My name is amarkah. This is mark actresses. Today we are doing a tech review: okay, if youre a content creator. If you make videos for youtube or on any of the social media pages, you definitely want to stick around for this video. Today we are reviewing the boya m1 lavalier body, mic. Okay, all right! So currently, what i shoot my videos on is with my iphone is an iphone xs, but then ive struggled with audios as well. Ive always wanted to improve my audio and the audio quality. So i decided to invest in a body mic. This is very beginner friend. This is very stage one in terms of audio and making okay. So i try to go for this, but it comes with a very long chord called is very long. Okay, you can actually place it on your camera and stay Music, maybe like more than 10 meters away from the camera and the cord is. You can still carry it, okay, its very excessive long, and then it has this. It has a body pad that shows you can do for your camera or you can use it for your smartphone. So if youre a content creator and use your phone to make content almost especially if you use a a phone with a usb port and not a spiral phone like this, you probably will have to struggle using this mic like i did when i first got it By the way i got it from junior when i first got it, i had a very difficult time trying to connect it to my iphone okay and you need to get an adapter to be able to use it on your iphone.

So i got this iphone adapter. Someone is a bit scared. You have to go to an apple store to get it. Okay, so lets just say that when i got this mic, it was cheaper. I got the mine for about eight thousand there on junior and then when i had to buy the apple, the iphone adapter this costs more than this so pros and cons. If you have to get this and its called more costlier than this, i dont know, but then this was important. This was only way for me to use the mic on my phone. So with this, you can be able to connect the mic audio jack and then connect this to your phone to be able to get good audio quality, all right so im going to test out the mic with and without so that you guys can tell the difference On my audio quality, hi guys welcome back to my channel. My name is amarka. This is a test testing testing testing space into my phone without an external microphone hi guys welcome back to my channel. My name is zamaka. This is a test using the boya m1 lavalier body, mic, okay guys, so you can see the difference between the two wheat and the house in the mic and clearly they might have some a little difference right all right. So here are my final talking. If youre going to get this mic be sure youre getting it from a very reliable source.

Okay check out the vendor check out sure that youre not review a dupe, because there are so many dudes online flying around, and so many things im going to wind using it ensure that the battery parts ensure that the battery is placed properly. That way, its picking up your audio and you dont record a video without having audio on audio clips, eventually vlogging with it, be careful because it has a very long, a very long code, which might be very inconvenient so be very careful about. If youre going to buy an audio jack, that is either even an iphone to shoot your videos and you want to buy an audio jack dont buy from jr. All the ones on jimmy are fake if you can buy from a very trusted apple store. That way, you get quality for your money. Okay, so this mic is a very beginner friendly stage, one its a good mic. Im gon na recommend it. But okay, please know that it doesnt also out background noises. You still have to stay in a very low noise area, while recording your videos and after a while to upgrade to better mic. I cant plan to that. Is it for this video guys hope you enjoyed it? If you did, please give it a huge thumbs up. If youre a contact creator and make videos with your smartphone, please comment down below the type of mics you use id like to know and dont forget to share this video to any of your friends.

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