Well here I want to continue this about the cheapest 5g smartphone video in 2021. How is the video watch carefully this video Music, OK, friends., This time lets continue with the previous video about the cheapest 5g smartphone in 2021. So what I mean is Redmi Note: 10 5g.. This cellphone is said to be the cheapest 5g cellphone this year that you can get at 2 million and you get 128 GB of memory. How about the follow up review lets. Take a good look at this video., Okay friends. Here we want to continue discussing about the Redmi Note: 10. 5G. Of course, you should know that there are two versions of the Redmi Note: 10, the first version 4g and the second 5g that Im holding is for the difference. Lets, discuss it together. Well. Of course, 4g was released earlier than this, because it was released on April 28 2021, which has four colors, namely Chrome, silver, graphite, gray, night, ten, blue and Aurora Green Well here for the build quality. The dimensions are also different. Yes, the Redmi Note 10 4g. Even if you look closely or at a glance, it looks like that Theres no difference, because the Redmi 10 series are almost all the same. Maybe the dimensions are different. Here., its dimensions are 161.8 mm long by 75.3 mm wide and also 8.9 mm high and weighs approx Approximately 190 grams of a 6.5 inch size. So yes, Well for HPs own patron.

Yes, he is coated with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 front behind this. Well, I think a reduction yes, because we know that redmi note 8 was already coated with Corning Gorilla, Glass, 5 difference. What the heck Here Corning Gorilla, Glass 3 does. Nt have a glass effect., Yes, its like Corning Gorilla, Glass, 5 and its like plastic. But if I scratch it, it wont leave any marks so its pretty safe. If something happens to this cellphone its just not as strong as Corning Gorilla., Glass, 5.. Thats. All now to see the others we can see from above that there is a 3.5 mm audio jack, and here there is also an infrared sensor. Friends, you can use it. For example, you have AC and the remote is somewhere. You can take advantage of the Redmi. Note 10: This is to be used as a remote. It can also be used for TV, especially air, coolers and other electronic items that require remote assistance like that. U, for the right side, there is a volume button here and here the advantages that you can see. Yes, here, the finger print has become one with the power button.. So if you just bought it, we are confused. Yes, the fingerprint habit is behind here now it is here, okay of course.. Here it is also equipped with Face Unlock like that for the bottom here there is a signal amplifier here there is a type c port here there is a speaker location that you must know that the speaker on the Redmi Note 10 5g only produces mono audio.

It cant reach stereo, like the previous Redmi Note, 10. 4G, its a shame, its really a shame.. It just seems like this is Xiaomis trick to reduce the price so that it can bring up the 5g network on this cellphone. On the left side, there is a simcard slot right. Well, you need to know that briefly here it uses dual hybrid Okay. So if I you, you have more than one number, you have to choose one number: If you want to pair plug in a micro, SD too, yes or if its urgent, you can insert 22 simcards, yes and you can or again in the settings menu. But I think yes, with a memory capacity that is already large enough to 128 GB, you dont need it anymore, its called micro SD for the front screen. You can see himself that he already uses the Punch hole design. His name is friends. How is the camera buried in the screen? Yes, its different from the bangs screen that previously existed now you have to know again if, for example, on the Redmi Note, 10 5g, he uses an IPS LCD for the screen, so its really different from the Redmi Note. 10 4g, which is already using Super AMOLED. Maybe this is another xiaomi tip so that you can get a 5g network for this Redmi Note 10 for its own platform, you can access it using Android, 11 friends equipped with Mi ui 12. If, for example, you can update, you can also update to 12.

0.5 for the processor, he uses MediaTek Dimensity 700 with lit 7 nanometer graph. Yes, and he is octacore with seven nanometers. He can save more power, yes, by being equipped with a Mali, G57 GPU in Indonesia itself, there is already a RAM memory variant available with 128 GB of internal memory and RAM 8 with 128 GB of internal memory.. I use this, namely RAM 4 with 128 GB and also supports hybrid external memory, with a simcard that I said earlier for the battery itself. The capacity is very large friends, namely 5000 mah, with fast charging 18 watts. Now you can also see how much time can be used with the rest, the battery that we have yes here. There is also a power saver, yes with ultra, and also there are graphics what applications are consuming a large battery. You can set it here.. Another advantage that you can find is that the refresh rate here can reach 90 hertz.. So, for example, you do Scroll Scoin. Now it can run smoothly.. Yes, this is 60. Yes, we have to differentiate it from 90hz like this. Well, its much smoother and more flexible like that. But if you want to save power, you can use just the lights for the network and the WiFi.. It uses the Dimensity chipset made by MediaTek, indicating that this device supports fast data networks, 4G and 5G. for 5g networks. Supported are bands nr1, 37820, 28, 38, 404166 7778. The wifi can already be dualband, 4G and 5g.

For now, only a few areas are supported with 5g only cities, Its only big cities that already get 5g. Then what if, for example, your city doesnt, have 5g facilities? I think its very, very useful, especially when theres a calendar theres a place where there is no signal. This is very helpful friends because here it can support up to 4g plus. Yes, you can differentiate yourself from a regular 4G cellphone. The internet speed is the speed of capturing the internet.. How much faster is the 5g cellphone.. This is for other features. Youve got bluetooth 5.1, and the good news is that this cellphone supports NFC. You can find it on connections and sharing. If you guys Scroll down, you can activate it here or you can go directly to the menu section above it. You can activate the NFC directly and you can scan your card and the balance will appear. Yes, for the camera itself, it has decreased from the previous Redmi Note. 10. 4G. You can see yes here. There are three types of cameras: yes, but I once did not have an Ultra wide camera, so the replacement is called a 2 megapixel depth sensor for the main camera he uses is a 48 megapixel sensor made by omnivision, with Ovi 48 B, with an aperture of F1.8 for his own 2 megapixel macro camera with an aperture of f 2.4, and he also features a dual LED dualtone Flash HDR panorama and can also produce video only up to 1080p for 30fps friends.

You have to underline that its only up to 30 FPS. Now for the camera menu you can see. It looks like this friends. I think the results from the camera are normal, but its quite good, its quite work.. So is this what you can see the existing HDR menu here? There is also the flash – and here I thought it was very disturbing – Oh reap all Yes for portrait map activities, I think its just disabled, because it usually produces color saturation. That doesnt match the object. We want to photograph, and here there is also a filter, and here is the Google lens which you guys. I want to find something you can use, and here too No adjustment of the size of the image, and also there is the timer there are movie frames exist for camera macro. She was also alone you I want to photograph objects in detail later. You can use the menu macros yes Now for the menu their own videos, like this zoom of my friends, ya, pretty good aja. The only thing is that, unfortunately, it only goes up to 1080p, with 30 FPS and for the selfie camera it has a size of 8 megapixels with an aperture of f2.0 and produces video up to 1080p with 30fps. Yes, like that, you can see the results from this camera in the following video. This is yes, hello, hello, everyone. So this is the result of the front camera.

Redmi Note. 10. 5G. So I think this Smartphone, with the lowest variation price of 2.7 million, is very good, considering that it supports 5g network and its performance is also good, with a Dimensity 700 processor for the camera itself, thats enough, even if captured indoors., There is still a lot of Noise and drawbacks., we can see earlier that the build quality is a bit lower with his brother, the Redmi Note 10 4g, considering that his brother is already Super AMOLED and the speaker is still mono. If you want to buy a smartphone for the long term with a minimal budget, this cellphone can be a solution, because the 5g network is already like that. Yes, thats more or less a video that I can convey to you guys. Thank you for watching this video.