This is one hell of a magnificent tv and i want to show you three things. Multi view gaming and just talk about the quality of the experience with the neoq led now. What youre looking at here is one of the best tvs you can buy, especially from samsung straight off the bat youll, probably notice the lack of almost any border around this screen so im currently watching some stuff on the samsung tv plus channels and youll see, i Mean ill show you here, look at this just look at how far the picture comes to the edge its ridiculous. It is a borderless experience you think about how important thats been for mobile companies over the last few years to create these full screen devices thats the most eye catching thing about this tv now around the edges, speaker, output, so youre, getting an amazing acoustic, sound from A sound system that is probably unlike any other built into a tv ive paired it with a with a samsung, surround sound system, so youre getting actually a combination. What you can do is output through the tv and the sound bar, which is quite mind blowing. So this is an 8k tv and no, i havent watched any 8k content, but that doesnt matter, because the power of the tv has is that it can upscale almost anything. Now this is a streaming tv channel. I watch uh the free to air via live stream. So theyre, probably only 720p being upscaled to 8k and yeah ive watched some pretty serious 4k movies, 4k content on all the streaming services because, of course, samsung tv.

All the streaming services are here like stan and netflix all easily accessible, all installed all great to go and the 4k quality is exceptional, but i think whats a little bit more interesting is some of the extra features that you get with a tv like this from Samsung and lets talk about samsung phone owners. The multi view experience now. Multi view is something you can initiate from your phone, and i do that here in the menus, and i just open up what they call smart view. When i open up smart view, what it does is, it finds compatible devices in the room and i click on the samsung tv click. Smart share start ive already used this before so theres. No agreement required on the tv but youll see now my phone and im watching my phone and my tv. So obviously we could watch tick, tock videos, scroll through tick, tock videos, while were watching tv right, crazy, simple silly, and you know what ill be honest think about this. Think about watching the cricket. Now ive turned the tv turn the phone off and its automatically gone into uh, lock mode so power, the phone on with my fingerprint open straight up. You could be watching the ashs test match. You could be watching a five day test match. You could be watching a formula one race youll be watching anything on the tv while also scrolling through social media. You could potentially watch gameplay on youtube and game on the left hand side now its not just the phone that you can multi view.

So this multi view obviously is a complete mirroring of my phone, as you can see here, so everything from my email to whatever you need is available here. You are literally seeing what is on my phone, so thats, using a samsung galaxy flip and as again, if i shut it, itll go into lock mode, and i can now initiate kind of getting rid of that. I can exit, or i can now swap out what is in this view, but lets just exit for a minute and show you what you can do with this from a kind of picture in picture perspective, you know old school tv viewing its actually kind of fascinating To me that you used to get tvs, a lot that had picture in picture, but these days its a very rare thing. So i think this is great to see it coming back now, theres a multi view button on the remote and that what that has is kind of saved presets. So if i, for example, had a situation where i know that i want to pair my mobile or i love watching youtube side by side with what im watching i can save. Presets lets just open up and add a view here with the samsung tv plus and lets put side by side. My fetch tv box, so thats a hdmi input on one side and the samsung tv plus on the other. So these two are happening in real time.

Now ill turn the volume up for a second, what happens is you can flick between them? Just with a simple arrow you flick between them. So basically the t, the screen that has the blue around it is the screen that is audio now. What you can also do when youre watching is you can click on one and you can make it bigger so see here, change screen size option. What that does is makes this one, the bigger of the two. Now i measured this earlier. This is a 75 inch tv. I got the tape measure out thats a 50 inch tv 49, something uh just by my tape measure. Imagine having a 50 inch tv inside your 75 that allows you to watch something else. At the same time i mean its its awesome, so we can do things now like go back to the the other mode or we can set this as a legit old school picture in picture so youll see here now, weve got the samsung tv plus live channel Playing in the back and the hdmi input here at the top, and i can move that to any of the four corners so im going to put it down the bottom corner and click. Ok, so weve now got a legit picture in picture really easy way to to watch a couple of things and enjoy that we can switch between them. So theyre flipped there very easy, look how quick that happens or we can go back to the Music.

