2021 updates coming up 14th and 15th, so in innovative products along the launch protocol, so 14th of december or product launch, but on the 15th disciplinary flagship product on the launchpad and already products. So, first so in the camera on the controller so might be on the either on the december on the 15th, the date live in the launch panthers. So first one is in china and the global region of the launchpad so for industrial leaks and uh. First, look renders and specs review on the park law so first of all in the smartphone or the first look design on the patina, so in the smartphone or foldable smartphone. Frontline super amoled display style on the display on the corner and the selfie camera on the front and in there, in the display on the patina site, on the curve display on the corner. Naughty fingerprint scanning on the side mounted back side on the button, camera lens and next in the smartphone, not a color variant, gray, color and then white color and megapixel sony imx, 7 double six camera sensor on the controller plus.