So if yall dont know, i shoot video from my cell phone and lately you know like if im skating or anything like you hear like wind eyes or from outside super wind eyes, and then i wanted my audio to like be better than what it was um. So i ordered this kit. Im gon na put the link in the description below so yall could check it out. Um, i see the view view a lot of people say like its its okay, its nice, its really good so im about to give it a test. This is going to be like a really short video, nothing long, but im going to test this out, because i want to start making really good content. So lets start on the unboxing like lets unbox this and see like what comes in it and everything lets go. Quick disclaimer, i am not sponsored by this company; they did not send me this for free. I went and i bought this for myself off amazon just pulling that out there, but if yall want to sponsor me, you know lets unbox. So there we go like soon as you open the box. They got a box inside of a box im trying to do this here with like one hand, so be able to throw that over there all right. Let me open this up and ill check him back with yall, so so this is everything that came in it we got.

I think this is the microphone right here. They already put it on theyre supposed to be a windbreaker, so you wont hear that wind, nice im super pumped about this. I have to try this out and see how it works. It comes with the next. You know sponge to put over the mic the clamp to hold the mic down the light, its rechargeable light, the stand to put the light and the microphone on. Let me take these stuff out and show yall. So this is how this look but yeah. This is the light. This is the tripod that it comes with all the gimbals guess this to put the mic on, come with two cards to connect to the mic tripod. This is a little bag that it came with. Im, not sure what this is. I guess its a strap, strap something down, and then they get all the like card like manual like how to set it up and everything but ima set this up. This is his complete setup here, and i want to definitely check this out to see how it working dont know the sound, how the sound everything i see the light its bright and let me spin this around Music yeah, so im testing the mic out got the Wind stuff, its supposed to help with the wind and lets do it escape through see how this this move. So i also got the light on, but i didnt like what i could say.

I didnt im gon na wait till its like get dark and then im gon na come outside and like test the light out and see how bright the light is. Ill, probably just shoot the next video using the light yeah and then im gon na stop talk to yall for a little bit. Music lets go skateboard, yes, im in two outside socks, but hey. It is what it is Music people out here pulling in that work. Music, so that was like a quick review, um tripod. Turning, not sure how, though, how you know how it sound with the microphone in but youre, not sure we could tell it. We might tell the difference when i put it on the computer and see like was the you know, see how it sound, but im definitely stoked about this when uh the little wind muff muffler, whatever stuff you put over the mic, to help with the wind like When you think, because you know if you didnt know like i skateboard a lot so because i skateboard a lot a lot on my video, i end up got ta put music to like block out some of the wind sound that i get from when im skating, Because you know the wind, you hear the wind more loud and you hear my vice, so hopefully this you know helped that situation and im definitely gon na wait till it get a little dark cause. I could check out this light that i got man yall gon na get video, but for now see yall till it gets dark, got some people over here trying to interrupt my video but anyway.

So i was about to wait till the lights to the outside. Get dark to try the lights out, but i dont feel like doing that, so i just decided to come inside and just put the light on i mean i could see the difference. This is with the light on. Let me see if i could turn it up and this this is with it off. So this is how it look when the light is off and uh. I cant see the button from behind oh man, and this is when, with the light, all the way up, the brightness all the way up, yeah its like a blinder, i aint gon na lie, but still it makes me look good though i cant see you know You know dark spot yeah, im dark, i know i know, but you could tell the difference with the light on and off but yeah. I think this is the end of my video though um. I hope yall like this little tech review, please you know, go and check them out. Like i said i was not sponsored by this, this company or whatever um. This is just something i decided to buy on my own off amazon im gon na put the link below see. I could check it out copy all if yall want like im, not telling you how to do it, but if you want go ahead copy one dont forget like comment: unsubscribe shout out to your buy, you know left comment.

Let me know what kind of video yall want to hear see whatever, because i got the tech and im about to go crazy with the videos now so lets.