set. It has a high end processor, with responsive performance, the ability to record 8k video and a large display with good picture quality. I would recommend this to anyone looking for flagship level performance now, if youre on the hunt for the best value, the lg v40 thingq is our choice as the phone that gives you the best bang for the buck, even though its not the newest offering the 315 Dollar lg v40 thinq offers an impressive price to performance ratio and some standout features. It comes with a versatile 5 camera array for new perspectives, a high resolution oled display with impressive image quality and has a durable build. You get a lightweight build that comes with an mil std 810g shock proof rating, along with an ip68 water and dust resistance rating, so itll hold up over time. The 6.4 inch display takes up most of the body, and the 1440 by 3120 resolution is higher than the v60 thinq 5, which gives media saturated, colors and impressive viewing angles.

It comes with support for 32 bit hi fi quad dac and dtsx 3d surround sound to deliver an immersive listening experience with headphones, while the 3300 mah batterys performance is inferior to many competitors, it charges relatively fast and it supports wireless charging, which is a nice convenience To have even more, it has a fingerprint scanner and a google assistant button. I believe the snapdragon 845 chipset and six gigabytes of ram provide some value and they deliver snappy results fast boot up times and solid performance for both browsing and gaming. Unfortunately, the 64 gigabytes of storage is somewhat meager, but you can use a micro sd card to expand the capacity you get a versatile five camera array, which includes a main shooter, a telephoto lens with two times: digital zoom, a super wide angle lens and two front Facing cameras, there are also several useful features, including triple shot, which takes pictures from all three rear cameras simultaneously sign, shot to partially animate still photos and sign video to easily zoom in on your videos. It also utilizes super bright camera technology to brighten images in darker settings. The lg v40 thinq offers some impressive specifications for a reasonable price. The high resolution screen produces crisp images, the snapdragon chipset is responsive and the cameras come with useful features. I think this smartphone is a great option that outperforms its price tag for anyone whos looking for the best overall lg phone. The lg velvet is a high end option that might suit your needs with impressive, overall functionality and 5g support.

The 600 lg velvet comes with convenient, modern features that make it one of lgs highest performing smartphones. It has a luxurious and large curved glass display some useful features to improve your photography experience and a durable, fully waterproof, build its curved glass display and metal. Shell has an mil std 810g rating and a fully waterproof ip68 rating for added durability. You get a large 6.8 inch p o led display with a resolution of 1080 by 2460 that delivers detailed, high quality images with outstanding colors, and there are several modes that let you adjust the picture settings i like that. It automatically enables the ultra bright mode when outdoors, which provides great visibility in various lighting environments. The battery performance is another strength and the 4300 mah battery delivers around a days worth of runtime under moderate usage. Unfortunately, it lacks quad dac to improve audio quality, but the speakers are solid and you get a headphone jack while the included snapdragon 765g isnt as responsive as the 865. The difference is negligible and the overall performance is efficient and fast. You get six gigabytes of ram, which provides plenty of power to multitask, with multiple apps running, along with dual screen case compatibility. It also has 128 gigabytes of storage. It comes with a three camera array on the back, including a 48 megapixel primary camera, an 8 megapixel ultra wide camera and a 5 megapixel depth camera along with a 16 megapixel front camera, even though the camera performance struggles a bit at times and can soften some Details, it can still take nice shots, plus it can shoot video up to an impressive 4k at 30 frames per second, the lg velvet offers just about everything you need out of a phone and it excels in many areas.

It has a large battery with an impressive runtime plenty of processing power for browsing and an outstanding display. I think its all around high quality performance makes it an outstanding option if youre looking for a good lg phone at a budget friendly price, the lg k92 is an affordable option that doesnt break the bank budget. Shoppers who want an lg phone should consider the 290 lg k92, which is one of the best options in this price range. You get solid camera performance in bright lighting, a large display with solid all around picture quality and an impressive feature set considering its affordable price point. It comes with a plastic body that has an integrated fingerprint scanner in the power button, though the build quality isnt spectacular and it lacks an ip water resistance rating. The 6.7 inch 2400 by 1080 fhd plus lcd display, is responsive to commands and produces solid color accuracy with respectable viewing angles. I think the 4000 mah battery performance is more than respectable for the price, giving you around eight hours of runtime, along with support for fast charging. You even get a dedicated button to activate google assistant and a convenient headphone jack. You get 128 gigabytes of storage and it has a micro sd card slot reader. In case, you need to increase the capacity it utilizes, a snapdragon 690g processing chip and while the performance is noticeably slower than high end options, its powerful enough to handle your everyday streaming or browsing needs, you also get six gigabytes of ram for decent multitasking, but apps Tend to open slowly and screen transitions can lag.

I think the camera performance is a standout feature of this phone. It has a quad camera stack, which includes a 64 megapixel primary lens, a 5 megapixel ultra wide shooter and a 2 megapixel depth and macro sensors. Although the low light performance could be better overall for the money, they produce solid detail and good depth in well lit environments. You also get multiple portrait modes with accurate subject. Mapping the lg k92 is an inexpensive option that comes with an interesting feature set and plenty of utility. You get solid battery life and fast charging functionality, expandable storage, to fit your needs and solid camera performance. I would recommend this to anyone. Whos shopping on a tighter budget for anyone looking for something unique and innovative and dont mind paying more money to get it. The lg wing 5g is our choice, is the best splurge lg smartphone, the 1050 lg wing 5g comes with an innovative design that provides increased, screen real estate and better multitasking capabilities. It has a rotatable dual screen setup with high resolutions, a multi camera array with a useful gimbal feature and respectable specs for a smooth user experience. Even though the ip54 rating for dust and water resistance is less than competitors, it has a robust build and you get a front screen that can swivel to uncover a smaller secondary display. It has an impressively bright 6.8 inch, amoled main display with a 2460 by 1080 resolution and a square shaped 3.

9 inch, oled secondary display with a 1240 by 1080 resolution. So you can multitask like watching movies and surfing at the same time, but a bit of a drawback is that the multi screen app support is limited. The 4000 mah battery is respectable for the price and provides all day usage along with a rapid 85 minute charge. Time it utilizes a snapdragon 765g chipset that handles complicated, multi screen, features web browsing and light gaming with reliable performance. It comes with a respectable eight gigabytes of ram to run most modern applications and games along with a solid 256 gigabytes of storage and a microsd card reader. The snapdragon chip also delivers 5g connectivity for some future proofing. You get three rear cameras, including a main 64 megapixel shooter, a 13 megapixel ultra wide camera with a 117 degree field of view and a second 12 megapixel, 120 degree ultrawide camera for video capture. It also has a gimbal mode to digitally stabilize shots when the phone is swiveled up. I like that you get a dual recording mode to toggle between the front and rear cameras, while recording, which is perfect for content creators. The lg wing 5g is a high end, offering that comes with a unique feature set and outstanding screen real estate. You get a high end. Camera display with impressive stabilization technology, a powerful processor with 5g compatibility and a dual display setup for improved multitasking performance. Thanks for watching and thats all for this video, if you liked this video and it helped you out in any way, please give the video a like and hit that subscribe button.