Thank you for joining me in the second half of 2019. Samsung released one of the most important phones of this decade, and it was this one right here: the samsung galaxy fold 5g. It revolutionized what a smartphone could and couldnt be, and the folding aspect of this android device was something that we hadnt seen before. Well, the nerds among you will be saying. Ah, but in fact we did see it before shortly prior to samsung, releasing the galaxy fold, a company called royal released their flex pi, and you would be right, but did you know there was actually a folding android smartphone that came out a long long time before Both the galaxy fold and the royal flex pi, in fact it was released in february of 2016. now, unlike the royal and the samsung it didnt fold in the same way, they did no. This one had something a little bit different going on. Lets. Look at what that was. The vk world t2 logically sounds like it would have been a successor to the vkworld t1, but there was no vkworld t1 when this device came out. In fact, the vk world t1 was a completely different smartphone and it was released about six months later this particular device ive had for about three years. I know its practically unheard of for cheap chinese smartphones to break pretty easily, but this one somehow has um the outside screen here is just done. Unfortunately, there is no damage whatsoever to the screen.

I can run my finger across it theres, absolutely no cracks, no dings or bangs. I didnt damage it once. The fact that this outside screen is damaged does unfortunately take away a little bit from the aesthetic. However, without access to this outside touchscreen, there isnt too much to worry about because the true party piece of this device is the interior android screen that it boasts. It may have been one of the first ever android devices to have two screens and, as far as i know, it was one of the first to have an interior screen lets fold. This device has a full on android interior screen right now. Its asking me to choose, which launcher i want to use ive, got two to show you. This is the main home screen accessible by touch screen on the outer display, but on the inside no touch screen. So instead you use these physical buttons. Here we can navigate around the home screen just fine using these direction keys. We can open up our apps menu. Just like this and look weve got access to our clock, our gallery, our music library, sound recorder, google drive everything any android, app that you want now. Ive got two launchers on here to show you. This is the standard one, the standard vk world, one it looks quite cool. The design is a bit weird and the color scheme is a bit bizarre, but i do like it. However, if i do this, we can then have a look at what the pixel launcher looks like and there we go see standard completely standard.

It is full android, despite the fact that the screen isnt touch and you have to use the keys. You can view basically anything you want on here. I could open up youtube and watch it. I could you know, do anything you can do on a normal android device and then, when youre done, you simply fold it up like that. The t2 came with the option of either two gigabytes of ram and 16 gigs of storage or three gigabytes of ram and 32 gigs of storage. 32. 3 is the version i have here and, to be honest, i cant imagine how anyone could have got by on the two gigabyte version. This device is not powerful, not in the slightest its sluggish and its convoluted to use. The tiny outer display is only 4.2 inches and honestly, maybe that would have been fine back in 2016, but now look at the difference. You could fit about two and a half of these inside the footprint of the galaxy fold screen. I know thats a large phone to use as an example, but you get my point. We are used to bigger stuff now and this older thing, while it looks cool, i just dont, think it would be really very useful anymore. The galaxy fold is brilliant when it comes to multitasking, watching videos or blowing up your pictures, so you can zoom in have a better look when youre taking photographs, for example, that wider viewfinder is electric with the vk world t2.

I really dont understand what the point was. Maybe vkworld themselves knew that the outside screen was going to break very easily, so they thoughtfully included an interior one for when that eventuality did occur. Honestly, though, i cannot think of a single practical use for this device. Its cool hell yeah, and to do this the most satisfying thing ever and then flick it open with one hand its amazing and the fact that we were doing this long before the motorola razer relaunched with the 5g version is cool. I mean when you think about it: 2016, the beginning of 2016 thats. Five years ago we had a fully functional folding dual screen android device on the market. It is mind boggling that that sort of thing was going on and its also mind, boggling that it never took off. In fact, i bet a lot of people watching this have never seen this device before now. Making phone calls with it was a lot of fun. So you could chat like this, which felt awesome. It really did – and i remember this because i used this phone for about six months. You could just talk have a great time and then, when youre done, the satisfying vkworld seemed to understand what they were on about with this device as well, because when you open and close the phone, it releases a small text tone which just helps with the feel. Listen to this, so if you can hear that when i open it, listen to this hear that you hear that very subtle, but very nice.

The battery life on this device really lets it down to be honest, its running android 5, and it has a very outdated mediatek mt6737 chip with only 2 000 milliamp hours of onboard battery. It never lasted a full day for me, not with heavy use. If you were to simply whip it out, make a few phone calls. Do a couple of google searches and watch a youtube. Video youd probably be okay, but if you wanted to use it for anything more substantial, it just wasnt good enough. In fact, this device was so poor when it came to battery life that i would always carry around either a backup phone or a power bank with me when i took it out. This brings me to charging because the device charges really slowly. It has a port here on the side where you would input your micro, usb charging cable, and it would then take quite a while to charge up, and i never understood why its only a 2 000 milliamp hour battery, but the charging speed was just so slow. Ive had this device open now for maybe five minutes and were at 97. I havent really done anything. This is just running the screen. This thing would be dead within a few hours of heavy use. I can guarantee it. Interestingly, the stat websites i looked at listed. The vk world t2, as not taking expandable storage but thats, not true it actually does take.

