Welcome to my channel, auto tech, sp Music. Talking about the segment which is much more attracted to the audience, is the material range mobiles lets draw the topic: samsung galaxy. M42. 5G. It has the display of infinity use super amoled display with the gorilla glass 3 in display fingerprint sensor. It has 6.6 inches hd plus 60 hertz, a refresh rate with 84.3 screen to body ratio and a resolution of 720p with a 266 pixel per inch density. The whole body looks slim and the weights about 190 grams sim. It has a hybrid dual sim card with a 5g plus a 4g connectivity. This phone runs with android 11 one ui 3.1, with a qualcomm snapdragon 750 g, 5g, 8 nanometer. The cpu is octa core 2 gigahertz and gpu is adreno 619. It has a quad camera setup with a 48 megapixel, 8 megapixel and 5 megapixel and 5 megapixel. When we talk about the main primary camera, the samsung m42 is 48 megapixel, with the f 1.8 aperture. With wide angle, lens and 8 megapixel, f, 2.2 ultra wide angle, 5 megapixel of f 2.4, which is macro 5 megapixel, f, 2.4 at depth sensor when it comes to video recording it. It records 4k, 30 fps and 1080p at 30, fps and 720p at 480. Fps 720p. 480. Fps. We give you pretty good slow motion videos when it comes to selfie camera. It has single 20 megapixel, f, 2.2, wide angle lens when it comes to video it records 1080p at 30, fps no 4k in selfie camera.

When it comes to memory card slot, there is no dedicated memory card slot in samsung m42 model, and it has internal storage of 128 gb with a 6 gb ram, and it has another variant of 128 gb and 8 gb ram, which is more than sufficient, and It has a flash storage of 2.1. It has a read speed of 521 mp per second and write speed of 272 mb per second. It has 5 000 mm power battery, which allows like fast charging, but it only offers a 15 volts charger in the box. Uh xiaomi and other brands they are offering like 25 watts, as minimum samsung should consider this as well in the coming generations. It has bluetooth 5.0. It has. It also includes nfc. It comes with usb type c galaxy products launched since in 2019, including the zs node. A m x covers and tab series will now receive at least four years of security upgrades, which is announced in 22nd of february 2021. The android upgrades for three years normally used to be like two years for another companies, so it is also win win situation in both the security and the android upgrades. Now, coming to this review, when we talk about the screen, it has a super amoled of a 60 hertz refresh rate with a 4 22 450 nits brightness, which is a really good in the sun daylights when it comes to when it comes to camera department, primary Camera it has a good colors in it.

Ultra wide is good as well and 10x optimum 10x zoom is average and nighttime for always also average, but night mode is improved. Well, selfie cam is good, the colors are good and when it comes to performance it in this price range, it has a 750g snapdragon, which is a best. The segment gives you best in the performance of this price range and it it contains not security. It has slim body, holds well in hand. It wont slip that easily now coming to the screen on time is 11 hours, plus, which is quite good in the segment no major heat, while playing games, which is also very good for the gaming levels. It includes dolby atmos, which is also gives you better experience while playing the games when coming to the con. It has 720p or hd, plus display only with that 266 pixel per inch, which is not so sharp enough. If you read any articles or blogs any news. Reading etc, no dedicated micro sd card, which is also a sacrifice for uh for cost cutting. It has a plastic body which is a glossy finish of a bag, 15 volts fast charger which takes two hours plus to charge fully. This is my viewpoint for the samsung galaxy m42 5g model. I did not used it personally, but did my own research for you to choose it or not to choose it if you want technical video of the samsung galaxy m42 just comment down below and finally, please like share and subscribe and press the bell icon and support.

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