I am going to give a full review of this ancient os, which is based on android 12 in the realme x7 max device. So friends, as you can see, this is the real maximum max device and which is based on android version 12. So let me just show you the version and it is also based on the november 5th november, 5th security patch update. So this is the first custom rom, which is based on android version 12 in real me, x7 max its pretty good friends. So, according to me, the smoothness, so it is very smooth as compared to other rooms for this device. So i have just seen many changes from other custom roms to this custom rom. So undoubtedly my best custom rom is dot os, but actually in this room i have seen a multiple changes like customizations and the ui. The use the user interface is very good and well balanced in this. So the first point i just need to tell is about battery, so the battery percentage is very good. Mainly. We just need to speak about the standby time, so the standby time in this device is very, very good. So, even if you are not using your mobile phone and if you are keeping this aside so its not reducing its, not decreasing any battery in this, whereas in our stock ui, it used to around decrease to around three to four percentage overnight. So there is no nothing uh issue based on that uh in this ancient os, and also, let me just tell one thing: friends um, my sincere apologies that here the wi fi calling is not working.

So this is the major issue, so the wi fi calling is not working. You cannot uh see any options based on that in the settings, so i have just tried to check many times so im, not sure so just check, but definitely im, saying that wi fi calling option is not not there or not available here in this yeah. In this uh ancient os rom, so that is a major issue for some users and also, let me just tell you about one thing, so there are different customizations in this mobile phone. So let me just uh open this settings so, as you can see this bar here, so i think we can just call that as a task bar or something like that, so it is well managed. So, as you can see the ui, so if you just click on that, it will just show you the major update. I mean major options in the settings and if you just click on this leaf, so as you can see, these are some an ancient features. Uh gore settings as you can see here, so let me just click on the status bar and this is the battery layout and battery percentage. So let me just uh yeah its working fine and the custom charging icon, so there are different different options in this ancient os. So let me just click on themes and, as you can see, these are the themes, options and quick settings.

Vibration on touch is working very good, but the haptic feedback in this mobile phone is not that great. So in the real me stock ui, the haptic feedback will be awesome, but in this ancient oas the haptic feedback is not at all good friends and ill. Also tell you one thing so here: some of the options are not working so, for example, uh. Let me just uh show you here, so these are some of the. So i really like this advanced reboot option. So there are many options, as you can see. If you just click on the advanced, you can directly go to the recovery and also the bootloader and system ui. Using these options, i really love this power menu options and the gestures so tap to uh tap on lock screen is working. Fine tap on status bar uh to put the device sleep, yeah, its working fine without any issue, and let me just tell you one thing friends here as compared to other custom roms. So almost the stock ui is very very best for this uh for unlocking the mobile phone using the fingerprint. I i think it comes second in second position because in different rooms the fingerprint unlock is not that good. But here in this device yeah it is very good. So, as you can see its working fine but its not that good as real me, stock ui and the three finger gesture is uh yeah. Let me just check that Music yeah its working fine.

As you can see, the three finger gesture is working fine. So why im showing all these things is because some of the options are not working friends, so that is the main reason im just. I just wanted to show you this, so this is the lock screen here, the fingerprint authentication, so this is available in only some roms, not in all rooms, so this option is available in a couple of roms, but actually this is not working. So, as you can see, vibrate on successful fingerprint authentication, so if you enable this, so what will happen so, as you can see here, vibrate on successful fingerprint authentication. So, even if you turn off or turn on, if you are just using the fingerprint option, its vibrating without it its vibrating, so that is the main bug i have noticed in this. So it should not uh vibrate if you just if it is successful. If you turn this off or on so that is the reason if i am just using this fingerprint, its continuously vibrating – and i have just found this bug – something like that in this ancient os – also the notification. So these are some of the animations you can see, and let me just tell you one thing about this, so let me just click on settings here: Music yeah, so these are some of the options so actually in this ancient os rom 12, there are many options. Friends, so so you can just explore your device without any issue, and there is some real me settings, as you can see here, and the smart charging feature is not working fine.

So so friends, if you are setting your limit to 90 or 85 or less than that or more than that, so the charging is not getting stopped there. So, in my case, so when i, when im just uh selecting this charging limit to 95 percent, it even charged to 96 percentage – and sometimes it was not charging more than that. But friends, the mobile phone is getting very heated when you are charging. So that is the main thing here. It is getting much much heated, so i dont know why but its its getting heated in this device, and also, let me tell you one thing: while you are gaming uh, it is also getting heated and its an obvious thing for the real meat uh x1 max, Which is based on diamonds, d, 1200, processor and one more thing, friends um. This is the only room which we are getting 90 fps continuously in bgmi. So that is the greatest thing. So if you really wanted to game – and if this is your device, so you can definitely game with the 90 fps and its working pretty dope, its very very good. So these are some of the things i just wanted to tell you and yeah. So some people asked me about the 3.5 mm jack bass, so it is working fine, so i can say that its working fine, but because let me tell you one thing: friends, even if it is working fine in my device.

Please do not mind im saying this, because in some devices it wont work. So i have just talked to some of the admins regarding some issues, so they are saying that its working in my phone, which is based on this rom that room i dont, know why. Its its not working in your room, so maybe thats an issue for different different devices. I mean it will be based on and it will be very for different devices. I guess im not sure, but except these okay. So finally, so friends, let me just conclude with one thing so, based on the display display is very good in this room and it is even smooth and the 120 edges were heads is working good in this device and, according to the i mean according to me, The battery backup is also good, so the display is good. The battery backup is good and the sound quality is very, very good in this device and also the haptic feedback coming to the haptic feedback, its not working good and, as you can see, these are some of the customizations. Also we can do the status bar customization. The styles customization, so there are many options in this device which is based on this android version 12 in ancient os. So according to me display battery and the sound quality is good. So one more negative thing. One negative thing is that the main issue which i am concerned with is the heating issue.

While you are charging and while you are playing pubg, so no issues with that, because diamond city 1200 itself will hit if you are just playing any game in this realm. X7 max device, so except this heating issue, and one more thing, one more issue is the the fingerprint vibration. So even if we turned off that option, it is vibrating and, as i said, its working good. The fingerprint vibration is working good without any issue, but sometimes yeah its working good. So these are only two negatives i have seen that is uh three negatives. Actually one is wi fi calling is not working and the display not the display that hating issue hitting a lot while you are playing games and one more thing, this fingerprint vibration issue, so uh friends, if you still wanted to do anything, please let me know because Im just day by day, im just trying to focus on each and everything. So still, i need to learn much and i just wanted to you to ask one thing. So if you really wanted to improve – and i mean if you really wanted me to improve on anything so please, let me know in the comment section below ill definitely try to improve myself and if you wanted, if you wanted me to ask to show something or Anything ill just try to show ill, just try to add some points, because when im, adding when im speaking much for around 10 minutes continuously and uploading a video, so i think that much might be not that exciting.

So that is the reason im just asking you. If you, if you are telling anything ill, definitely take that into the consideration and ill definitely make a video on that. So friends hope you like this video. If you like this video, please share and please comment in the comment section below and subscribe to my channel.