This is a special review because i wanted to get my hands on this device because i thought it was so cool. It was so unique and i had a little spice onto it, a little butter on to it a little bit. I dont know what im trying to say anyway, guys i got my hands on the tcl which im saying that right, the tcl 20 pro 5g. Let me say that again: tcl 20, pro 5g and im telling you guys. I am very, very excited about doing a unboxing and review on this phone, and i think this phone is a really really nice phone and um. I i just wanted to get my hands on it because it has such a unique type of look to it. It had enough specs for me to get and of some stuff that was missing out of it, but i wish they had, but anyway i i just definitely want to talk about this phone and um before i do. Dont forget to like subscribe hit that bell button. So, im gon na do a little something a little bit different, usually ill, put the camera right on the phone, but im just going to do it right here and im just going to show around the phone. Let you guys know: hey its just a plain old white box with like gold, gold, um coloring to the print letting you know you got the tcl 20 pro 5g and um its just staying there, basically around the whole box and on the back on the front Of it, it says, display, greatness, so thats, pretty cool right there and were just going to be unboxing it.

The the phone right there so um here is the phone right here were gon na put that to the side and were gon na look what else comes inside the box so inside the box lets see what we get. We get um the pen ejection tool. That is behind everything right there. We get a pamphlet about it. So if you want to read – or you got that much time in your hands – and you want to read it thats cool – we get a durable case, which is nice of them, because you dont get to see that we get a tcl, brick right there for charging. I dont know what what this, what kind of charger, what this is so im just gon na, i can see a 50, i think its a 50 or 60 watt. Something like that. It is something like that i might be off, and then we get um a usb type c, with a usb port on the other end, so its usb type, it so its a usb and then a type c, cable right there, so thats pretty cool, so thats. Basically, all we get inside the box, so unbox on unsliding out the phone we ive got my hands. It comes in two different colors black and it comes in this blueish color. That is really really nice that you guys see. The four cameras. Look at that there are four cameras lets see if i, if we can zoom it on to there, the the the four cameras on there well like the three, the triple um led lights: sorry guys its my dogs and then uh it.

I, like the little outlining the little outlining that goes down with the um camera and i like that, little smooth, look to it. We turn to the bottom of there. We get antenna bands on each side where you put your um sd card and and it does support sd card with your sim card and you guys usb type c whats up matteo, and then we got a um. This has stereo speaker, no, it dont have steer speaker. So it has one uh speaker at the bottom, so thats pretty cool. We turn to the side because it does have a 3d uh 3d display curved display so uh we do have um antenna bands on on the side of it with the with the smart key. This is a smart key and its used to activate any type of app that you choose or wish to um click it with uh. We have a volume rocker on the other hand, and then we have the power button hank and did uh guys. This is my daughters, dog right here, so you guys hear me screaming. This is a he is whoo a handful anyway. So anyway, so we are going to uh my other dogs right here, somewhere, hes hes, a calm one. So here is a nice 6.67 inch display, and there is a 32 megapixel camera in front, followed by a 48 megapixel six and five and two megapixel camera. This does support wireless charging, which is really cool, were gon na see if this phone has any charge into it, and let me hold it a little bit see if it has any charge to it.

Actually, it does so its just going to be pop its just going to be um coming on and were going to be taking a good look at this phone, so um, why? I am why this phone is loaded up and um. This were gon na, be ho im. Gon na tell you guys about it it this phone has a nice, the the right nice fit to it. If you guys see the display its like falling over on the thing, so thats pretty cool right there, so thats thats, really awesome. So anyway, guys im going to be get um im going to which guy im going to be programming. This phone and um were just going to get right into it, and this phone does have in display fingerprint sensor wireless charging and, i believe, um reverse charging so anyway um so lets lets just um. Wait till it comes on and well be talking about the rest of it, okay guys. So here we are with the phone already in progress right here. As you see, the display is looking really nice, with the curved display got the blue outliner right there, its like a little uh its like a c blue, or something like that. I think thats, what they call it. You swipe to the side, and then we have a google feed right there, thats looking really really nice um lets look at the camera while were just at it. Lets accept a couple things that they got going on and um here with heres with the camera right here and its looking like the camera is looking really nice lets do like i.

