This time. I bring you the experience of using a wine rt5 set. The model will be released on October 13th., The price is 3299 yuan and the sale is limited to 100 yuan. No. 19. The first sale and purchase are judged to be 3199 yuan for eight 128GB hand rooms.. First of all, we provide a video for users who need to refer to.. It is worth mentioning that the package contains 65 super flash chargers, although it is not environmentally friendly., But I personally, like it very Officially. The color I bought is black and silver.. The middle frame lens module is made of metal.. It comes with a protective film and a protective shell.. The body weight is 198.5 grams.. The overall grip is more comfortable, even with the weight of the protective gram., Its also better than the 30 Pro that Im using now. The body weighs 218 grams.. I need to argue that it doesnt feel top heavy.. I think the magic is more prominent. Out of the protection Imitating a bar in the face is a 6.62 inch. 14 oled refers to the refresh rate 320 hardware sampling rate of the 120th. The game scene will increase the 620th 100 wide color gamut coverage of P3, because the broken k30 on my left As a comparison with Pro phones, you can see the difference in screen display for The cameras, 50 million registration of the angle. Rt is used during which the sensor imx 766 supports optical image stabilization, and it is also a bar.

. The X3 series of cameras have been played after a long period of time without loans., The high quality performance has been relatively good and the other two. The cameras are 16000000 ultra wide angle and 2000000 position. Lenses.. The photography effect of the digging machine is better than that of my broken k30pro.. Perhaps the following is a comparison. Sample., You can refer to the comparison test on the camera, anti shake In terms of performance, one family of wine and others with the daunting Snapdragon. 800 processor impressed the users with the unsatisfactory performance and power. The following table shows a 927 equipped with a space cooling system with a large VC plus 900000 version 11.. I and my companions also hope that users can trust that they can control the housing problem.. This time I tested the League of Legends and the original League of Legends separately., One plus 987, can be used for the whole process. Runners are that the back temperature of the real phone is not obvious, and the parameters that affect the Chinese device will be stable.. The high quality image will be around 30 minutes after entering the game.. The abdominal pain temperature is hotter than the League of Legends, but it is not obviously better than my broken p30.. Many of the temperature control medicines are good.. Both are tested with an insulation cover.. After all, there are relatively few radishes and the spirit of the German public is not my mans dish.

. What is not worth mentioning is the running score and my broken k30. Pro didnt pull too far away from the test.. The temperature control is worthy of praise, but the temperature is now around 20 degrees.. I dont know if it can be as good in summer.. The system depends on whether you like to be more localized.. The system is still a more concise system.. Personally, I prefer the latter to the supine In order to avoid the problem of mobile phones. The politicized design has won my heart.. The 92 stage procedure is equipped with his ios12 system.. There are various localized design products and many apps have built in functions.. When I was young, my time was 13, except for the built in ones. Various apps, but due to the first contact with the system, the oolong egg was caused during the deletion. I removed a criticized activity from the uninstall button and the start icon disappeared.. I thought it was deleted., Why not when I was surprised After doing the second uninstall confirmation and using it for a period of time. I found out that these apps that should have been deleted are behind another one.. The screen turned out to be ABB and click uninstall instead of activity.. This may be when changing the system.. Some of the small things that are brought are not that you get used to it for a long time. It should be much better. During use. Various operations are compared but encountered a few times and the problem of not being able to press the button is switched to multi tasking and then re entered the full battery aspect of Caijie.

, Built in 4500 mAh battery supports 65 level super flash. It is hoped that the charging speed can be further optimized in terms of battery charging.. It may be because the 1927 screen does not support dynamic adjustment of the refresh rate.. The system options can only choose 1.2 million sub and green box, which causes the screen to consume a lot of power.. Currently it is charged once a day.. If you play the game for a long time, you may have to add an extra power on to summarize the performance.. The incoming image is in the upstream position, but if you still have a model with a performance of Snapdragon, 865 or above it may be tempt to your body.. Not so much as the price starting from 3199 yuan is probably the biggest obstacle to upgrading.. The first release date of Rong 888 in the secret world is already on December 1. 2020.. The former flagship model of Smile 888 has been added a lot plus. There are too many businesses with the 3199 working price and there is even no lack of passion for more comprehensive quality.. In addition, the reputation of a current user is not as good as before. For many years.. The users are complaining that the slow system update will speed up, and so Users who are interested in it are advised to wait for the special price before starting.. In that case, the priceperformance ratio will be slightly higher..