Why not and im wondering whether honor could start to dominate this rather saturated part of the market? The honor 50 really is a stunning phone, but lets unbox. It do a deep dive into its features and see if we can pick out anything in the review that might prove that locks arent, really everything stay tuned, Music, whats up guys, welcome back to take it easy, so honor have been kind enough to send me out. One of their latest smartphones, its a mid ranger, and it comes in at around 450 to 530 pounds or up to 599 dollars if youre in the us, and that is for the highest spec model, the 256 gigabyte version so lets unbox. The honor 50 see what surprises lie inside for us and do remember. I always split the videos up for you into sections. So if there is a specific question you have about the honor 50, please use the timestamps down below also while youre at it. If you do enjoy the quality of the videos were doing here, please do leave a cheeky like and subscribe to. The channel lets. Uh take a look at the honor 50., so the honor 50.. You can get this in four stunning colors, a green silver black and a sort of coral color. This one is, of course, the green or, i guess, turquoise color anyway, the box is pretty simple inside. We of course, have the phone itself. Obviously, ive already gone ahead and broken into this, but underneath the phone.

Interestingly, you actually get a silicone case with it, its nothing special, but i think its fantastic. You actually get this included with the phone. You also have your charging cable, sim, ejector tool and, of course, all your manuals now surprisingly, and perhaps a relief for some, you do actually get a wall socket adapter included in the box. You also get some usb type c earphones, not that theyre, really anything special, but again, i think its really generous that theyve included these thats. Basically, all there is to it so lets. Take a look at the honor 50 itself. I mean what can i say, its beautiful stunning in fact: im loving the design. The mirror finish is awesome, huge camera modules on the back there and we do have the logo nicely sitting at the bottom left. The phone does come with a pre installed screen protector, which you can remove if you want to, but its not recommended. The edges of the phone are curved slightly giving me a sort of s7 or even a note, 10 vibe. I dont mind that it does make the phone feel really sleek and modern. At the bottom. We have your sim card tray, rear firing, speaker and a usbc charging port on the right hand, side we have the volume, rocker and the power button again very similar to the note 10, so a very familiar setup to me, as that was my last phone anyway. Moving on it does have a fingerprint scanner.

This is located under the display, its okay, i feel like ive tested faster ones before, but it still does the job. Its accuracy seems to be on point. Interestingly, it actually lights up when you press on it, which is, i guess, a nice touch and not something that ive seen on phones before. Lastly, you have your selfie camera at the top in a punch, hole like design again, giving me note, 10 vibes and then on the rear. You have a 108 megapixel camera. I wont go too much into detail about that, though. Well swing back to the camera setup. Later on in the video now design aside for a second lets talk about the display of the honor 50., the honor 50 features a 6.57 inch oled display with it being oled. You get those really nice deep shadows and crisp vibrant colors that make the display feel. Like a flagship competitor, if thats not enough for you, though, let me direct your attention to the refresh rate. The honor 50 also features a 120 hertz refresh rate making the screen feel super, responsive and games. Look really fluid and clear. As far as brightness goes, as you can see, it shows up really clear outside in direct sunlight ill, admit, ive seen brighter displays, but its definitely not at the bottom of the set. Lastly, as we mentioned earlier on, we do have that under display fingerprint reader. Just in case, you missed. The first part now lets talk about the elephant in the room and talk about those rather large camera modules.

Theres a lot of features to play with when it comes to the honor 50s camera setup, but lets get technical for a minute. So the camera sitting at the top is honors ultra clear, 108 megapixel camera below that we have three more cameras, those being an 8 megapixel ultra wide camera and a bokeh camera which will give you those really nice depth of field effects. Lastly, the third camera is a macro lens. Now, for those of you that dont know a macro lens will allow you to get super close up to the subject, giving you those really nice close up, photos its really sweet to have on a phone at this price point, and certainly something that i wouldnt expect To see on the front there, we actually have a 32 megapixel selfie camera with up to a 90 degree field of view. If you want to get two subjects in it now. This is very interesting again because its another feature that yet again makes this phone a competitor when compared to a lot of flagship devices, double or perhaps even triple the price im not going to go too much detail into the camera gimmicks. But there is a really cool vlog mode where you can use both the front camera and the rear cameras simultaneously. Im sure a lot of you will find some use for this. I thought was a really nice feature to have so yeah. The camera setups are actually quite impressive.

