And finally, i got the moto g 51 5g smartphone here its with us and well unbox it and have a look, and this one might be the most affordable, 5g smartphone in india. As of now, that comes with 12 bands of 5g and in fact this comes with a very new processor. I was also very curious, its the snapdragon 485 g, but i was uh googling and saw some benchmarks it clocks, as close to the snapdragon 720. So, apart from the regular unboxing, well also run some benchmarks and have a look so lets move to the desk. Now so guys. Here we have the device itself, the moto g51 5g and, as ive told you, this comes with the new snapdragon 485g and in fact, its almost twice as powerful, compared to the regular snapdragon 480, pretty close to the snapdragon 720. So well run the benchmarks and, as you can see its having 120 hertz display full hd, plus its going to have a 6.8 inch screen and a triple camera set of 50 megapixel. This camera setup is very similar to the moto g31, so uh here it is and uh regarding the pricing guys uh as as far as i know, this will come only in one variant with four gigabytes of ram as of now, and the pricing will be 14 999, so the pricing is very attractive for a 5g handset with 12 bands of 5g guys so lets just keep it and again.

The case was there and we have in this blue color. The back is plastic guys and lets just remove this say its 5g over here and its a big handset at 6.8 inch screen, guys and uh. This one is also having a 5000 milliamp hour battery, so lets see what else will be the paperwork and sim ejector tool. I, for example, yeah that and some paperwork ill just keep that to the side that also and again, uh. Here also, we are getting a 20 watt, fast charger guys and an international market, its a 10 watt charger, so at least were getting a 20 watt charger, and this will be your type, a to type c, cable, so thats what we get in the box ill. Just keep these things to the side and uh lets. Look at the handset itself: uh. We have a secondary noise cancellation microphone and in fact, guys this is supposed to have 4×4 mimo and 3x carrier aggregation. Generally, we have 2x carrier recognition. This one will have the 3x carrier reticulation and we have a google assistant, key volume, rocker and the power on off button, and if you look closely guys, looks like the fingerprint scanner is embedded in this one well test that uh bottom will be the speaker again. This will have a single speaker guys not studio your type c port main microphone, 3.5 mm headphone jack and your sim tray is in here so lets just pop this out, and i believe this one will also have nfc.

So this didnt come out should be a hybrid, yes, guys, its a hybrid and also has a rubber gasket. In fact, if i recall this is ip52 rated, so we have a rubber gas. I wish they give a proper. What do you say? Uh micro sd card slot, but this is what we are getting. So let me just uh boot this up guys um, i got the motorola logo ill set this up, and then we will continue so guys. I have set up the device and in fact its the next day, so i have used this device a little bit also. I have taken a lot of camera samples also that ill show you – and i have to say first lets talk about uh, this phone and again like uh any other. What do you say? Uh android? What do you say so motorola phone uh? This is completely stock. Android experience that you are getting so left, you have the google paint here, not a lot of bloatware or anything apart from specific apps ive just installed antutu and these benchmark softwares. But i was also very curious about this new snapdragon 485 g because its very different from the regular 480 and first, let me actually show you uh the scores id ran. Let me ive saved the score, so lets just go to uh. Google photos uh, so yeah. First, lets start with the geekbench, and here, as you can see, we got a single core score of 544 and multicore 1681.

, and these are pretty decent score for the price of this device. Guys and i use a geekbench because you can also download it on your smartphone to get an idea. I also run antutu and to do is not straight forward to install but its not available on the play store, but i side loaded it to give you an idea, and this these are the scores that i got: 3 lakh. 94. 423. I ran it multiple times, as you can see, and second time also that i got for very similar, so you could say around 3 lakh 9000 that we are getting and guys. This is with the uh default uh version. That is the 4 gigabytes of ram. There is also a 6 gigabyte uh variant in the international market, but thats not available in india. Thatll get definitely slightly better score. Okay, next thing that i wanted to talk about is the storage. This one has um pc, storage and uh. This is actually closer to uh speeds that you get with ufs 2.1. In fact, this is eufs, plus dram storage, its on a single chip thats, why its faster and arranged this storage test benchmark, and i got a score of 21861 and in fact this also recognizes this one as ufs 2.x, because its also confused what kind of story This is a new one and its good guys, as you can see, uh the sequential read. We got 530 mb and the sequential right 253 and a random access.