The separate view so switching between them, so many things you can do with multi view the multi view and and smart view, smart sharing from your mobile phone, i think, is the most powerful of them all and when we exit this itll show you here, you can Save this, so you dont have to show this menu all the time, but we can save this as say: hdmi plus tv plus. You know you can choose how you want to save and what you want to show very, very cool, very easy to use. Now. Youve got an xbox series x, youve got a playstation lets, have a look at game mode on the samsung neoq led lets fire up forza horizon youll set the top game mode on so thats. Good news were good to go here. So its a magnificent picture. Let me be clear: we are talking about here. You know 4k output that is beautifully upscaled to 8k. Now one of the things youll get in this tv is what they call game mode, ill, try and drive what im doing so. I push and hold the pause button. Itll bring up the game mode menu now on an xbox or playstation theres. A couple of things you cant do. If you have a pc input, you can adjust the screen position and you can also adjust the aspect ratio output that you want so, for example, with a pc. You might actually want an ultra wide experience rather than using 16 9 and get a bigger viewing angle.

So on, like a formula one car, you want to see more around you that kind of thing or in a fps. You want to see more of the world around you and on a pc. You can do that in this one. Youve got really basic modes, but lets just go with the simple stuff here: the default settings and have a look at what it is showing. So what it shows on the screen down here is whats set up now. Whats, fascinating is youll, see it switch when were in the basic menus. It was on like 60 frames per second, and if we go back to the xbox main menu youll see with the xbox main menu, its outputting at 60 frames per second operating. That menu is still there down the bottom, so its now outputting at 60 frames per second. But when we go into the game it because a variable refresh rate its able to adapt immediately and give me 120 frames per second, so youll notice. Here the xbox is still outputting 60 frames per second, because it knows that its a its a blank boring screen. As soon as i go into drive mode and accelerate, it jumps up to 120 frames per second very, very quickly, so that 120 fps is, you know, thats what you want to get that great picture quality, especially in high moving content like a racing game, a sports Game or a first person, shooter, so game mode enhances the picture its all about making sure youre getting the most from the console that you invested in, and i think that youll struggle to struggle to misunderstand there, that youre running the the output correctly and, most importantly, Youll be able to check that youre getting the right settings, because youve got to remember when you set up your xbox and playstation youve actually got to tell it what settings and optimize the output so that its its doing the most and giving you the best best Picture so look overall, i honestly cant fault this tv.

Now, if youre wondering what neoq led is youve probably heard a lot about qled over the years, samsungs done a great job in in promoting that q. The q is the quantum dots across the screen is a ultra fine layer of quantum dots that enhances the picture. Enhances the the quality of the the color, but, most importantly, whats behind that so youve got a quantum dot layer. Then youve got the lcd panel, which is the the kind of the actual pixels, but behind that is light shining through so thats. What actually gives you? The picture that youre seeing here now thats called backlighting. Now the thing about backlighting is over the years tv companies have done a great job in changing the way we backlight tvs. They used to be edgelit, so theres a light on the side that would shine in and then they were backlit and then they move to what they call array full array dimming. So there were smaller and smaller little leds behind individual parts of the screen. We got to a point where, in the last couple of years, they were basically down to like a five cent piece, a little led the size of a five cent piece. So if the top corner was dark, those leds would not be on and this these would all be on, but the problem is thats still not perfect. If, if the the light, if this little led is shining a light that big over picture, that is black and color here, then theres going to be a bit of bleed of color into the black.

So what theyve done is theyve implemented micro led technology. That is what you get in the neoq led range, which means that there are in a space like this theres, thousands of leds and theyre able to light up a finer part of the screen, to give you a much better contrast and black ratio. This is a stunning tv, no point beating around the bush. This is a very expensive tv, theres, a 9 000 tv but 75 inches at 8k, with mini, led 120 frame. Second, uh variable refresh rate game mode and all the amazing features, like the multi view, its actually a solid investment. A lot of people are investing in a tv because you want a tv thats going to outlast itself, and that means that youre going to get you know a solid life out of this when 8k content maybe starts coming on streaming and all that kind of thing. Youre going to be able to take advantage of that, but youve already got the advantage of watching even the worst quality youtube will look great on the samsung neo qled this one.