So obviously, yes, guys, i am one of the lucky winners: Music, carnival, 2020 unbox your prizes, yes guys and Music Music Music. First, i just want to thank a new organizer 8 gig of ram and 256 gig of room, so apply six new storage yeah and you can call it guys. So, okay, like i said blackberry again, i am one of the lucky winners: Applause, Music, nova, 9. Once again, huawei nova 9, the one that i have here is obvious. The pink black meron, silang, stereo blue and you crush green. For me, Music is approximately 175 grams included the battery, so nandito young, usb yeah charging port young sim prey uh oj speaker yeah. So to us i guess this is the microphone or ir blaster im, not pretty sure joklan and new volume, rackrunya and power botanya. So again, uh huawei, nova, 7. Guys is only display this one right now they offer this one for 100, 100 hertz repress rate and again guys, insist. Yeah is 6.57 inches and also guys. This one is emui 12 now and naka qualcomm snapdragon, 778 g 4g summer punta mata is a camera guys. The number nine meringue 50 megapixel ultravision camera with 1.9 aperture and version 8 megapixel ultra wide angle, camera with 2.2 aperture and 2 megapixel diff camera and 2 megapixel micro camera also guys are up melon shang 32 megapixel portrait camera with two point: zero apertures, so ganon Catas guys some front camera nova 9 and also this one guys meronshang 4300 milliampere in the battery and again meron shankasamang 66 watts, huawei supercharged charging cell phone within 36 to 38 minutes only okay, so ganyan kagandashi, huawei, nova, 9.

, Music, Music, so Music and also guys Case so check the description box below if you want to buy this one, so i bought this for less than 200, so, according to seller original doubt more Applause, Music, Music, i dont know Music huawei nova, 9 huawei philippines. Thank you once again for uh.