Ive taken some really nice shots with the honor 50.. I found the photos were quite desaturated, theres, not much vibrance about them, but in a way i actually prefer that one of my complaints with samsung phones is that photos tend to look over processed and too spiced up honor, giving me a more natural and raw looking Photograph gives me the opportunity to edit and put my own creative flair on my photograph so yeah. I cant really complain about that now. We will quickly finish off the camera section by talking quickly about the video recording capabilities again, the honor 50 impresses with up to 4k 30fps video recording or 1080p 60fps. It appears to do well in low light, but lacks a stabilization feature seen on many samsung phones either way. The quality is impressive for a mid range phone and it does also come with those features such as slow motion. I think up to four times slower camera out of the way lets get a little bit more technical again and talk specs. The honor 50 is running the impressive snapdragon, 778g processor, absolutely fine and more than adequate for gaming and everyday multitasking. I havent once felt like the phone was struggling and games like call of duty, fortnite, minecraft or whatever you decide to play, are going to be absolutely fine on this phone paired with a nifty snapdragon 778g processor. The honor 50 also comes equipped with up to eight gigabytes of ram and 256 gigabytes of on board storage, plenty for most everyday users.

Now bringing all these specs together, though, the phone is running on honors magic, ui, 4.2 thats based off android 11.. Now i do have a few issues with this. Yes, its clean its very smooth, but i couldnt find a way to get my app tray up and started to wonder whether there even was one and then. Secondly, when i was in the camera app, i couldnt see a way to get out of the macro setting. It took a little bit of messing around to work it out, which is odd, considering im a techie. These are all things that would become second nature over time, of course, but it did make me miss my samsung phone a bit so something to bear in mind, but im sure it wont be a game changer for you anyway. Moving on some features to be aware of on the honor 50 include wi fi 6 technology alongside 5g, and it also comes equipped with things like nfc, so you can use your google pay app. It is, however, lacking wireless charging, which is a shame, as some of its competitors certainly offer this feature. However, i am finding more and more that its not a feature that you guys tend to be too worried about on the subject of charging, though what the honored 50 does have is 66 watt supercharged technology, which will charge the device up to 70 full in just 20 minutes or 100 in 45 minutes which isnt too bad.

It has a 4 300 milliamp hour battery, which could give you up to 18 hours of battery life. Depending on how youre, using your phone again from testing, i can say with some confidence that those stats are true. The battery life of the honor 50 was actually one of the first things i noticed. Lastly, it does feature an ambient proximity and gravity sensor, as well as an inbuilt fingerprint scanner, which weve mentioned a few times now, also worth noting that the phone does come readily equipped with gps technology, as you might expect, so you will be able to use all Your google maps and those sorts of things so were going to start wrapping things up here. What do i think of the honor 50? Well, personally, i think its a phenomenal phone, its definitely up there in terms of value for money, and i really dont think that honor have cut any corners here. Yes, it might be missing a few features such as wireless charging and the ui might take a little bit of getting used to for some, but i really dont think these are game. Changing mishaps, at the time of recording honor, actually put up an offer, bringing the honor 50 below the 400 pound mark, which, in my opinion, is so worth it. So if you are looking for a phone around, this sort of budget definitely consider the honor 50.. Do let me know down below, though, what you think of the honor 50? Does it have a place in your pocket, or is it a no from you? Finally, big thanks to honor for sending me the phone out its been an absolute delight to review and im looking forward to reviewing some more of their tech anyway, ive been alex.

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