We got about 112 between 113 and so in terms of storage, its good – and i noticed that thats. Why the phone is very, very snappy also again thanks to the processor, also in terms of what he said: the raw speeds and, as ive told you, this processor, the snapdragon 480 5g, again, not the 5g. That 5g is special. This is closer in performance to the snapdragon 720 uh. In fact, im very confused with the naming conventions of what qualcomm is doing with this one. Definitely they shouldnt have called it a 480 because its definitely way more powerful than the regular 480. They should have been called something like a new series of 50 560 or something like that, but yeah anyways. So in terms of processor im happy with this, i pushed this processor a little bit and again its handling everything, no jitters or anything that i have noticed. Like i noticed sometimes on the moto g31, if you see my review, you have no jitters or anything and right now, im running it at 120, hertz ive kept it auto ad by default, but this is at 120 hertz. If you go to display uh here and if you go to bottom portion here, you will see that uh. Where did go, display refresh rate ive, set it to auto right now, but you can force it to 120 and uh again, very smooth in ui no issue. So the processor is actually pretty good guys.

Uh just wanted to make it clear. This is not the regular 480. This is a different kind of thing again. Qualcomm gets to uh needs to get their naming conventions right. It was also very confusing for me initially, but yeah its a good processor and uh. Basically, i feel the battery life that you should get again its very early, because ive used it just for a day should be good on this one uh its basically a cryo 460 course that it has its octa core processor and its with that 5000 milliamp battery. Should give good battery life uh coming to the fingerprint scanner, its the side mounted one and if you just press it unlocks and you dont even have to press it. If you just place your finger over here, it works. So again i like this one. I like this more than the back one that we saw on the moto g31. Do let me know what do you feel about that? But overall its a nice thing, the phone feels very snappy, i would say – and yes, this is not an amulet screen. They are going with the what do you say: regular ips lcd, but its 120 hertz screen uh. They didnt go with an ambulant one uh, because the cost would have gone really high. I think so. Motorola wanted to keep it on sub 15 000. But one thing to note is that again guys uh here are all the specs of this smartphone.

You want to know that 6.8 in screen 480 5g processor, 4 gigabytes of ram okay. Coming to that, okay, this variant as of now i know only one variant is launched in india that comes with four gigabytes of ram and 64 gb of storage. There is also international variant that comes with six gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabytes of storage, but as of now that is not launched in india. I hope motorola launches that one so uh thats the only thing because ive installed some apps and stuff and all these things, and now we just have 36.91 gb is left, and this one also has that think shield also so that security is there also on this One, so you have that double chop. All those moto gestures and stuff are actually there on this smartphone. Now coming to the camera guys, the camera setup is almost identical to the moto g31 uh. We have the primary 50 megapixel. Then we have an eight megapixel. That does a job of two ultra white and depth. Then we have a two megapixel thats macro and uh. The camera interface is again very similar. They didnt change that guys uh. Let me quickly just give you an idea, but because this is a snapdragon one uh, the isp i felt is slightly better on this one. This is the regular. This is that ultraviolet ultrawide. We have this funny animation. I dont know why, as you can see, they should have just gone it.

They are trying to do this and its causing that, and so the animation is not that great, i would say uh, but you have all the modes over here as you can see, and if i go okay, i reset the modes. No, i dont want to do that. Lets go back okay and photo theres this, and this is the selfie and ive taken a lot of sample shots. So let me actually show you the sample shot so that you get a better idea regarding the camera, so some outdoor samples and outdoor it does a good job. This was that ultra wide angle, again, giving examples is a regular shot, and this is ultra wide ultraviolet. Is pretty white one more example regular shot, and this was the ultrawide and outdoor it does a good job, as you can see, with the samples now moving to him in sunday this is a regular shot. This was in the portrait bokeh mode again. This was a regular shot, and this was that ultra white one uh – this is a tricky short regular shot. It came good, but in hdr i feel improvements can be done with software update. It also has dual capture, so these are some of the samples of dual capture. Now some samples taken at night just around the sunsets and was setting, and i feel it did a decent job – some human sample shots at night. As you can see – and you have to be careful at night because there can be camera shake like this.

But if youre patient you can get some decent shots front facing camera. I particularly like that. I did well in regular as well as in the portrait poke mode, and these were taken with the front facing camera at night, so guys that is the motorola g51 smartphone. So what do you guys think about this? One do, let me know in the comment section below. Certainly i like what motorola has done with this one at this price point at the price point of four thousand fourteen thousand nine hundred just shy of fifteen thousand uh, i feel its a very good smartphone. If you are looking to future proof and 5g is an important concern for you, this one has 12 bands of 5g, so you are sort of future proof. Also and surprisingly, this new processor, the 480 5g, is performing very well uh its having that 120 hertz refresh rate, yes, bummer, not an amoled screen, but certainly a very good phone and a certainly a pretty fast phone. In fact, i feel in terms of gaming also they should do pretty good because of the adreno 619 gpu on this one and battery life seems to be actually good, initially initial impressions, and i like the fact that this one actually is having what do you say. Nfc on this one, so thats also a nice thing but anyways. What do you guys feel about this moto g? 51. 5G. Smartphone. Do let me know in the comment section below anyways guys, thats it for now, thanks for watching.