It, takes it right here, its a micro, sd card slot. Next to it, you can see the dual sim card slots and below them is the removable 2 000 milliamp hour battery. The most amount of storage you could get with this device was 32 gigabytes, and even with that about, seven gig was already taken up by the time you unboxed the thing. Because of this i couldnt even fit. My music collection on here ive got over 5000 songs. In that collection and it wouldnt be a fit on this device regardless, though, even if i wanted to fit my music collection on this device, there wouldnt really be a point because it doesnt have a headphone jack. It is thick enough for one along here. It could it could handle one, it would be a bit snug, but it would be possible. However, the device just doesnt have one so trying to use this device right now is an absolute pain in the ass, because it needs me to do all this google stuff. So that i can show you what the speakers sound like, but google chrome is not compatible with the little keyboard. So what im having to do is keep flipping it over pressing, where i think it is on this screen, because this screen does work and then hoping that ive pressed the right place come on. Take me down. Take me down the page. Damn you i just cant, get it to work honestly.

There we go were nearly there now. I just need to successfully press. I agree, didnt get it right. Lets. Try again, i agree nope. I agree. I agree. I agree god damn it were in were in okay. Now i just want to play play a song: ive got it in the middle of the screen and press and play im tapping on the song, and it still wont. Let me because theres a problem with my account. This device is borderline unusable in 2021, even if the screen wasnt broken, i dont think it would be worth the effort to get signed in. I just cant find a way to play you any music, because i dont have any audio files on the device and it wont let me play any from google or anywhere because im not signed in and if i think that going into this device and putting my Email address and long complicated password in on a screen where i cant even see what im pressing is a good use of time. Then i think id need to throw myself out of a window. Just trust me. It sounds absolutely terrible. The device has two cameras. It has this, which is an eight megapixel sensor with a flash and then up here we have a selfie shooter. This is a five megapixel selfie shooter with no flash. None of the pictures on this device are remotely interesting and none of them look any good, not even by the 2016 standards it was competing with, but on the plus side i was able to pick this phone up for about 150 quid back in 2016.

. It was on sale, if i remember rightly, and i think i got it from banggood – where it is no longer listed. The only place i can find this device listed is and its about 350 quid. I dont understand that not at all, maybe its just some old surplus theyve got left behind this device does have some positive aspects, though, and it wouldnt be fair to not include them so number one, the aesthetic this thing looks good. I genuinely love the way this device looks number two how it feels to hold. I can easily one hand this thing i mean all the battery and important stuff is down here in the thicker bottom section. All thats up here are the screens and so its light. So it sits well in the hand, and it balances very well, as you can see like this. This device also did something else very special, though it rekindled the feeling of opening up your phone, putting it to your ear, having a chat like this and then when youre done folding it away again. That was something that people like myself, who had spent the majority of their life in the smartphone age hadnt experienced since we were very, very young, some people, my age may have never experienced it at all. Whilst i commend vkworld for thinking outside of the box and producing something that was unique at the time and still is unique now there were just so many sacrifices the company made in order to give us the ability to do this number one battery life, its terrible Were down 10 and all ive done is sit here and talk to you for about 10 minutes.

The build quality as well is just pretty bad honestly. It feels nice in the hand its well balanced and everything, but the fact that its broken, despite again taking no physical damage, doesnt look very good for vk world. I feel bad for vk world honestly, because what they did was try out a unique form factor in a unique way, something that hadnt been done by anyone apart from a few samsung prototypes at the time. It was an interesting choice to make and to actually deliver this product to market was ballsy, although they didnt sell very well the device didnt really go anywhere, it didnt make any waves, and at the time it was hard to even find content online about it. To help me decide whether i should buy it or not. In the end, i bit the bullet, and i dont regret it, because this, i think, is another important piece of smartphone history, this little chinese company producing something that was several several years ahead of its time. Knowing folding phones are fun and people are going to enjoy them and going out of the way to make something that embraced that before the technology was even remotely ready when samsung finally released the fold in 2019, the argument can be made that the technology wasnt ready In fact, its now 2021 and with the release of the galaxy fold 3, i think we could be saying that technology is only now at the point where we would consider it properly ready and so for something that was released nearly six years ago february of 2016.

I think they did all right and if this device still worked properly id put my sim in it for a week only a week, though, because this thing has too many sacrifices to ever work as a full time device. I really hope you enjoyed this video and this brief look into this relic from the history of smartphones. It was an interesting design and honestly kit, like this fascinates me today, seeing manufacturers go in directions that never got capitalized upon, at least not in the time period. They were doing it. It leaves you with something like this: an outstanding idea, just executed in a very prototype style way. I want to take more time to look at devices like this, and i have a couple of other ones id like to do a video on. I think theyll all be very interesting to you and if you do want to see that please hit the like button down below and subscribe to this channel. I really really hope you do and i hope you enjoy the videos ive got coming. Ive got some comedy stuff coming, maybe some more documentary style, stuff and more tech videos as well. Please do subscribe if youd like to see more, but until then this has been louis im done. I do rocket and this has been the vk world t2 plus. Well. Now i have to ask myself a very important question: would i recommend the vk world t2, plus yes or no after careful consideration? The answer, i think, is obvious.

No, i would not recommend the vk world t2 plus.