The smartphone is a mi max 2 smartphone from xiaomi is the smartphone. Okay lets start so lets start from the shape on the front. We have a camera and a flashlight, a quite large screen and button. You can see camera and flashlight quite large screen and also a button on the back side. We have also a camera and a flashlight and a fingerprint, also mi logo. On the right side, we have button to increase and decrease the sound and also a button or turn on or turn off the smartphone, and in the left side we have a small small hall which is used for put a sim card. The smartphone is bigger, bigger than a smartphone in general, and the weight is not too heavy, even top. The smartphone is quite and the smartphone is quite thin. You can see very good for watching a movie and also playing a video game, because we have a large screen, but the smartphone is quite difficult. If we use it with only one hand we have, we will have a problem while sliding the finger to move the screen because start to holding it without without without one hand, smartphone was released in uh 2017 in with with the price of the graduated rupiah. But now its only statute, if you, if youll, be buy a new one, you also, you also got the charger and the earphone. So lets go next about the phone about the smartphone.

This smartphone has a Music, 6.44 inches screen and also uses corning gorilla glass, 3 to 2, protect from dust and stretches on the screen. This smartphone has a power resistance of five thousand three hundred mm aha and uses qualcomm snapdragon 625 octa core and 2.0. We have this with 4 gb ram and internal space 64 gb, the body the body of the xiaomi me max 2, is made of a full metal body. You see the material also give the impression of a premium look on this device because of the glossy impression it gave. Finally, this material also make the body of the xiaomi me max 2, more sturdy than than other device. Furthermore, as a complement, xiaomi mi max 2 has also been equipped with a support file, support for wi, fi, gps, bluetooth, usb type c port, fast charging capability and dual sim overall. This is a good smartphone if you want to use it for watching a video movie or playing a video game. It has a four game for gb ram and internal space. 64 is its a big for you. If you want playing a game with like um, pubg mobile and on the legend, you also use this phone. This is a good one. If you, if you want to buy it, there is no problem. I recommend it.