It currently only offers multiple smartphones covering all different price segment, giving consumers various choices, which are also sometimes quite confusing. The galaxy a smartphones differ from the galaxy m phones, with more focus on aesthetics samsungs. Most recent launch in this series is the galaxy a52 s5g a mid range 5g smartphone its an upgrade over the galaxy a52 that launched in india at the beginning of this year. The galaxy a52s comes in the same design, but with 5g a faster pulsar and some upgrades under the hood samsung also offers the galaxy f5 to s5g at a much higher price of 450 for the base model. We used the galaxy a52 s5g for a couple of weeks and heres. What we think about this phone. The galaxy f52s comes in a slim and light plastic body. I personally, like the form factor, a lot as the phone is easy to use with one hand, but its not too, or small or big. At the same time, the phone is also more on the lighter side, so its easy to carry around you get the black color model of the galaxy a52s. But if you want your phone to stand out more than you can go for the light, violet mine or white colors, it also has a matte like finish at the back. That tends to attract a lot of fingerprint smudges. The galaxy a52 s5g features a 6.5 inch full hd plus super amoled display. It also has an infinity or not cut out for the camera.

Samsung phones usually offer one of the best dispersed event in the mid range segment. The galaxy a52 s5g has a really good display, with colors looking bright and rich without being an overkill. The 120 hertz refresh rate really hurts the overall display and smooth scrolling experience. If you switch to the 60hz differentiate, you will feel a different, but it doesnt really affect the overall experience. With the galaxy a52s 5g, you get a quad camera setup, featuring a 64 megapixel primary sensor, 12 megapixel ultra wide angle lens and a 5 megapixel macro lens and a 5 megapixel depth sensor. We tried out the galaxy effect used 5g cameras in different lighting scenarios and it surprisingly performed the best in daylight. It can nicely capture colors and also does a good job of keeping objects in focus. Youll have to manually choose the 64 megapixel camera mode which produce better and more natural colors, but prepare for a slower camera. App low light photographing on the galaxy f52 as 5g still needs a lot of wires. Theres a lot of noise in the photos captured in the evening and at night, its after post processing that the photos turn out to look decent but dont expect great result. Herself is in houses with 32 megapixel front camera youll get good surface with the galaxy a52s. 5G but the phone tends to still add the slight beautification, even with no optimization. The macro mode was also quite impressive in capturing details.

The galaxy f52 s5g also has many features to play around with, like single take both in snapchat filtered super slow motion, video recording and air doodles. The galaxy a52 s5g is powered by the qualcomm snapdragon 778 g processor, with up to 8 gb of ram and 120 gb of storage. The phones performance is quite an upgrade over the galaxy a52 as it ran smooth during regular uses as well as multitasking. You can easily shuffle through multiple apps with ease and not face any noticeable shutters or slowness. We also tried a few games like amangas and zhang chin, in fact, with graphics set to the highest. There are noticeable lags and stutters, but it can easily handle light games. Like amangas, the phone does tend to heat up a little bit while gaming, but its quite normal in terms of battery life. The galaxy a52 s5g will last you throughout the day, even if you put in a few hours of streaming and some gaming on regular uses, it can even go for a day and a half while it does support 25 watt. First, charging samsung ships, a 15 watt adapter with the galaxy a52 s5g. With this charger, the phone takes almost 2 hours to fully charge. One thing to highlight about the galaxy a52 as 5g is the massive bloatware that the phones arrives with, in addition to the default samsung apps and google apps. There are many other pre installed apps, including glance for the lock screen.

Setting up the phone is also not very smooth to too much instruction from samsung. Yes, these apps can be uninstalled, but it can really spoil the user experience. The galaxy f52 s5g offers a decent performance overall, but it faces stiff competition from smartphone that are priced around the same. Also, the galaxy a52 s5g seems to overcut its price, as you can get the same and even better performance from like the oneplus note 2.. If youre looking for a phone or to money, then would not recommend the galaxy f52 s5g so thats all for today. Thank you guys, thanks for watching, if you like, the video feel free to share with your friends.