I always like doing my cameras. If you watch any of my videos, i like turning this thing on full screen just have. I want to see everything in the camera and its looking really really. Nice lets look at some of the stuff that they have right here, where we select more and then we have um a couple things going on right. There slow motion, high pixels super micro. We have a little editing button right there. I dont know if that is a long press, two and drag icon on item okay, so thats pretty cool and um. So, okay, so i guess theres something we can bring up right there and we got some pro ones: thats, nice, okay, so lets add a couple stuff to that. So thats really awesome. So it says ads so got a plus symbol right here. This is a long. This is a long 20 by nine ratio. Phone like looking really nice lets go back there and then we have audio and we have video right. There lets turn the camera around so like i said this is a 32 megapixel camera, its looking really really nice lets. Let me turn the front camera on full too. So the front camera is looking nice as well. I think thats really really nice very, very clear, really awesome um get out of that right. There and um lets uh the the phone is. It runs very, very smooth with with a 60 gigahertz processor, i mean 60 gigahertz, refresh rate um, its not a 120 or even a 90, but it does keep up.

So i think thats really nice, like i said this phone does have uh wireless charging. I dont know about reverse charging, but wireless charging and um, so i think thats. So i think thats uh pretty pretty nice right there uh lets go lets. Let me go down and then lets see the some of the toggles that they come with. As you see, it is a um, no, no thats, my wi fi. How about say this is a a 5g device, but as soon as i try plug my network up to here, it will be 5g. As you see right there, there is the 5g symbol right there and um. We got some mini notification, bluetooth we swipe to the side. We got the one handed battery saver and um casting then were right. Here we go to uh editing right here we go down below, we can add some more apps. I mean some more um tools to up here. So there we go right there and then we got pc mode which i dont. You dont usually see nothing on that, but you do see that on the samsung, so i think that you can remotely control the you can remotely have the phone and pose as a computer and share it with a screen, so thats pretty cool. So i think if i hit that okay – so i guess its – not okay, so okay, so yeah that youre so thats what you can do, you can um definitely share it with another device which is pretty cool.

So this is devices that i have near me. So thats pretty awesome right. There um lets uh check out some viewing angles on youtube right now to see what they got going on and um. Let me see so um. Let me see: samsung phones like galaxy z, flip 3, 5g, galaxy a32, 5g and galaxy s21. Ultra 5g join phi and save today so lets uh. Then let me turn down that right there, because i dont want to get copyright so uh. Just look at the lets. Look at the um video see how its looking right there. Let me see, if i can pinch to zoom on here, see how its looking okay, so there we go full screen right there, looking really really nice right, there really nice and the only way, im at the reason im not like playing the video with the music On here is because i just definitely dont want to get copyright um. I did that one time before and i got copyright only sharing, like maybe a one or two minutes of a video with the noise in the background, so i definitely dont want to do that. Right now again, so anyway, um some some more i can say about this phone – is it does have 256 gigabytes of storage in it right there. So if you look at that uh, it is already taking up 20.60 gigabytes of 256 gigabytes of storage. So i will be in an sd card.

This does support sd card. It does come with android 11 to it. So just a little bit about the phone. It is a 1080 by 2400. It has a 32 megapixel by a rare 48 megapixel, 16 megapixel five and two megapixel camera has a six gigabyte of ram 256 gigabytes right. There uh snapdragon 50 g 5g. It has android 11 uh its using tcl ui version, but it this you can test out. The google 12 beta on this right now, that is what im downloading right now so there it is for you guys right here, um. This is a very, very, very nice phone right here and um definitely well be keeping in touch with you guys, if you guys ever want to know about this phone and see how this phone is. This will become my daily driver right here and im excited about you know using this phone. As you see, i just did an unboxing and review so its going to take me some time to to see what this phone is all about.