So, as you can see, 4 gigs of ram 64 gigs of storage, a 6.8 inch display 550 milliamp hour battery android 11. All 400 bucks, so yeah lets open this up. I cant find what processor it has like everywhere. I look, it just says: octa core processors uh, never mind it has the helio p25. According to this, one website lets hope, thats, true and wow. First impressions that that is a big phone – oh my god, phone feels very plasticky, but you know for the price acceptor, but it doesnt feel very big in the hand thats good for me, because i, like big phones, so right off the bat sim ejector tool here At the top, its taped in so thats that was actually a good smart thinking. So, okay in the box, we got a tempered glass screen protector, okay, a tpu case charging, brick charging cable, oh my god, it is micro usb. Why are we still getting micro usb? In 2021, almost 2022. – and here we just have our our quick guide and a warranty card – f, ios vos, what all right first impressions. The display looks very nice like right now it looks bad for you because of the brightness. I cant change it yet, but that is a very interesting design. Look at the punch so its like its like cut off by the bezel ive, never seen that before so yeah. Im gon na set this up and get back to you.

So i just set up the fingerprint sensor, but i forgot to press the record button, so i was saying that how it is flush with the body, but if you use the case, then im sure that it will be less like easier to find and im. Sorry, for the background noise by the way inside a setup process is just like any other phone. You just press multiple times until you know it shows up, and there we go now. You can finally turn on down that brighter. So you guys can see better all right. There we go first impressions. The display is pretty decent, like typical lcd display, nothing special. But, oh my god, the contrast, though the contrast is so its so high, oh my god, maybe just the wallpaper. I dont know about that: um first impression: settings theres, no stutter or anything like that. So first impressions are pretty good, while were installing our free game that we normally test lets go to face, unlock, set up our face and that took a second all right. So, first off fingerprint unlock okay, its not working three, two one: okay, now its working; ah, all right, its, not the most accurate, but it is pretty good actually now face them out. Okay, im, not using my finger proof right there, so finger with the knock face. Unlock are both pretty decent. I dont know about facing out, though, like it might like im guessing its probably not going to work in like like darker environments, thats, how it usually is, but for my testing its decent, i guess all right knife fit already turned off ads.

Oh okay, like no lag dont, stir at all very impressive. All right, weve seen enough knife fit lets, go to wind rider and the rain weather is not the same. We dont get the same results so because this is a more a slightly more demanding game and also because you get the ads that you see that add owner yeah thats. What slows down this game for like less powerful phones but bruh? You could technically play this. It just yeah there you get another ad, so you could technically play this, but oh whats, this okay, now its running way better, so yeah still not 60 fps, but at least its playable all right. So these are the high graphics pack, oh already starting so yeah. I think it works, it works pretty well. It was like a tiny bit of stutter like at the very very first time i spawned, but then i was moving around and yeah. The game runs pretty good, so gaming on this phone is pretty decent Music Music speakers. Pretty decent actually for a hundred bucks, i mean its not the loudest the quality isnt the best but ive seen worse and we have a headphone jack as well. If you want to use that, instead, all right pretty funny looking camera uh apple gots, all right, so wait what what is going on here. Why is it like text on top of each other? Okay? This is okay. Pictures real camera is 60 megapixels front.

Camera is 8 megapixels, rear videos, 1080p front video up to 720p, all right first selfie lets what i was i was in. The middle of recording lets go outside there. You go refreshing video, Music, the characters front facing video Applause. Let me know what you think: Music yeah – that is pretty much it! So should you buy this phone? Well, if you can find it for 100 bucks, then i say yes, anything more expensive. It starts to get less worth it because for more expensive you can get stuff like umidigi or even xiaomi, but but for the price we get here, the performance is decent uh display decent cameras, decent im, saying that before i actually saw the camera footage by the Way so, if im wrong im going to put a text right here on the screen but yeah for 100 bucks, i say we get a lot um, so yeah.